An electric toothbrush will help you with keeping your teeth healthy and clean with the fastest and safest vibrations and pulses possible. But it is also hard to take one of these brushes with you, what with the brush needing a charging station to keep it active. Some models might not last long without a power source either.

But you can avoid those problems that come with such toothbrushes when you find the best travel electric toothbrush for your use. You have several options to choose from as you find the right travel toothbrush for when you are on the go and you need something easy to grip and use.

Top 10 Portable Electric Toothbrush Comparison Table

Brush ModelModesIncludesPrice
Violife Slim Toothbrush
(Editor's Choice)
12 heads Check price
Oral-B Pro 1000
(Good Alternative)
11 head Check price
Fairywill Electric Toothbrush32 heads Check price
Violife Slim Rose Gold12 heads Check price
Sonicare Essence 560011 head Check price
Enke Nomad Toothbrush31 head Check price
DiamondClean Smart58 heads Check price
Oral-B Pro-Health11 head Check price
Oral-B Pro 800054 heads Check price
Maybuy Toothbrush Set14 heads Check price

Our top 10 recommended travel friendly electric toothbrush

Violife Slim Sonic Toothbrush, Zebra

Violife Slim Sonic Toothbrush, Zebra

You can start your search for an appealing brush by looking at this model from Violife. The brush offers a crisp and appealing design with a zebra-print layout. But there is more to this brush than just a pretty face.

The Violife brush uses a two-part design with a cap included for use over the brush head. You can remove the cap from the top to get the brush ready and open for your use. The cap is designed like what you would see on a mascara applicator container, thus giving you a smoother amount of coverage all around.

The single-speed design on the brush works with a speed of 22,000 strokes per minute. The rectangular layout of the bristles produces a firm amount of coverage to provide a better clean all around.

You only need one AAA battery to power up the brush. The battery lasts for a while and will not produce lots of heat or vibrations.

Two brush heads are included in the set. You can add and remove the brush head in moments for your cleaning or storage needs.

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My impression

I was impressed with how long the AAA battery on this brush lasts for. I can get the battery to keep on working for weeks at a time with regular brushing needs. I don’t need any wires for charging either.

The small design includes a smooth body that is easy for me to carry. I like how the design fits well in my hand. The mascara-style lid also ensures that I can get the unit stored well without taking up lots of space in my suitcase.

The button placement on this brush is easy for me to utilize. The power control is easy to access and use. The unit also responds quickly to my control so I can get more out of the brushing experience while on the go.

Important Concerns

It is difficult for me to try and find replacement heads for this brush. The brush heads last for months, but I wish I had an easier time getting new ones as needed.

Oral-B Pro 1000 Rechargeable Toothbrush

You will find that the Oral-B Pro 1000 works for many basic brushing needs. The 3D cleaning technology used by Oral-B produces a better cleaning process that works with tough spaces that are hard to access with a standard brush.

Oral-B Pro 1000

A 16-degree angle is included on the brushing surface. The angle reaches deep between the teeth and inside the gums to clean out the hardest to cover spots. The Oral-B CrossAction brush head that comes with the Pro 1000 set makes a difference. The process that the brush head uses is the 3D cleaning routine needed for covering deeper spots around the teeth.

A two-minute timer is included with 30-second intervals used to let you know when to move from one part of the mouth to the next. The timer is designed to let you see how well the brushing process works.

A pressure sensor is also added to identify how hard you are brushing your teeth. The sensor will stop the brush motor when it finds you are brushing too hard. The design targets areas that are being handled much harder than other spots.

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Great Positives

The battery-powered layout on this brush works with a display on the bottom part to help you see how well the battery works. The battery lasts for weeks on one charge with regular use; I like how I don’t have to bring my charger with me when carrying the brush around.

I can use this brush with many other Oral-B heads. These include the 3DWhite head for removing surface stains and the Floss Action head that uses firm bristles on the ends that target the spaces in between the teeth.

The grooved surface on the grip provides me with a better approach to brushing as well. The design does not produce lots of vibrations when I am trying to use this.

Important Concerns

I would have liked it if the brush had a USB charger or other item that could work without having to use a dedicated base. The included charger base is not overly bulky though.

Fairywill Sonic Battery Operated Toothbrush

Fairywill has been growing in popularity as an intriguing toothbrush manufacturer. This small brush is one of the best portable electric toothbrush models you can find thanks to the design being convenient and slim while still offering many control options.

Fairywill Electric Toothbrush

You can use one of three cleaning modes for your needs. The buttons on the brush body allow you to shift from one mode to another. You can use a basic cleaning option, a lighter setup for kids, and a massage setting for cleaning the gums. All three brushing choices come with a two-minute timer with 30-second intervals for timing how well you brush.

The electric brush produces 35,000 strokes per minute. What’s even more impressive is that you need two AAA batteries to power up the brush. The design is easy to carry with you wherever you want to go.

The top part includes a locking mechanism for keeping the brush head intact. You can replace the brush heads in moments, although you can expect a typical head to last for a few months with regular use.

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Great Positives

I found the button controls on this Fairywill brush to be easy to control and use. I can press a button, and the unit will move to another brushing mode. The small lights under the buttons let me know which brushing control option I am using at a time, thus giving me extra control over the brushing process.

The batteries last for about 90 days on average when everyday brushing considerations are followed. This long-lasting battery power is a big positive for me as it ensures the brush will last for a while as I travel.

I can also use this in the shower if needed. The brush works in wet conditions and will not slow down even when the water from the shower flows down on its body.

Important Concerns

I did not see any cases or covers on this brush. Also, the timer pauses after 30 seconds before the brush continues; a continuous motion with an audible alarm would have been good enough.

Violife Slim Sonic Rose Gold Brush

Violife makes this brush with a classy rose gold surface. But the flashy outside mascara tube-like design on the brush is just the start of what you can expect out of this model.

Violife Slim Sonic Rose Gold Brush

The fashionable layout conceals a good design that is easy to use for your brushing needs. The simple arrangement gives you more control over how well you can brush without problems.

The rose gold-colored body is designed with a cylindrical layout. You can add the matching cap on top of the brush to create a better cover for the bristles. You also have the option to remove the brush head when you need to get it replaced or if you need to brush it off.

The brush features a rectangular head that goes along your teeth with ease. The brushing process is easy to follow with a single button found in the middle. The design produces a comfortable surface for brushing, but the best part is that you don’t need lots of power. You only need to add one AAA battery to the brush to keep the unit working.

Great Positives

One thing I like about this brush is that the design is easy to clean off. The waterproof body is easy to wash and clean off as desired. I don’t have to worry about the battery inside the brush being hurt by the water used for cleaning it off.

It is easy to add and remove the battery. The lightweight design of the battery space keeps the overall mass of the brush down, thus helping me to hold the brush without getting tired. Also, I like how the brush cover secures itself well by locking its body on the base of the brush to keep it from wearing out. This is a huge plus, what with the design being so compact.

Important Concerns

The battery can run out rather quickly. I also do not see anything on this that lets me know how much power is left on the battery as I use it.

Philips Sonicare Essence 5600

Philips Sonicare HX561030 Essence 5600

This Philips brush requires you to power the unit on its base before use. But the great part about this is that you don’t have to struggle with the battery dying.

The battery on the Sonicare Essence 5600 lasts for about two hours on a full charge. This is based on one person brushing one’s teeth twice in a day. The unit is slim enough to pack in your bag so will not lose its charge during your trip. The two-minute timer also ensures you don’t spend more time brushing than necessary.

The contoured brush head supported by the brush provides you with a good edge for getting your teeth brushed accordingly. The brush works with this base to get into the deepest spots of the teeth without causing irritation or anything uncomfortable when you try to get a good clean going.

The base of the brush also has some rubberized gripping features for your convenience. These points may be used for helping you keep a steady grip on the brush without the unit slipping out of your hand.

Great Positives

The design on this brush is one of my favorite parts. I like how the bending layout on the brush head helps me get into various spots without having to put my hand in any awkward positions just to reach back there.

The design is also gentle enough on sensitive areas of the teeth. I appreciate that Philips Sonicare made this brush with support for fillings, crowns, and other bits of dental work that are often hard to handle.

The timer feature was also helpful. The brush shuts off after that two-minute period ends, thus ensuring I know what I am doing.

The lack of intense vibrations produced on the brush handle also helped me with keeping control over the brushing process. I did not lose my grip over anything here.

Important Concerns

The brush does not have any noticeable 30-second alarms on its timer. I have to watch carefully over how well I pass through each part of my mouth so I can brush everything evenly.

Enke Nomad Original Travel Sonic Toothbrush

Having a clean toothbrush is just as important as having one that is easy to brush with. The UV cleaning case included with this Enke brush makes this one of the best electric toothbrushes for travel needs models you can find.

Enke Nomad Original Travel Sonic Toothbrush

The UV case produces a light surface that helps kill off bacteria around the brush head. The design keeps the bacteria from being persistent or likely to spread around the surface.

The travel case is a USB-powered product that creates a power source for the brush. The design lets you get power anywhere while on the go without having to use a power outlet. But you would have to ensure a USB link is secured no the brush to allow this feature to work accordingly.

Three brushing modes work on this model. You can opt for the basic cleaning setup, a low-power option for sensitive teeth, and a cleaning mode for the gums. The diamond-head shape of the brush head gives you extra help for clearing many back spots around the teeth, although this may also work as a tongue cleaner if desired.

The brush also includes a two-minute timer built into its body. The timer reminds you of when you have brushed enough.

Great Positives

The simple interface of this Enke brush helps me with getting a better brush going. The bottom button lets me shift from one brushing mode to the next. The lights on the body let me know which mode I am on.

The UV cleaning surface was very useful. After I washed off and dried out the brush head, I added the head into the UV surface. It was easy for me to get the brush head ready for this unique part. The USB-powered features on the storage hub also helped me with getting the power I needed for a job well done.

The brush bristles were also gentle and easy to work with. I did not feel lots of irritation when I was using the brush.

Important Concerns

I had to make sure the brush was kept snug in its storage area for it to be cleaned off right. The brush can get loose from this spot if not handled properly.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, Complete Oral Care

Philips sonicare DiamondCleanYou can work with an assorted variety of cleaning options when using this Philips Sonicare brush. The design provides you with help for specific brushing needs that you might require.

You can use a standard cleaning mode on the brush or a whitening option. You can also use a separate control for gum health demands, another for tongue care, and an extra choice for more intense cleaning demands. The lower button on the brush lets you switch between brushing modes for your convenience.

The Bluetooth link on this brush is an intriguing feature. You can use this with sensors included inside the brush head. The sensors will link to a program you load on your mobile phone. This program from Philips Sonicare helps you identify your brushing habits, thus giving you more control over your brushing efforts.

A pressure sensor is also included in the brush. The sensor stops the motor when you are adding more pressure than what is recommended.

In terms of travel, a USB charging case is included. The device gives you a consistent amount of power for all your brushing needs.

Great Positives

My favorite part of this brush is its helpful USB charging setup. I can use the charger to get added power to the brush in a matter of moments. The design was very easy to use and control without problems.

The intriguing Bluetooth support feature was also helpful. I could read the app that the brush utilizes with ease. I can use this to identify how well I am brushing different spots.

The brushing modes were also helpful. I can use different brushing modes for every part of my mouth. I found that the deep cleaning option was very efficient, and yet it did not produce lots of irritation along my gums. The simple design was very helpful for me to utilize.

Important Concerns

The brush heads are hard to distinguish. Philips Sonicare says that the brush works with an assorted variety of brush heads for many intentions, but I did not notice any difference between them.

Oral-B Pro-Health Anti-Microbial Electric Toothbrush

This next choice for the best travel electric toothbrush is designed with a disposable layout. The organization is small, but it still works well for brief needs when you’re out for a few days and you need something when you can’t bring a regular brush with you.

Oral-B Pro-Healt

This travel brush uses a small battery that works inside the main brush body. You only need to add one AA battery. You would press the button in the middle spot to trigger the motions in the brush. You can then use the brush alongside your teeth in the same way how you would use a manual brush. But the added force produced by the travel brush will loosen bacteria.

The travel brush uses a layout that features a rotating circular head paired with a few extra bristles at the bottom. Those added bristles provide you with a closer clean every time you use the brush, thus giving you extra coverage over your teeth while you brush. The bristles also have a consistent feel all the way around, thus keeping your teeth from being irritated by anything that might feel overly rough.

Great Positives

The simplicity of this travel brush proves that sometimes all you need is a basic model that does not require too much power to use. I appreciated how I could use this brush for basic brushing needs in moments.

The curved layout in the middle part is a useful feature that makes it easier for anyone to get a better grip over the brush. The design offers a sensible approach to holding the unit that is easy to prepare.

The AA battery will not produce lots of heat, nor will it add too much weight. I had a good time getting the brush ready while not having much trouble securing the battery. The control is also very responsive to my brushing needs and movements.

Important Concerns

It is impossible to figure out how long the battery will last for. I would like some kind of alert or light that states when the battery is about to die out.

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000

Oral-B makes this Genius Pro 8000 brush with an intriguing layout that records all your brushing actions. The design helps you see how well the brushing process works without being complicated or hard to follow.

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000

First, the brush is easy to transport thanks to its travel case. The case includes a USB port that you can charge up so you can get enough energy ready for powering up your brush. This ensures you will always have energy to spare even when you’re out on the road for a while. The battery works for twelve days of regular use without a charge.

Next, the Bluetooth connection on this brush helps you see how well you are brushing. The sensors in your compatible brush head will identify how well you are targeting specific spots in your teeth while brushing. You will see how long you are brushing, when you reach particular areas, and what areas you need to focus on the most.

The circular brush heads supported by the brush ensure you have more control over the brushing experience. The fast movements break up plaque and bacteria, while the added pulsations get those spots to loosen up.

Great Positives

The charging station that the brush comes with was a very helpful feature. The sensor still works even when I am on the go provided I have a proper device with the Bluetooth brush app included.

The two-minute timer helps me see how well I am brushing and when I need to stop. The pressure sensor also stops the timer and the motor so I can correct myself when I am brushing far too hard.

The angled design on the bristles was an important feature for me to notice. The bristles gave me extra help with getting a better clean all the way around without losing control. This all works with a lightweight body that is easy to grip on.

Important Concerns

The bristles are hard to clean off. This comes as they are far too detailed with some of these being rigid. The bristles are at easy comfortable on the teeth and gums.

Maybuy 4 Electric Toothbrush Set

Perhaps you need to get several brushes for each of your family members while on vacation. You can use this Maybuy brush set and use the same USB charging setup for keeping each brush ready for action.

Maybuy 4 Electric Toothbrush Set

The Maybuy brush uses a basic two-function design. You can use both a basic clean control system and a massage choice for stimulating the gums. A two-minute timer is also added to monitor how well you brush with 30-second pause intervals letting you know when to switch to different parts of the mouth.

The USB charging interface works for each brush in the set. You can use this while on the go by keeping the USB plug on the base of the brush. The extra power you generate gives you extra control over your brushing experience.

This all works with a powerful ultrasonic motor that generates about 40,000 strokes per minute. The speed breaks up bacteria and gives you a comfortable feeling all around. The fast motion also ensures that the toothpaste you use will spread well into the teeth and move around gently.

Great Positives

The battery lasts for two hours on a full charge and can work for up to sixty days of use. I can use the USB plug on the bottom to keep it charged up without that plug being at risk of slipping out prematurely. The low battery reminder feature also helped me with finding when I needed to get the battery taken care of when it was running low on power.

The bristles felt comfortable along my gum line. I did not feel any irritation, although the ability to switch between two power settings was vital for helping me to feel comfortable with the brushing process. Also, the brush was very responsive to my controls as it would remain at a consistent speed during the entire brushing process.

Important Concerns

This brush would probably benefit from having a pressure sensor for identifying cases where the brushing motion is too strong. I don’t want to be at risk of using too much force on my gums.

Features That Make an Electric Toothbrush Convenient While Traveling

  • A Compact Design

You will find that a travel brush can be compact and minimal in its design. A brush will weigh a few ounces on average and provide you with a slim body. The layout should be easy to use without taking up lots of space in your suitcase or other storage space. A design that includes a slim case that does not cover too much space helps as well so you don’t tote far too much.

  • Battery Power Support

Depending on what you find, you can come across a travel electric brush that comes with a slim charging station, a USB charging plug, or space for a few batteries. The battery power you utilize will help keep the brush running well. But you should still see how well the battery in your brush works and that you can recharge or replace the battery quite well. The housing should also be secured to where the battery will not be hurt by water.

  • Motor Quality

The small motor found in a travel brush gives you a better brushing experience without much effort. A motor will produce thousands of movements per minute. The vibrations created help to loosen plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums. The process clears out those spots so your teeth and gums will remain healthy. The fast motion also helps you control surface stains and even bad breath particles that you might develop.

  • Brush Head Features

The brush head on your toothbrush has to come with a firm design that reaches more spaces around the teeth. You can find some brushes with a rectangular head similar to what you would get out of a traditional brush, but some choices have circular heads. Also, the head might include rigid bristles on some spots to focus on a heavier clean in certain spaces. Don’t forget about some brush heads that feature angled bodies that reach the deepest spots around the teeth.

  • Cleaning Modes

Even the best travel electric toothbrush needs to work with a cleaning mode that fits your demands. A toothbrush may come with a single cleaning mode that you activate with the push of a button. But you may also find some choices with multiple buttons that trigger different cleaning modes. Such modes include separate options for sensitive teeth or for massaging the user’s gums. Some choices may include teeth whitening setups for clearing out surface stains.

  • A Helpful Grip

The grip on your brush should be comfortable and easy to hold. A quality grip will give you extra control over how you brush your teeth while applying a proper angle over the brush. The design should be useful enough for most of your cleaning needs, although you should see that the layout will not cause excess vibrations or irritation around your gums. This is to keep a sturdy sense of control over the brushing process.

A Final Note

Our choice for the best travel electric toothbrush that you can use is the Violife Slim Sonic Toothbrush. The basic brush comes with a simplified body and layout while also being easy to carry around while on the go. The brush is comfortable and adds a firm layout for the teeth while also requiring only one AAA battery for its use.

You must see how well the brush you choose is planned out and that you have a choice that fits in well for your use as you travel. See what makes a great brush work for your demands while being easy to handle.

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