If you follow my blog and reviews of dental products, you’d know that I take dental care seriously. For a long time, I went through different brushes that claim to do it all. They claim to take care of your plaques, germs, gum inflammation, and other troubles.

To tell you the truth, very few could live up to my expectations. This esteemed group of dental care devices includes Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush” or Waterpik 900 for short.

As you’d notice, this is a “Combo” product. For a device like this to be good, each part of the combo needs to perform to its peak. In this intricate (read: Rather detailed) review, I’ll try and explore if that’s the case or not.

This review is a two-parter. First, we’ll talk about the brush and then, we’ll go over to the flosser. Without further ado, let’s dive into the article.

Unboxing A Complete Dental Care Product

Trust me, when I say “Complete,” I do mean it as well. I have been using this thing for months now and to be perfectly honest, I’m one happy customer. The box came with everything a basic user could possibly need.

Unboxing Waterpik Complete Care WP-900

This Waterpik Dental Care system consists of three primary components. I got the sonic toothbrush, the water reservoir or the basic body, and lastly the water flosser. Many might expect that’s where it ends.


They actually invested time and thought about what other things a user might possibly need. The package came with four separate flosser tips. Each with their own set of functions and dental care purposes.

Even the brush wasn’t left alone. I found two different brush heads.

I discussed these accessories in detail in the latter part of my review. I’m pretty sure you’re very familiar with carrying cases. The case they threw in with this kit is nothing less than premium. It looks pretty cool without a doubt.

The unboxing experience was simply great. But using it is a different thing entirely.

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The Sonic Brush is Just Awesome

The Waterpik WP-900 is not just a simple dental care device. It’s a near-perfect product that’s only complete when many tools assembled together. The sonic brush is the main weapon in the arsenal.

Don’t worry, it’s not built to hurt you. On the contrary, it’s an effective cleaning tool. It can go to great depths when it comes to intense cleaning.

So, without further introduction, let’s get into what this brush has to offer.

A Grip That Won’t Slip

A Grip That Won’t Slip

Like all of us, you probably have used a lot of toothbrushes in your lifetime. I mean… yeah, we certainly had teeth since the day we can possibly remember. At some point (We get picky with time) you probably had issues with the handle not being comfortable and grippy.

The implementation of rubber in the grip definitely deserves a plus. It’s there to offer an anti-slip experience. Even in extreme wet conditions and sweaty hands, the brush doesn’t fall through your hands.

Apart from the solid plastic and rubber used in the making, there are some ergonomic aspects too. Thanks to these, when I picked up the brush in my hands, it fit my palms just perfectly. The curves on the handle are designed to provide optimum control while brushing.

Suppose you are going to brush the sensitive innards of your mouth; you’ll obviously need to have a good hold on the device. Since this one is an electric device, it’s movement can only be controlled partially. The basic cleaning is supposed to be done automatically.

Without a grain of doubt, a good grip is an important factor. And this wonder of a tool nails it big time.

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Super-Fast Bristles Wil Save the Day

If you want an in-depth cleaning experience, the “Sensonic Professional Plus ToothBrush” won’t disappoint. A unique aspect that caught my eye about the tip of the brush is that it can rotate the bristle area to 360 degrees. Flexibility all the way round is how you deal with unwanted germs and bacteria.

Another important feature about the bristles of sonic brushes is, how fast they can actually move. This will definitely do the cleaning in a “Flash.” It might not be as fast as the superhero but it goes 25% faster than your average brush.

Speed Settings Will Change the Game

As I have mentioned before, the brush has two separate interchangeable heads. Apart from the cleaning options, you can choose from two-speed settings. Both of the cleaning heads will have different results in variable speeds.

The math is simple, low speed is for in-depth cleaning. And the high speed is, without a doubt, best for fast cleaning.

Here’s a personal piece of advice: If you want the best output in cleaning your pearly whites, keep the speed setting to low. Good things do take time. It’s just the same for dental care.

The Control Features are Precise

Sonic Toothbrush (WP-900)The Waterpik WP-900 offers some great features when it comes to automated controls. Brushing for too long can actually have a negative effect on the gums. Straining your gums isn’t a good idea at all. It might cause unwanted bleeding which can be easily avoided.

That’s where the “Quadrant Pacer” comes in. This makes the brush stop every thirty seconds. After you’re done with 30 seconds of cleaning. Switch to another side. In any case, no brushing session should not exceed two minutes of runtime.

Feel free to switch the brush heads while you clean. I do that as well. Sometimes, different parts of our teeth and mouth need different types of care. This allows you to clean the sections of your mouth as you want.

The brush is clinically proven to deal with 99.9% plaque of the areas that it works on. You’ll be surprised if I tell you how the features increase the efficiency of this tool. It gets a whopping 159% boost when compared to manual brushes. Cool, right?

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Charge It Up Right

Like all electric brushes, this one needs some proper charging too. You might be curious about the location of the battery. It’s cleverly located inside the brush handle.

That’s why the grip is a bit wider than what we see on manual brushes. Being a nickel-metal hydride battery, it offers a much longer lifespan than usual. I had no issues regarding the backup. It literally took me 7 days to drain the power completely. FYI, I do brush twice a day.

To make things a little more efficient, Waterpik added an LED indicator with it. This alerts the user about the remaining charge of the device. No need to be cautious until only one out of three bars is lit.

Once you see three bars blinking at the same time, that’s your cue to recharge it. Yes, it means that you have used up all the power. Simple, right?

You might be wondering whether you need a separate outlet for the brush or not. Thanks to the special “Space Saving” design, you won’t have to go through the unnecessary hassle when it comes to charging. One single adapter is enough to power the flosser and charge the brush at the same time.

While plugged into the power outlet, all you have to do is, put the brush in the magnetic charging station. You should be done charging within roughly one hour. It just can’t get more efficient than this.

Carry It with Ease

Imagine, you’re going on a trip. You’ll need to take care of your teeth and gums nevertheless. I mean,’ there’s simply no excuse when it comes to proper dental care.

They threw in a premium carrying case for the brush just in case. The brush won’t be sticking out from the base of the device. This did save me from a lot of inconveniences when I took it to our hometown.

I had to put it in the back of the car. Even after driving through rough country roads the entire kit was safe and sound. No damage was done and no items lost.

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Getting to The Water Flosser in the Combo Pack

I think I’ve covered pretty much all you need to know about the sonic toothbrush that comes with the WP-900. There’s still a lot to be told about the flosser and the container.

After all, you can’t judge Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush by just how well the sonic toothbrush performs. Each of the components plays their part in completing the whole dental care experience.

While the brush did the messy duty of continuous scrubbing, the washing tools have to clean up all the germs from your teeth and gums. Is the flosser that came in with this one good enough?

Let’s find out!

The Flosser is Compact and Well-Built

The Flosser is Compact and Well-Built

The water container and the flosser of the WP-900 are, to my surprise, well built. I really didn’t expect the premium finish and solid construction that came at this price. Besides, the product is compact and will save a lot of space.

To make good use of the water flosser, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need a water source. The device draws water from a dedicated water reservoir. Let me tell you, this reservoir might not look like much, but it allows a continuous flossing up to 90 seconds or above.

Now that’s impressive!

The compartment itself is well designed. You’ll immediately notice that the guys at Waterpik put in a lot of thought. The reservoir is removable. I had no issues with taking it out and refill it with water. It won’t do you wrong with a total capacity of 700ML.

They even included an additional compartment on the left. This too is detachable. It makes keeping the accessories that come with this kit even easier. Cleaning it wasn’t difficult either.

The amount of flossing time can increase or decrease depending on the pressure setting used on the flosser. This is controlled by the knob which didn’t feel flimsy at all.

The flosser is supplied with water with a hose that’s roughly three feet long. The length is adequate unless you feel like doing the flossing in a separate room.

Jokes apart, you need to take good care of it. Which is easy, because the pipe itself is coiled. I could place it back easily without it having to dangle about.

Convenient Controls on the Flosser Are Great to Have

The jets of water that you shoot in your mouth will require some good controls. Bleeding gums due to too much pressure can actually be hazardous. Now, we don’t want that… do we?

Waterpik handled the “Control” issue pretty well. The water flosser comes with a hold down button. It pauses the device just in case you want to prevent unwanted harm to your gums.

Interchangeable Tips Offer Versatility

It’s pretty much obvious by the title that you “Can” swap the flosser’s tips. They do provide a set of tips out of the box. Each of the tips comes with its very own unique purpose and function.

The Classic Jet tip is like the “Average” cleaner of the lot for your gums and teeth. I give my personal guarantee that it will serve you better than string flosses. Healthier gums are guaranteed. General usage can’t get better than this.

You can go on your plaque hunting missions with the dedicated “Plaque Seeker” tip. This is great for reaching hard to reach areas. And it will deal with plaque more efficiently than the general tip (Ensuring gum health of course).

If you’ve had braces before or are currently wearing them, you’ll know that they do need some additional care. The Orthodontic Tip is designed to do just that. It’s basically three times more efficient than your general string flosser. Plus, it’s good for clearing plaques too.

The last one is crafted to simply apply medicaments inside your mouth. The “Pick Pocket” tip is gentle and does the job well. It can rinse deep below the gum line too.

Don’t take my words as a proof of versatility buddy. You need to try it out for yourself.

Before I go to the next aspect of this already amazing product, let me answer a question that might be dwindling in your mind. Removing the tip is actually easy. Look for the thin blue button on the side of the flosser. Press it to detach the tip and install a new one. Easy, eh?

Things You Should Know About the Pressure Settings

With this product, you can actually get all the essentials for a “Complete” dental care in one place. But to utilize it properly, you’ll need to know some fundamentals of the device. Let’s discuss the pressure that the flosser can apply to your gumlines and teeth.

Water pressure that is mixed with pulsation is simply awesome for deep cleaning. Especially between the teeth and below the gumline.

The pressure range is from 10 PSI to100 PSI. You might be wanting to know more about the flowrate. In this aspect the perfect balance has been kept. 13 ounces per minute is good enough, at least in my book.

Apart from the dedicated on and off switch, there’s a specific dial to control the water pressure. As I have already said, the knob is well built and allows you to control the settings easily with precision. I’d advise you to keep the pressure to 4 or lower (If you’re a first-timer).

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Some General Maintenance and Usage Tips from Me!

The guys at Waterpik did provide me with a manual that had extensive details on how to use the set of devices. But still, I believe I can help you out a step further. Let’s get on with it then.

For those who have sensitive teeth, it will probably be a good idea to floss after putting lukewarm water into the reservoir. For a bit of extra relief, I tried adding a little bit of mouthwash to the mix. The results were better than what you’d normally expect. A pinch of salt can do wonders too.

The tips like all things get damaged or inefficient with time. I’m talking about both the tips of the flosser and the sonic brush. It’s a good idea to replace them four times a year. The brush heads will probably come in sets of three and the flosser tips are sold separately.

It’s pretty much common sense, but let me spell it out anyway. Placing the tip at an angle of 90 degrees will provide the best results. It worked really well to clean all the stuck food particles and bacteria from my mouth. Oh, and do try to pause while switching between each tooth.

No worries! You’ll get the hang of it.

Going through the gumlines for a minute each day is great. But just in case you want to go the extra mile, you can purchase the tongue cleaning attachment. This will complete the oral care system and leave nothing behind (At all).

Before I forget, I HAVE to give you one last tip about the flosser. Before first time use, don’t forget to put the pressure to the max and let the water flow for a few seconds in the sink. It clears up the line of water flow completely.

What I Like about this Product

  • The device offers a complete set of devices for daily dental care. Oral cleaning is made simple with the efficiency of each tool.
  • The brush’s battery is impressive and lasts long compared to the time it takes to get charged.
  • The set of accessories have a dedicated compartment so losing them is not very likely.
  • Maintenance is very easy as each tool can be cleaned separately.
  • The carrying case for the brush is both stylish and handy.
  • The flosser has good water pressure in general.

What I Don’t Like about this Product

  • The device is a bit noisy during operation. But the buzzing sound might not be a big deal as it’ll only be used for a few minutes each day.
  • The Power Cord isn’t that long so it’s best to keep in close range to the power outlet.
  • The device is not that easy to place on narrow sinks due to the size.

My Last Words

I liked the entire package to the bits. No second guesses here! The brush you get with the combo oscillates. Don’t feel like using the brush for cleaning duties? Go for the flosser instead. You’ll be amazed at the speed with which you can interchange the two devices.

Sure, you need to deal with the noise Waterpik 900 makes. But it’s only for two minutes. It’s not “That” big of a deal when you consider the performance you’ll get out of the machines.

Despite having two distinct devices to work with, the package is hygienic and easy to manage. Running maintenance on these two products is easier than you think. I liked the price as well. Being a combo, this product is surprisingly affordable. Would I recommend it to my readers? Yes, any day of the week.

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