There are numerous brands in the market that are involved in the design and manufacture of high performance electric toothbrushes. Most of them claim to provide you with healthier teeth and strong gums but the results are variable and not all brushes suit the different oral problems. However, if you want a versatile yet efficient product that lasts a good amount of time and provides you with all the benefits of a high-end electric toothbrush, albeit at a reduced price, then you should definitely go for the new SmartClean Sonic Electric toothbrush from the brand Brio.

Our Impression

Brio is a relative newcomer in the dental health industry but the company has already managed to amass a loyal base of consumers thanks to the amazing performance of its product coupled with quick and hassle-free customer service. Brio Sonic Toothbrush itself is a smooth blend of style and functionality since it is capable of cleaning the inside areas of your mouth in numerous ways. No manual toothbrush is capable of such a feat and the Brio excels at removing bacteria and food bits from hard to reach corners of the mouth thanks to the power of almost 31,0000 optimized brush oscillations in the span of a single minute. This thorough yet gentle service not only effortlessly cleans your teeth but ensures that they are noticeably brighter and healthier after just a few days of regular usage.

One area where the Brio triumphs over a lot of low-cost electric toothbrushes is innovation. In order to cut costs, a lot of manufacturers tend to make compromises with the features available in their products and so, the end result is a very basic electric toothbrush that simply cleans your teeth and not much else. However, the Brio belongs to a different breed altogether since the company has chosen to introduce a lot of unique benefits into the mix that makes this item a good value for money.

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Being a sonic toothbrush, this product emits certain vibrations which leads to the creation of micro-bubbles. By themselves, these bubbles are not particularly useful but when they come in contact with the fluid present in your mouth, they enable you to clean your gumline as well as your teeth in a more effortless manner rather than simply manual brushing. The bristles of the product are very soft and supple, ensuring that no damage is caused to your dental enamel at the time of brushing despite rigorous usage.

Brio SmartClean

You get the benefit of a timer in the electric toothbrush which has a countdown of two minutes. This is the standard time recommended by dentists for brushing your teeth and the Brio SmartClean helps you achieve the same in an effortless manner. Moreover, the brush comes with helpful reminders at intervals of 30 seconds to prompt you to change the zone of your mouth you are currently brushing. This gives you the opportunity to clean out your whole mouth.

When you use this brush, you will notice that most of the heavy-lifting is done by the product itself. The motor present in the device is capable of cleaning your teeth with the proper attention and care without you having to resort to aggressive brushing tactics. If this was any manual toothbrush, you would have to contend with this problem and over time, it can weaken your dentures. The bristles of the Bro SmartClean have been optimized to provide you with the right balance – they have considerable strength and can effortlessly clean your teeth but, at the same time, the bristles gently remove particles and germs from your gums.

There is a lot to like about the performance of the Brio SmartClean toothbrush and you will notice the differences after using the product for just a couple of days. Your teeth will seem whiter and healthier and your gums will no longer experience bleeding or pain once you complete your brushing session. The product focuses on the overall wellness of your mouth and leaves you feeling refreshed. The cost of the toothbrush is low and in case you have any issues, the customer care executives of the company are always ready to help you out. Charging of the toothbrush gets done fast and a single charge can provide you with multiple uses.


  • Deemed one of the best products of 2015 by Clinicians Report.
  • Battery of the product lasts a very long time.
  • Full warranty of 2 years.
  • Product comes with two replacement brush heads.
  • Three separate brushing modes.


  • Power output of product is very less.
  • Replacement toothbrush heads can cost you a lot of money.
  • Performance of product is rather noisy.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)


  • How long does the battery of the product last?

The electric toothbrush from Brio comes equipped with a Lithium Ion battery which means that the lifespan of the item is limited. However, the duration of the battery life depends on how the user treats the battery. The manual included with the product covers the best practices that can extend the battery life of the unit.

  • Is the toothbrush usable in the shower?

Yes, the product can be used in the shower but proper care must be taken since it is meant to be water resistant, not waterproof and the unit might not work properly if it gets exposed to large amount of water.

Wrap up

If you want a modern electric toothbrush that is capable of cleaning your teeth and gums perfectly, then you should invest in the SmartClean Sonic Electric toothbrush from Brio. Easy to use and cheaply priced, the toothbrush offers a lot of bang for your buck and you will not be disappointed with the features present in the item.

Bottom line

If you appreciate an electrical toothbrush that promises great value for money, then you should definitely pick out the Brio SmartClean brush.

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