Not all electric toothbrushes have to cost a fortune and the good news is that Oral-B has produced the Professional Deep Sweep Triaction 1000. This toothbrush is found at the lower end of the price range. There may not be the multi-facets of other models but it does the job it was made for.

Overall Specification

Product dimension4.4 x 2.2 x 10 inches
Weight0.8 Pounds
Brushing movements20,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations
Brushing technologyInnovative technology
Brushing modes1
Handle colorGreen & white
Head includes1
BatteryNickel-metal hydride
Battery lifeUp to 7 days
Voltage110 V
Warranty2 years
Price Check price

Our Impression

Despite knowing that this is at the lower end of the price market, the fact that it is from the Oral B brand gave me the confidence to believe it would still be a good product and something I should try. Although there is only one mode to it, it is good at what it does and that is providing high quality oral hygiene. There have been suggestions that it is best used as a back up to a more expensive and up market item, but I think it works as a stand-alone item when it comes to how clean teeth end up. There is no harm using it as back up, but I think it can do the job alone.

When working at full power, there are 20,000 brush movements every minute and while this is only half the amount that a more expensive and higher spec electric brush would make, this cannot be matched by a manual brush. The brush has been proven to clear more than 3 times the amount of plaque than a handheld brush, and will also be much more effective when working to combat gingivitis.

It appears that it cannot only remove what has already appeared, but can work to stop another attack. The gums are just as important as the teeth and if they were not looked after, there would not be a basis for the teeth to flourish. The Professional Deep Sweep Triaction toothbrush cleans both teeth and gums to a high standard.

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The bristles reach all around the mouth and even manage to squeeze their way between the teeth and can deal with bits of food that have become lodged close to the gum line. The fact that it also protects the gums makes it a vital piece of cleaning equipment as the previously mentioned gingivitis would love to find gums that had been neglected.

Unlike with a number of other electric toothbrushes, it is possible to use other heads on the handle and this works a long way towards combatting the fact that there is just the one mode. Whitening is still possible and all surface stains that are caused by coffee and smoking can be removed with many users saying that it took just a couple of weeks for others to notice the change in their appearance. I still find I want to smile a lot more now that I am not worried about the remnants of last nights’ coffee clinging to my teeth.

Get Oral-B Deep Sweep at Amazon

As with many others there is a pressure sensor and with the amount of pressure under control there will be a lot less erosion of the enamel. As this is not possible to replace, once it wears away the teeth can become damaged and at risk from serious decay. Use of the Professional Deep Sweep Triaction 1000 will mean that  your teeth will last longer and will need less dental treatment to be carried out. Not only does the price not ruin your account but using it can save a fortune on dental bills.

Tips if you are going to buy this item

Daily Clean is the only mode that comes with the handle when first purchased, but it is effective and while others offer more, this works well with the one setting. I have not felt I was missing out on the functions that other electric toothbrushes offer.

Wrap Up

Since using this toothbrush, I have found it to work as well as a more expensive product. If I want a feature it does not provide then I just swap the heads for a moment. It keeps my teeth clean, makes sure the gums are healthy and did not break the bank when I bought it. It is definitely an item I will replace when it is in need of replacing.


The Professional Deep Sweep Triaction 1000 is one of the most affordable electric toothbrushes. Few others will be able to match it and give the same level of performance. Despite just one mode it has the ability to work much more effectively than a manual toothbrush. There is a 7 day life on the battery one it has been fully charged and there is 2 year warranty provided such is the confidence the manufacturers have in the product.


It has fewer brush movements per minute and just one cleaning mode.

Bottom line

I am happy using this toothbrush and despite initial fears regarding the cost, it works perfect and it is my dearest item.

Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep Triaction 1000
Battery life80%
Value for money79%
80%Overall Score

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