Many of us scared to go the dentist not just because of the costs involved but for all the things your dentist tells you to do. It is not at all uncommon to go to the dentist and be lectured on the importance of brushing, rinsing, flossing, etc.

The one thing that gets the most focus – flossing!

Truly speaking, if we understood the importance and benefits of flossing, we would never skip it. The number one cause of plaque and gum damage is not flossing. Dental flossing gets rid of debris within our teeth and gums.

But with so many different types of dental floss such as picks, brushes, strings, etc. Which one should you use? Well, today we will review the top 5 best floss picks!

So, what is a floss pick? It is a tiny, yet very effective dental tool. It is a plastic with a small piece of dental floss string. Traditional floss needs to be wrapped around by our fingers to floss. Since the plastic holds the string in place, using a floss pick is much easier and, in many cases, more effective.

Let’s now look at some of the most effective floss picks available in the market today.

Comparison Table of the Best Dental Floss Picks

Top 5 Floss Picks Review

DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks

DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks comes in a pack of 75 disposable pieces. You will get 3 packs in the bundle, so a total of 225 individual floss picks. All DenTek products are approved by the American Dental Association for the safety and protection of consumers.

DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks

The plastic flossing pick comes with a soft, and silky smooth, comfortable floss string to provide the ultimate comfort to those with sensitive teeth or gums. The floss strings are flavored with long lasting, fresh mint to give your mouth the clean smelling freshness you desire. The floss tape glides easily between teeth and does not irritate the gums. The plastic pick is textured for better grip to clean between teeth and remove foods and plaque easily.

The flossing pick also comes with a tongue cleaner which is a handy feature to get rid of food and drink remnants from the tongue and prevent bad breath. The string floss strip is coated with fluoride for added protection. Complete care of your oral health needs more than just the normal brushing. As a result, the DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks provide all the features needed for a healthy smile.

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Great positives 

DenTek as a dental care product manufacturer, believes in the preservation and protection of natural teeth with innovative consumer dental care products. The DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks and interdental brushes are some of its trademark products for reaching places toothbrushes cannot.

DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks not only gets rid of food and drink remnants between your teeth and gums, it also provides fresher feeling mouth with its long-lasting mint flavor. Regular and proper use of DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks is sure to remove food and plaque which will reduce the chances of tooth decay. The built-in tongue scraper or cleaner is an added feature to keep your tongue clean and prevent the formation of bad breath.

Mild concern 

The mint flavor is mild and does not last as long as expected. The floss strip is soft and gets lose after using it between 4 to 5 teeth. While it is not a concern unique to this particular disposable floss pick, more than on is definitely needed to complete flossing all your teeth.

Oral-B Glide Floss Picks

Oral-B Glide Floss Picks come in a pack of 30 disposable plastic picks. You get 6 packs in the bundle giving you 180 pieces for a decent price. Oral-B is a reputed and a manufacturer with high standards of quality dental care products. Oral-B Glide Floss Picks use a unique, patented floss which they call Tension Control Design.

Oral-B Glide Floss Picks

The floss string is smooth, but strong and it is resistant to shredding. So, it is a tough remover of plaque without awkwardly shredding or getting stuck in between teeth. That’s a very good starting point for any dental floss pick, but there is much more on offer. The Glide Picks are 90% smoother than the average floss pick making it more effective to glide between teeth and gums for removing plaque and food remnants.

The Oral-B floss picks have also been clinically-proven to protect from the development of gingivitis, cavities, and as a result, preventing bad breath. Due to the use of its tension control, you are able to apply more force and get it into tight spaces between teeth. Even after using one to floss all your teeth, the floss strip remains quite sturdy.

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Great positives 

Although not a major point in terms of the pick itself, but the Oral-B Glide comes in a resealable package which makes it great for usability and storage. The following are some of the greatest positives of the Glide floss picks:

  • Very effective for reaching tight spaces in between teeth
  • Provide protection against gingivitis, cavities and bad breath
  • Floss strip is shred-resistant; so, it does not tear easily

The shape and size of the pick makes it convenient to reach difficult-to-reach areas within the mouth such as the back and the jawline. The very handy pick on the other end is effective in using as a toothpick to remove larger food particles or scraping teeth surface.

Mild concern

According to many users the Oral-B standard of quality has declined over the years. However, it is still among the top contenders for all of its oral care products. The floss strip gets awkwardly caught between teeth while flossing. Also, the floss pick is not flavored.

Oral-B Glide 3D White Floss Picks

Without a surprise, another Oral-B floss pick makes it in the top five list. The Oral-B Glide 3D White Floss Picks come in a Radiant Mint flavor, which is big plus compared to the former. There are 75 pieces of disposable floss picks in each pack and it comes in a bundle of 4 packs. You get 300 in total!

Oral-B Glide 3d White Floss Picks

The Oral-B Glide 3D White Floss Picks, as the name suggests, is specially designed to remove and prevent surface stains from the difficult areas of the teeth – in between them. It not only removes food particles and other debris, but also removes surface stains. While removing debris and plaque, you also get cleaner, whiter looking teeth.

The floss string is built to be strong and sturdy and is shred resistant. As a result, the floss strip is up to 50% more resistant to shredding or tearing when reaching tight spaces. The plastic body is not too sturdy and not too flimsy, but just the right strength for proper one-time use. The size, shape and flexibility of the plastic body makes it easier to reach the inner teeth in the back of the mouth.

Great positives

Oral-B users and customers have for a long time been loyal and have never been short of praises for any of its products. The Oral-B Glide 3D White Floss Picks do not disappoint its reputation or loyal following without exception. The strong floss is durable and effective in reaching all areas of the mouth for proper cleaning.

Oral-B has the biggest advantage due to their vast experience of being in the industry with a lot of research and technology incorporated into all of their products. They have been developing premium quality floss for a long time and they never fail to impress with every new product with a few enhancements no matter how little. The 3D White fills the gap of a product which can remove the unsightly stains we notice between our teeth.

Mild concern 

The plastic body would allow better user experience if they were built to be a bit sturdier. The plastic body feels almost too flimsy for using it properly to get the best results. The material used seems to cheaper than other Oral-B products.

Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flossers

Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flossers as the name suggests comes in a refreshing mint flavor. There are 90 in a pack and it comes in a bundle of 3 packs. So, you get a great value for 180 disposable plastic floss picks by Plackers.

Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flossers

Plackers uses the Super Tuffloss technology for its floss to deliver one of the strongest dental floss in the world. It is designed to withstand shredding, breakage, or even stretching after normal usage. You will be getting a reliable product and a satisfied experience with your daily use. The floss is High-Performance and slides into tight spaces between teeth. The extra slippery texture of the floss strip makes it effective for sliding into your gums for complete cleaning without irritating your gums.

The pick comes with a tartar pick to remove plaque and food debris from areas which are harder to reach and need a toothpick strength as offering by its handle. It has an innovative design which allows you to fold the pick away after use. The refreshing mint flavor gives you’re the freshness you desire after cleaning between your teeth.

Great positives

The biggest advantage of Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flossers is its ability to offer a complete dental care service. It delivers results like an all-rounder with strength, comfort and effectiveness. You will be able to completely flossing using this pick without issues.

Plackers is made by a company that specializes in the production of floss – Placontrol. They are one of the leading producers of dental floss in the world. The company also actively involves itself with dental professionals and pharmacies for promoting the use of floss regularly.  As a result, the floss picks are made of extra-strength floss, named to be Tuffloss!

They are tough and smooth enough to slide between teeth and gums for complete cleaning.

Mild concern

The Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flossers are built to be very brittle as the floss strip either snaps off or rips off almost too easily. More improvement is needed in the floss string quality used in the development of these floss picks.

FAMILIFE Dental Floss Picks

FAMILIFE Dental Floss Picks come in a bundle of 4 packs with 60 picks each, giving you a total of 240 disposable plastic Picks. It unique comes in storage cases rather than plastic bags which is more common for other floss picks. So, you get Flossers with 4 Travel Cases for easy storage and travel.

FAMILIFE Dental Floss Picks

The floss threads are made of high strength Polymer to be more resistance to tearing and shredding. But it is still slippery enough to minimize friction when flossing between tight spaces of your teeth. The floss thread doesn’t easily snap or get stuck to your teeth. It easily slides between and reaches your gums for proper removal of food particles, plaque and other debris.

The FAMILIFE Dental Floss Picks are designed with non-slip handle for a more durable grip and complete support while flossing. the flosser also has the added feature of being used as a toothpick with the point end of the handle.

In an effort to provide the best products, FAMILIFE backs its products with a satisfaction guarantee. They offer a complete 100% money back guarantee within 45 days of purchase for unsatisfied customers.

Great positives 

As a unique offering from all others, it comes in a travel case which is actually much more hygienic. It is also very easy to carry or store instead of a plastic pouch. It is also a cute packaging to be stored in your car or office desk. Allowing you to get cleaner, fresher teeth without looking too tacky. Also, the packaging is eco-friendly. This is a wonderful initiative which stresses the importance of minimizing threat to our environment from consumer products.

FAMILIFE dental floss uses Using UHMWPE Material which offers stretch ability without looseness or breakage and is highly recommended by dentists and other medical professionals. The use of HIPS material makes the body more durable than most others. It is comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Mild concern

The floss string is thicker than the average floss picks and the others on this list. As a result, there is a tendency of the floss string getting stuck in between teeth and then tearing or breaking due to the struggle of pulling it out. For those with tighter teeth gaps, this will be a much more of a concern.

Five Important Things to Know Before You Buy Floss Picks

You will quickly notice that floss picks are fairly similar from one brand to the other. This is because there isn’t really too much difference in them. But that doesn’t mean you should just grab any!

The following are five of the most important things you must take note of before you buy your next floss pick:

  • Seal of Approval

One of the first things you must look at before using any product is the seal of approval from the responsible consumer authority. Many of us know or heard of FDA approval, in terms of dental products the authorized regulatory body is ADA or the American Dental Association.

Make sure you choose a product which is approved by ADA for safety and consumer use. This is important because many floss picks are disposable and should not be used more than once or maybe twice. Others are refillable, where the floss string must be replaced after use. ADA approval ensures that you are not at risk of using a product which may harm you.

  • The Design & Features of The Pick

It will help you in the long run if you take care to notice whether or not the picks come with a grip or teethed handles for better grip. You will only notice the discomfort when you struggle to grip and floss your teeth. Also, many come with a pointy end which you can use as a toothpick. Some also come with a tongue scraper.

Another important design aspect is the shape. There are two shapes, one is straight and another is curved. You may not know which is most appropriate for you without using one first, but if you do know then you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Also, if you have gaps in your teeth and require thicker floss strings, then you should not consider disposable picks, as you cannot change the strings.

  • Learn to Use It Right

I don’t know about you but I cannot use traditional floss to save my life!

Floss picks are much easier to use compared to traditional floss, but you still need to follow some directions to get the best results.

Step 1

Firmly grip and hold the floss pick handle. As we have discussed the importance of gripped handles, they make it much easier for you to hold without slipping.

Step 2

Insert the floss string between your teeth as if you are sawing a log. Use gentle, up and down motion and not too much force to avoid soreness and bleeding gums.

Step 3

Wrap the floss string around your teeth and slowly glide into your gums. Make sure your grip is firm to get rid of plaque but also gentle enough to not irritate your gums. This is the most important part because you want to get as much plaque removed between your teeth and gums, as possible.

Step 4

Rinse your mouth and throw away the floss pick! Do not be cheap and try to re-use your disposable floss pick a second time. This may result in harmful bacteria growth and other issues. If you are using a reusable floss pick then make sure you throw away the floss string and replace with a new string.

  • The Many Advantages of Using Floss Picks

  • The plastic handle which makes it easy to use compared to the normal string floss
  • They are compact in size making it easy to carry and store
  • It is good for those with medical conditions which causes shaky hands or lack of strength to hold or grip things like arthritis or other conditions
  • The ones with a pointy end can be used as a toothpick
  • Some of them come with a tongue scraper which makes it a great multipurpose tool
  • Floss picks are more effective for back teeth since they are hard to reach with traditional string floss
  • Are There Any Disadvantages of Using Floss Picks?

  • Some may find floss picks to be much harsher to teeth and gums, especially for those users with sensitive or bleeding gums
  • Since floss picks are made from plastic, they are not eco-friendly
  • Using one floss pick for all your teeth has a chance of transporting plaque from one tooth to another if they are not cleaned between each use

Yes, there are some disadvantages, but that does not take anything away from its advantages. Rather than avoiding to floss due to the minor disadvantages, it is best to start flossing sooner rather than later. Floss picks are the easiest way to get started.


How did you like our choice of the best five floss picks available in the market today?

We not only chose these floss picks from the hundreds that are available for you to buy, but we tried our best to make it easier for you to choose by discussing the products in detail with their pros and cons. We hope that it is easier for you to make the decision now and you can start to rid your teeth and gums from plaque, bacteria and other debris.

Traditional string floss is difficult to use for many and floss picks take the difficulty out of flossing. So, without any more delay pick your favorite from the ones we reviewed and keep your mouth nice, clean and healthy.

Do you have a favorite from our list of top 5? Have you tried any others which deserve to be on our list? Let us know your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Keep your teeth clean & keep smiling!

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