The Oral-B Deep Sweep with SmartGuide Triaction 5000 is the rechargeable electric toothbrush that has been through some vigorous tests and it came out of them with flying colors. It is shown to remove a great deal more plaque than other brushes remove and this is not just when tested against a manual toothbrush but also other electric ones. It has multi settings that will be able to give your mouth an all over clean and leave it fresh and healthy.

Overall Specification

Product dimension7.7 x 3.9 x 10 inches
Weight1.6 pounds
Brushing movements40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations
Brushing technologyInnovative technology
Brushing modes5
Handle colorSilver/white
Head includes1
Pressure sensorYes
BatteryNickel-metal hydride
Battery lifeUp to 10 days
Voltage110 V
Warranty2 Year

Our Impression

Oral B is a well-known name when it comes to oral hygiene and it would be well worth your while searching out this toothbrush and giving it a go. Your mouth will thank you for it, as after just a short time using the Oral-B Deep Sweep Triaction mine has certainly felt fresher and cleaner.

The toothbrush is fully rechargeable and has 5 separate modes starting off with the fairly basic Daily Clean, and includes Sensitive, Whitening, Massage and Deep Clean. Each of these functions alone will lead to healthy teeth and gums, but when all used together the outcome will be phenomenal.

The bristles are attached so that they can reach twice as deep as other bristles and they can also slip easily between the teeth meaning that they can push out all the nasty things that are likely to linger there. There is another major difference to this brush and the way it has been designed and it makes me wonder why this was not done before. As the manual toothbrush has been successful for years, this copies the way that it works. It brings an extra dimension to it and that is the power that it has. Despite it not following the design of many of the tools that dentists use, it has become the top toothbrush that dentists are recommending.

When using the Daily clean mode, there is a 3D movement that moves backwards and forwards and also pulsates. There really is nowhere for the leftover food to hide. The life of one of the heads is roughly the same as that of a manual toothbrush and that is 3 months. So that you don’t have to keep a check on the date that you changed heads, the bristles will begin to fade and this will alert you to the need to change.

As well as understanding the need to look after the gums, there has to be the understanding of how delicate they can be. When we talk about bleeding teeth, it is more likely than not that it will be the gums rather than the teeth that are to blame. With this in mind I find that the gum care pressure sensor has been a godsend as it gives me a deep clean and is gentle as it does it.

SmartGuide-Triaction-5000Sensitive mode is one that gets used a lot and that makes sure that my teeth are not damaged but still get the level of clean that keeps them healthy. It works at a slower level and that is why it is so popular as it is relaxing and pleasant to use.

Stains are removed thanks to the whitening mode, and after the stains have gone, it ensures that they are not allowed to build up again. There will not be any damage caused and teeth now look good as well as feel good.

Tips if you are going to buy this item

Make sure that you need all the functions as you could be paying for technology that you do not need. I also find it important to remember to remember to keep a stock of new brushes at home as it is surprising how quickly the need to change comes around.

Wrap up

This has all the features you need and once you have used it you will be loathed to go back to an inferior toothbrush. I mow have healthy teeth and gums, and the teeth are as white as they have ever been. I am not afraid that I am going to be too rough when cleaning, and the fear of enamel erosion is not a fear that I have.


There are plenty of different settings, so all aspects of oral hygiene can be covered. It takes care of the gums as well as the teeth, and is concerned with the appearance as well as the health. It is not just developed to look like a dentists’ tool, but has taken on the role of the manual toothbrush but with added extras and improvements. It has all the years of Oral B production experience behind it.


Although I do not, some may find the link to a manual toothbrush shows it to be less modern than other models.

The Bottom Line

The Oral-B Deep Sweep with Smart Guide Triaction Toothbrush does its work properly.

Oral-B Deep Sweep with SmartGuide Triaction 5000
Battery Life95%
Value for Money75%
86%Overall Score

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