Oral care is an important part for our daily hygiene. Parents often get tired making their kids brush teeth. It really becomes a boring and tiresome nursing for the parents. It has been through recent studies that 19% + kids and teenagers have to bear untreated cavities. Anyhow regular proper brushing may result less cavities so, it is very important to teach kids and children brushing teeth and this teaching with electric tooth brush is more effective. Parents would find brushing tooth with electric tooth brush as chore rather than a troublesome nursing. Electric toothbrush keeps more efficiency in removing bacteria. Actually a life time healthy habit may start with electric toothbrush.

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What make electric toothbrushes comfortable for kids?

  • Suitable for kids’ mouths and teeth

Kids’ mouths have got sensitive tissues with newly growing teeth. Power level, brush head, bristles are made considering tiny sensitive oral position of kids. Brush head and shape is made as per the structure of kids’ mouth. Handle designed ergonomically has made brushing easy. Even the vibration sound from electric brush may feel similar to the sound relating to the dentist treatment so dentist fear would feel away in case of getting kids under dentist.  Gentle, soft brushing have been found conform due to the rubberized ultra soft structure.

  • Comfortable soft bristles

Soft bristles are essential for brushing kids’ sensitive moth. Hard bristles might hurt kids’ gums and growing teeth that would cause serious teeth hazard. Moreover soft bristles are more effective removing tooth plaque.  Bristles play vital role brushing teeth as these directly touch and act on teeth.

  • More hygienic

Electronic brush could remove more plaque than manual brush. Teeth staining might cause tension for parents. An electric tooth brush possesses quality to protect such stain. By using electric tooth brush one might find less risk of having brush abrasion. An electric tooth brush could provide effective brushing process suitable for a particular kid. Brushes with electric power might vary according to the age group of kids.

  • Attracted to kids

Electric tooth brushes for kids bear bright attracted color or may have cartoons as well as music all that make them interested brushing their teeth. Fun sounds often bring interests brushing front, back, upper and lower teeth. Availability of so many stickers help kids customizes their brushes. Electric tooth brush might have possessed blue tooth with app to teach kids how to brush. This interactive app would make kids exited to brush teeth. As a result you need not to supervise your kid for each brushing season. Beeps may be in a sequential after thirty seconds for two minutes brushing period. These beeps could remind to change position of brushing.

  • Consideration of verity

Teeth are such organs that have got differences person to person. As a result same system relating to brush teeth is not found suitable. In fact each and every individual should have to follow his/her suitable and effective method while brushing teeth with electric tooth brush. Of course electric tooth brush provides advantages of choosing adaptable method for particular teeth.

  • Cost saving

Head of a manual tooth is different of the head of an electric tooth brush. Brush head could be fixed or removable. Different types of brush heads also provide interest brushing teeth.  As the heads are removable, one could buy bucks that would find cost less ultimately. Technologies are engaged more for handles so price of heads are getting lower.

Our top 4 picks:

Sonicare Sonic Electric Tooth brush for kids, H X 6311/07

Our impression


The brush could ensure a thorough cleaning as the Kid Pacer is to alert the kid so that he/she could move to the next quadrant of the mouth. 500 brushstrokes per second is effective to remove75% more plaque by reaching those areas hard for normal brushes. By the Kid Timer, You will be informed when your kid is needed to brush up to the two minutes time recommended by dentist. Your kid may start brushing with less than two minutes then a gradual increase would bring the kid brushing up to two minute time bound.  You may have brush head being combined with two different power settings high and low would bring proper cleaning. Eight interchangeable stickers will encourage your child customize his/her brush.  Handles are designed ergonomically and heads are made of ultra-soft rubber. They can easily put tooth paste due to have a stabilized hand piece that would make the brush keep flat on the counter. On the other hand child might have fun as they enjoy amusing sounds.


  • Proceed with this Sonicare Sonic Electric Toothbrush for kids, H X 6311/07 as it possesses soft bristles, Kid Pacer, Kid timer, color combination ,music all might attract kids to have brush teeth regularly.
  • Boring manual brush would be changed into fun and comfort for your kid through brushing with an electric brush.


  • Some may raise doubt to use it for kid at the initial stage.
  • Don’t worry you obviously present your kid and electric tooth brush at the age of 2 year.

Philips Sonicare H X 6311/02 Sonicare for Kids Rechargeable Electric Tooth brush

Our impression

Philips Sonicare HX631102 Sonicare for Kids

Kids may start brushing with less than time limit by dentist but gradually they will reach up to the two minute time bound within 90 days.  Power mode also is to be adjusted as per the age group of children. Low power mode is applicable for kids 4+ and high power mode for 7+. Initial stage of teeth needs special care. So brush heads are made appropriate for new growing teeth to clean it with a gentle mood. Both the parents and kids can brush together or on their own as it designed ergonomic. Interchangeable panels would provide kids customize their brushes. Bristles are specially arranged suitable for the little users. Special attention has been implemented in keeping brushes safe for kids’ gingival tissue. Moreover rubber over mold protection is taken for kids’ mouth. In case of showing dissatisfaction by the parents after using a 28 days period, entire price will be refunded.


  • Just buy a toy, an electric toothbrush for the junior but important member of your family, not only for his /her moral satisfaction but for oral health.
  • The product is designed considering higher sensitivity of kids’ mouths.
  • To customize brushes might enhance kids’ creativity.
  • A 28 days time limit might make you sure about the usefulness of this electric tooth brush.


  • No disadvantage is found following a close observation to this product.

Oral-B Pro- Health For Me Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

Our impression

Oral-B Pro- Health For Me Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

Overcharge might offer you damage for your nice electronic device.  Oral B Pro health arranges battery impossible to overcharge. Would you like to make brushing teeth fun to your child? Then make yourself attach with Pro Health.’ Disney Magic Timer App’ Download’ ‘Scan’ ‘Your device’- all these for you to be done and output funny brushing maintaining dentists’ recommended time limit for the youngest gentle (?) man/lady in your family. A helpful calendar in the device produced by Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B would make kids able to track their progress in brushing and for brushing longer time they would earn rewards. Individual cleaning for each tooth may keep you away of accompanying your child at dentist chamber. Just replace used head with a fresh one. But when does this replacement? Observe the sign, if Bristles fade halfway, replace it, a three month period may be taken for a new head to be replaced.


  • An arrangement with Oral-B Pro- Health For Me Rechargeable Power Toothbrush then be sure of finding fresh tiny sensitive mouth of your kid.
  • Look, a kid holds a handle.
  • No it’s not just a handle, a real fun for a junior member.
  • Fun and fitness side by side will make you relived finding your kid with a smile.


  • Replacement of brush head, boring why does? Take, only a single attempt after ninety days.

Panasonic EW –DS32-P Kids Electric Toothbrush portable LED

Our impression

Panasonic EW-DS32-P Kids Electric Toothbrush

Light weight, less than two ounces and a length six inches would be attracted to kids. The LED light with the brush would be the best alternative observing little sensitive mouth indeed.  You are on travel along with your kid; let him/her keep   tooth brush in the back pack. On off button will protect this light kid’s electric device from the pressure and hazard at travelling hours. Gum health is an important factor for oral care. By massaging gum through vibration Panasonic toothbrush helps to improve gum health. The AAA battery would let you operate 180 minutes usage which will cover brushing twice daily taking two minutes time for each brushing. This brush is to produce 1200 gentle strokes in a minute, output gentle cleaning of the surface of teeth. 100% washable so wash with water and dry with soft cloth. For better storage and portability, matching cap would find helpful.


  • Light weight, attracted color and gentle vibration could easily draw your attraction to get this electric toothbrush for your kid.
  • Often you use it like an instrument to examine your kid’s mouth as the brush possesses a LED light.
  • You may pack it in your kid’s bag at the time of travelling with your kid.
  • Wash, dry and store using matching cap.


  • Only two verities of color pink and blue but charming, look, you might praise it but more verities of color will provide customer greater opportunity to choose this product.

Wrap up

However, your kit is growing day by day and a growing child ought to be provided things to support its physical growth. All of kid’s surroundings are seemed to him/her colorful and amusing. So, keep it in mind to buy tooth brush for this little being. Sonicare Sonic Electric toothbrush for kids, H X 6311/07 almost able to extend merriment and proper care for your kid’s fast growing teeth.

Bottom line

Your kid your little angel starts smiling from its first days of appearing. Smile is going to become more marvelous with growing teeth. So, for this lovely expression, the smile, an electric toothbrush would be treated a wise gift at his/her 1st/2nd birthday.

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