Oral health must be maintained by everyone including kids. Unfortunately, most kids won’t take their dental health seriously unless they are guided by an adult. Oral B, a big producer of electric toothbrushes, has great products for kids. The Pro-Health For Me is one of the best-performing electric toothbrushes for kids.  Designed for tweens, this toothbrush has plenty of features that are intended to enhance your kid’s teeth brushing experience. With this product you will not have to deal with kids’ dental problems any more.

Overall Specification

Product dimension2 x 2 x 9.5 inches
Weight11.2 ounces
Brushing movements40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations
Brushing technologyOscillating & rotating technology
Brushing modes1
Handle colorWhite
Head includes2
Bristle MaterialNylon
BatteryLithium ION
Battery lifeMore than 1 weeks
Suggested Age3 Years and Up
Voltage110 V
Warranty2 Year
Price Check price

Our Impression

This is my darling electric toothbrush style for children between eight and eleven years. I was searching for a perfect toothbrush for my tween son when I came across the Oral-B ProHealth. After doing a thorough investigation about it, I finally placed an order. My ever busy son loves his toothbrush, as he does not have to brush his teeth manually any longer.

It also has interesting features that are always a pleasure to manipulate. Any parent whose child is still brushing their teeth with a manual toothbrush should take a look at the Oral-B ProHealth product. A child will be excited to use it and won’t get bored because it uses battery power rather than physical energy.

Besides, this toothbrush has a timer and the child will stop cleaning its mouth after two minutes. So it eliminates the manual work of brushing and flossing afterward, which most kids find boring and exhausting. Now you do not have to fight with your tween just because of sleeping without brushing their teeth.

The Oral-B toothbrush will solve the conflicts you have been having. It does not matter whether or not your child has dental restorations like braces. This toothbrush is made to help the child do the following:

LogoRemove leftover food particles and bacteria that get stuck between the teeth, beneath the gumline and between the braces. The Oral-B Pro-Health uses professionally-inspired technology to dislodge plaque and prevent further plaque buildup and teeth cavities.

LogoStay on top of their teeth cleaning routine. Oral-B helps the child achieve this goal via its rechargeable battery. Additionally, this toothbrush provides indicator bristles. When they light up half-way, it is usually a sign that the brush head needs to be replaced. The standard interval is usually three months of regular use.

LogoMeet the dentist’s recommended teeth cleaning time. Kids this big are always thinking of play and meeting their friends. So it is not unusual for them to stop brushing mid-way just so they can rush outside. The Pro-Health electric toothbrush ensures that by the time the kid runs out the door they have brushed their teeth for two minutes. This is the recommended teeth brushing time.

LogoThey can join Oral-B’s subscribe and save promotion to receive brand new replacement brush heads in the intervals they want.

LogoEnjoy Utilizing the Oral-B crest plus ProHealth For Me collection, designed just for tweens.

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Screenshot_1The working mechanism for the children toothbrush is the same as that of adults. It rotates and oscillates the brush head so that it could get rid of plaque quickly and effectively. Oral-B launched its Oscillating, Pulsating and cupping technology in 1991 and it has kept on improving it ever since.

All toothbrushes from Oral-B use same brush heads including the Precision Clean®, Sensitive Clean, FlossAction®, ProWhite, Ortho, Dual Clean® and Power Tip®. So your child’s Pro-Health rechargeable toothbrush can use any of the above. The package I received had the Sensitive Clean brush heads though.

When I ordered my tween’s product the following items were in the package I received: The power toothbrush itself, two Sensitive Clean refill brush heads and a tiny footprint charging station to use when re-filling battery charge.

Tips if you are going to buy this item

The package indicates that the product is for kids who are eight years and above. However, the instruction manual says not to use on kids younger than 3 years. As this is confusing, just buy the item for bigger children and find another option for your toddler.

Wrap up

As I narrated earlier, my son loves his ProHealth For Me toothbrush. He never misses his time to brush his teeth now, and we no longer fight over the matter. Additionally, we have not had a case of sensitive gums or teeth since he started using this gadget. So we do not have to see the dentists over petty yet risky dental issues any more. This toothbrush is perfect for a twin child, in my opinion.


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  • Comes with a timer to alert your child to stop brushing after the second minute.
  • Removes gunk more effectively from crevices between teeth and braces than any manual brush would do.
  • This toothbrush is not boring at all and most tweens will long to clean their teeth with it.
  • It saves time and physical energy for the playful kid.
  • It is compatible with all Oral-B brush heads and you are allowed to pick the ones you want.


  • Though the product is great, it would be brilliant if they add two speed settings, a high and a low, to it.

Bottom Line

Oral-B Pro-Health toothbrush for tweens is very good at removing plaque, protecting gums and enhancing oral health.

Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Review
86%Overall Score

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