Braun Oral-B 3000

Few of us would decide that we could manage without a toothbrush and it is more and more likely that an electric one will be chosen over a manual one. Oral B toothbrushes have much to offer, and the Healthy Clean + Gum Care Precision 3000 toothbrush certainly has more than most. After trying others, you are bound to want this when you know how much this rechargeable electric toothbrush helps oral hygiene.

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Overall Specification

BrandOral B
Product dimension7 x 10 x 3.9 inches
weight1.2 Pounds
Brushing movements40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations
Brushing technologyOscillating & rotating technology
Brushing modes3
Handle colorDark blue/light blue
Head includes1
Pressure sensorYes
batteryNi - MH Battery
Battery lifeUp to 7 Days
Voltage110 V
warranty2 Years

Our Impression

The Healthy Clean + Gum Care toothbrush not only helps to look after your teeth, but helps to keep gums in good condition as well. As a result of suggestions from dentists around the world, the round heads have been designed to carry out a cupping action, meaning that each tooth can be cleaned individually. It is also possible to reach all areas of the teeth, so there are no risks about decaying food being left behind and decay or infection setting in.

With oral hygiene being so important, the good news is that there will be 97% of plaque removed and there will no longer be problems getting to plaque that has lodged in normally hard to reach places. It further manages to stop gingivitis and will reverse any that had appeared before the brush was used. In case you are wondering why this toothbrush is so effective, it is because it has been developed with the tools that a dentist already uses in mind. It feels comfortable in the hand and there is no need to fear that you will get anything other than the perfect results.

The toothbrush head has specifically been placed at a 16% angle, and it is for this reason that the brush can reach the often unreachable – by other brushes – areas that it manages to get to. It can remove 100% more plaque close to the gum line than traditional manual toothbrushes and this is because there are CrissCross bristles. They can get to the places close to the gums that they need to get to and will not cause any damage or discomfort.

A lot of times teeth are damaged because brushes are not up to standard and it take a lot of work to make the teeth look cleaner. With the Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean plus Gum Care Precision this will not need to happen. If there is excess pressure being applied to the teeth, the pulsating will stop thanks to the pressure sensors that will pick up on the fact that a little too much vigor is being used. The brush is proof that pressure is not important when it comes to getting the perfect clean, providing the toothbrush is of a high enough quality.

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This toothbrush will stop the need for additional whitening treatments as by using this, and your normal toothpaste, you should find that you have whiter teeth after just 21 days. Whitening is just one of the features as there are 2 other modes – daily clean and sensitive. The toothbrush will also tell you when the head has been used enough and needs to be changed as there will be a change in the color of the bristles. It will be best to change as soon as need be to ensure the continued high quality clean.

As the name suggests, it is rechargeable and you will be able to clean teeth for 2 weeks from each charge. This is proving ideal when travelling as it can often last the full holiday without needing to be recharged. It has been suggested that this is used for people who are over the age of 18 and its speed is registered as 8. Other than the age limit, there are no warnings connected to the Oral-B Precision 3000 toothbrush.

Tips if you are going to buy this item

Make sure that you will always be able to recharge it before going away as batteries cannot be used in this toothbrush and be sure to keep a stock of spare heads. It is worth remembering that there is a 2 year warranty with each purchase.

Image7000 precessionPrecision 5000oral b precision 40003000 precessionOral- B precision 1000
Brushing Modes65431
Wireless smart guideYesYesNoNoNo
Bristles indicatorNoYesNoNoNo
Handle colorBlack and GalvanizedSilver/whiteSilver/whiteDark blue/light blueBlue/white
Head in box31111
Battery life10days10 days10days7 days7 days

Wrap up

So now you know exactly what you are getting with the Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean + Gum Care Precision toothbrush. It is well worth the cost and is an item I would be sure to encourage people to use, and will certainly buy again for myself in the future. It is durable and does exactly what you expect a great electric toothbrush to do.

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  • This toothbrush helps whitening without the need of additional equipment or toothpaste.
  • It uses a rechargeable battery.
  • Does not allow undue pressure to be put on the teeth or gums.
  • Having traveled a fair bit, it is safe to say that there is no need to worry about running out of power half way through the holiday.


  • It can be a little disconcerting having the brush decide how much strength you use when you brush your teeth.

Bottom Line – This Oral-B Electric toothbrush is as close to the perfect toothbrush you will manage to buy.