If you are looking to upgrade your daily oral care with superior technologies look no further.

In this article we will side-by-side compare two of the most advanced electric toothbrushes from Oral-B by looking at their similarities, exclusivity, and differences which will help you realizing the one that suits you better.

Oral B is a beloved and trustworthy name worldwide. Model 7000 and 8000 are from Oral B’s top of the line production and two of the big guns amongst high-end electric toothbrushes available today.

They are both designed to help you brush like an expert. Both offers latest technologies and impeccable performances. They are quite similar in many aspects however, Genius Pro 8000 edges a bit more than the Pro 7000 in context of design, innovation, and battery life.

Keep reading to have a closer look at these two incredible products and check out our recommendation.

A quick look at Pro 7000 vs Genius Pro 8000

 Oral B Pro 7000
Oral B Genius Pro 8000
Plaque Removal
100% more effective
500% more effective
Features• Smart-timer
• Quad-pacer

• Real time feedback

• Pressure sensor
• 3D cleaning action

• PrecisionCleaning
• Smart-timer
• Quad-pacer

• Real time feedback

• Pressure sensor

• 3D cleaning action

• Precision cleaning
• Position detection
• Facial recognition
Brushing modes
6 modes6 modes
360 degree smart-ring
Not included
Changing cleaning mode
Scrolling using one button
Dedicated buttons for each mode
Battery life
10 days
12 days
Brush heads
3 heads3 heads
Travel Accessory
Premium travel case
Smart travel case with extra USB port
Toothbrush colors
Black & White
Only Black
Wireless smart guide
Not included
Check price Check price

A Brief Overview

Oral B Pro 7000

Oral-B pro 7000

When Oral B 7000 smart series first came out in the market it quickly gained popularity and got flooded with positive reviews mainly because of introducing ground breaking technology in the electric toothbrush industry. It was the first of its kind to introduce Bluetooth connectivity.

The shape of Oral B 7000 handle is much ergonomic in nature. Made out of high quality material, the handle has several buttons including power button and some symbols on the outer faceplate. It’s quite sturdy and the rubber grip fits pretty well in the hand. You’ll notice a ring near where the brush head connects which commonly referred as Pressure Ring by Oral B.

What I don’t like about Pro 7000 is the smaller LED display and to shift cleaning modes, you have to use only one button and scroll through.

Oral B 7000 comes in 2 colors- Black and White.

In terms of technology and features, Oral B 7000 offers almost everything you can expect from a smart high-end electric toothbrush. Let’s see what extra Genius Pro 8000 can bring on the table.

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Oral B Genius Pro 8000

Oral-B pro 8000

Genius Pro 8000 is the latest upgrade to Oral-B line up and most advanced electric toothbrush Oral-B ever produced up until now. It enables you to experience the most technology driven brushing. In Oral B 8000 you’ll find everything you need and more.

Unlike 7000, Genius Pro 8000 is more cylindrical in shape. The handle here also made out of high quality material, feels pretty sturdy on hand, and comfortable rubber grip is skid free. The cylindrical shape seems quite practical for me as it became possible for Oral B to place a large LED display on the center. You don’t have to scroll through to change mode. Genius Pro 8000 offers individual buttons for each cleaning mode.

You’ll also find the Pressure Ring near the brush head just like Pro 7000. In addition, Genius Pro 8000 includes 360 degree smart-ring using which you can customize your brushing experience with 12 colors.

Genius Pro 8000 is only available in Black.

To summarize, Genius Pro 8000 is the all in one smart solution for your daily dental care.

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Both have some similar features

  • Pressure Sensor

Both Pro 7000 and Genius Pro 8000 lessened customers worrying about putting too much pressure by including an intuitive pressure sensor which lights up the indicator if senses unwanted pressure on gums and teeth. As a result, your enamel and gums stay safe from excessive damage that can occur from overpressure.

  • Smart Timer

A 2-minute smart-timer is integrated in Pro 7000 and as well as in Genius Pro 8000. With the help of smart-timer you can maintain dentist recommended 2-minute brushing period and also maintain 30 seconds for each quadrant of your mouth.

  • Brush Head

Both Oral B 7000 and 8000 includes professionally designed round CrossAction brush head which has 16 degree angled soft bristles allows surrounding each tooth for precise cleaning. Brush heads are also replaceable with all Oral-B brush head refills.

  • Cleaning Modes

Oral B 7000 and 8000 features 6 similar cleaning modes-

  • Daily Clean
  • Gum Care
  • Sensitive
  • Whitening
  • Tongue Cleaning
  • Pro-Clean Mode

Thus, comprehensive cleaning is not very much of an issue for the user.

  • Brushing Action

You’ll find dynamic 3D action technology meaning oscillation, pulsation, and rotation mechanism in both Oral B Pro 7000 and Genius Pro 8000 brush heads. This mechanism ensures superior and comprehensive plaques and germs removal.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Oral B Pro 7000 was the first of its kind to offer Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones. Like Pro 7000, Genius Pro 8000 also offers Bluetooth connectivity. All you need is to download the Oral-B app in your smartphone, connect via Bluetooth, and you are good to go getting the real-time feedback on your brushing habit and technique.

  • Real Time Feedback

Both of them offer the most practical real-time feedback feature which has already been proven to satisfy their customers with ease as they can adjust their brushing habit to ensure superior cleaning.

  • Oral-B Smart App

Smart app is now becoming the industry standard for many electric gadgets and you can say Oral-B is one of the pioneer in this field. So, it’s obvious for them to include smart app for both of these high-end toothbrushes. Oral-B regularly release updates for the app so that you can brush like a champ.

Both offer some unique features too

  • Position Detection Technology

You’ll find this advanced feature only with Genius Pro 8000. With the help of position detection technology, you can see where you are brushing and accordingly change your position and technique to ensure not missing any particular zone. This will give you confidence as you’ll know you haven’t missed any spot.

  • Facial Recognition

This feature is also exclusive to the Genius Pro 8000. The position detection technology uses this facial recognition system to detect its particular user and gives real-time feedback.

  • 360 Degree Smart-ring

360 degree smart-ring is the most ergonomically innovative feature you’ll find only in Genius Pro 8000. Integrated LED light allows you to customize your brushing experience with 12 colors. The light also synchronizes with included pressure sensor and timer thus allows you to get visual feedback.

  • Smart Wireless Guide

Smart Wireless Guide only comes with Pro 7000. Wireless Guide is a device which wirelessly connects with your toothbrush and gives you real-time feedback. Genius Pro 8000 do not offer this device however, the real-time feedback system has already been integrated in the latest Oral-B app and works better than the device.

  • Smartphone Holder

Genius Pro 8000 includes a smartphone holder which you can use to hold your smartphone against the mirror and easily watch real-time feedback on the mirror.

  • Smart Travel Case

Only Genius Pro 8000 comes with premium smart travel case which allows you to charge your toothbrush and smartphone at the same time using the same power outlet.

Key points to differentiate them

  • Battery Life

Both Oral B 7000 and 8000 offers powerful batteries which can hold up plenty of juice so that you have to bother less about charging. However, Genius Pro 8000 gives a little bit more advantage. Pro 8000 can hold charge for 12 days where Pro 7000’s charge lasts for 10 days.

  • Plaque Removal

Oral B 7000 removes 100% more plaque than a regular toothbrush with the help of superior 3D action technology which allows it to oscillate, pulsate, and rotate as needed. On the other hand, Genius Pro 8000 also features dynamic 3D action technology which oscillates, pulsates, and rotates but eradicates 500% more plaque than a regular toothbrush.

  • Accessories

Both Pro 7000 and Genius Pro 8000 comes with similar types of accessories but with some differences. For example, Pro 7000 includes 4 brush head refills where Genius Pro 8000 comes with 3. Both of their packages include premium travel case however, 8000’s travel case features USB charging for both your smartphone and toothbrush at the same time.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

If you have gone through the whole comparison, by now you must have realized that Genius Pro 8000 obviously provide some more advantages over Pro 7000.

Thus, if you ask me, I’ll definitely recommend Genius Pro 8000. However, I don’t necessarily think less of the Pro 7000.

If you are already using Pro 7000 then I would suggest you to stick with it. The only time I would recommend you to go for 8000 when you are about to upgrade to a higher end model or if your 7000 is already dead.

Hope this writeup came in your assistance.

Feel free to comment below if you have any more queries.

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