Sonic and Ultrasonic toothbrush technologies are here to stay. They are used in electric toothbrushes that use electric power from a rechargeable battery. There are so many brands that make electronic toothbrushes and Philips is among them. The Philips line of Sonicare electric and rechargeable toothbrushes is so famous that you will find many reviews about it. Among the top-rated products is Philips Sonicare HX9110/02 Flexcare Platinum. It is the toothbrush that will remove plaque that has collected so deep in your gumline and between your teeth.

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Overall Specification

Product dimension0.5 x 1 x 7 inches
Weight1.4 Pounds
Brushing movements31,000 stroke
Brushing technologySonic technology
Brushing modes3
Handle colorWhite w/ metallic front panel
Head includes2
Bristle MaterialNylon
Pressure sensorYes
BatteryLithium ION
Battery lifeUp to 3 weeks
DisplayIlluminated display
Voltage110-220 V
Warranty2 Year

Our Impression

This toothbrush is one of our irreplaceable electric gadgets. Not only are we happy with its pulsating speed but also its Sonicare intercare brush heads. Philips has many Sonicare electronic toothbrushes but it took this one a notch higher in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. The intercare brush heads are the core of this gadget as it can remove seven times more plaque than any manual toothbrush does.
Many electric toothbrushes from Sonicare and other top brands can only remove up to two times more plaque than the manual brush. So this component makes the HX9110/02 very unique. Using patented sonic technology, this item delivers thirty-one strokes per minute. We think that this is comfortable brushing speed and pressure as it does not bruise the gums.
If you have never had gingivitis and gum recession, it does not mean that you are immune to them. This is the time to take a precaution that will help you avoid catching any of these gum diseases. The Sonicare Flexicare Platinum toothbrush helps to prevent both of them. Above all it offers:

LogoThree cleaning modes – Clean, White and Gum Care. All the three modes can be chosen at will and above all you can choose the right frequency to go with each mode. These frequencies include Low, Medium and High. You can set the mode that makes your brushing experience more comfortable.

LogoPatented Sonic technology – There is no doubt about this. The HX9110/02 Flexcare Platinum is a rechargeable gadget with up to nine brushing options, an advanced brush head technology and an intuitive pressure indicator. This makes it the most exceptional plaque remover and gum healer in Philip’s Sonicare line.

LogoInterCare brush head – As hinted above, this is a brand new feature and it is the centre of attraction. It dislodges plaque and helps with teeth whitening better than any brush head.

LogoRechargeable battery – This one keeps charge for up to three weeks after a single 24-hour full charge, making it a travel asset.

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philips sonicare hx911002

LogoFlexicare – This generates sweeping movements that dislodges decaying plaque and transmits fluids deeper in gaps between teeth and gumline.

LogoPressure Sensor – Its work is to warn you when you are brushing too hard and harshly.

LogoGum care mode – Gum health will become better in just fourteen days of using FlexCare Platinum. The Gum care mode offers concentrated cleaning to reduce bleeding that is triggered by gingivitis and inflammation of gums.

LogoTimers – The Smartimer allows you to keep the dentist’s recommended teeth brushing interval of two minutes. The Quadpacer is an interval timer that indicates when to move to the next quadrant.

This is a superior plaque remover and will access dirt pockets between teeth and in gaps beneath your gums. The advanced technology enables you to brush and floss at the same time, giving you sweet breath and cleaner teeth in no time at all. There are reminder bristles that faintly turn from blue to white to alert you when your brush head has deteriorated and needs to be replaced.

Tips if you are going to buy this item


There is no need to worry about your safety when using this electric toothbrush. It is clinically safe and recommended by Dentists across the U.S. Even so, we recommend using each component according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid harming your gums and teeth.

Wrap up

I have my FlexCare Platinum toothbrush and I cannot trade it for anything in the world. It has been such a bonus in my life as I no longer suffer from sensitive gums and teeth. Delivery was just as the manufacturer claimed. I received my box with a Sonicare toothbrush handle, Deluxe charger with a wrapper, brush head storage, travel case, two intercare brush standard heads and two hygienic travel caps. Now everyone around me wants my FlexCare too!

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  • Removes plaque seven times more than manual toothbrushes with its InterCare brush head.
  • Offers a travel case, hygienic travel caps and brush head storage.
  • The gum mode is designed for sensitive gingivitis-prone gums and it restores health in two weeks.
  • Offers upto three cleaning modes and three frequency levels.
  • Comes with a pressure sensor to warn you when you are brushing unsafely.
  • A single full day charge lasts for three weeks.


  • I have no complains personally except than I think the brush is a little overpriced. This opinion is shared by others too.
Philips Sonicare HX9110/02 Flexcare Platinum Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Battery life84%
Value for money83%
85%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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