There are hundreds of medications that can cause dry mouth. Medications are vital, so there are side effects you’ll have to suffer through.

As people age, they are taking more medications. Older people can often lose the ability to produce as much saliva. It’s unfortunate, but adding more medications into the mix also makes it worse.

Mouthwash can have a real impact on saliva production. Having constant dry mouth can cause cavities and other health issues. Read on to learn more about the causes, solutions, and reviews to learn about the best mouthwash for dry mouth.

Best Mouthwash for Dry Mouth Comparison Table

Why Do People Get Dry Mouth?

There are quite a few reasons that people get dry mouth. Dry mouth is not just something that pot smokers get. It’s a serious condition that can cause grave oral hygiene issues.

Older people have more of a chance of developing dry mouth. This is because they’re often taking more medications. Some meds tend to have dry mouth as a side effect. As people age, their bodies can stop doing the things it should.

Injuries to the head and neck can cause dry mouth. It’s nerve damage that can’t easily be fixed. Radiation therapy for cancer treatment to the head or neck can be a cause. Radiation can attack the salivary glands.

Dehydration is one of the most common causes for normally healthy individuals. Heavy exercise or being out in the heat can cause dehydration.

Other illnesses and conditions can cause dry mouth, too. Your doctor can help diagnose the problem. The solution they’ll give you is to use mouthwash for dry mouth.

Reasons Why It’s a Problem

A dry mouth doesn’t seem like a huge problem. It really can cause awful pain and leave a person reeling from increased side effects.

It can cause bad breath, which is embarrassing. The inner cheeks and lips can crack when they are dry. It can alter the taste of food. Fungal infections can develop from dry mouth. Dry mouth causes gum disease, tongue swelling, ulcers, and canker sores.

It can even cause trouble when swallowing or speaking. Ultimately, it’s a serious issue impacting all facets of your life. Your doctor might change your meds, or suggest an alternative to stimulate saliva. One of the best ways to combat dry mouth is with mouthwash.

Top 5 Mouthwash for Dry Mouth Reviews

Biotene Dry Mouth Mouthwash

Biotene has a line of products that will help with dry mouth. Just one of them is this mouthwash. They are a company that is focused on this area of oral hygiene for people who are sufferers with dry mouth.

Biotene Dry Mouth Mouthwash

People with dry mouth often suffer from bad breath. This mouthwash will destroy odors. It also stops odors before they start. The oral rinse is a refreshing mint flavor. The formula doesn’t include alcohol, so it won’t burn.

Frequently, people with constant dry mouth will have sores. It’s important to have a gentle solution. It protects against more sores as well as cuts. Canker sores can develop from dry mouth, and this solution is gentle and healing.

This oral rinse formula uses a salivary enzyme protein. It’s called LP3. This protein is much like the saliva you’d produce naturally. It lasts for 4 hours taming your dry mouth. In that time, it reduces the chance you’ll get cavities.

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Great positives

Having dry mouth due to medications can cause issues in your mouth. In my case, it was a weird film on my teeth and gums. It’s called a biofilm, and it would have led to cavities.

The mouthwash cleaned my mouth. It removed the biofilm and kept it from coming back for hours. There’s no way to constantly brush your teeth throughout the day.

This mouthwash has a long-lasting formula. The mint is refreshing and gets rid of bad breath. It gets rid of the feeling that you might have bad breath, too.

Minor concern

While this isn’t a major problem, it’s still something to mention. If you are using this to replace your regular mouthwash, you should know it doesn’t contain fluoride. It’s not a problem if you have fluoride in your toothpaste, though.

Colgate Hydris Dry Mouth Mouthwash and Toothpaste Pack

We all know the name Colgate. They’ve been around for over 100 years. They were even the first toothpaste in a collapsible tube. They’re innovative and on the cutting edge of oral hygiene advances.

Colgate Hydris Dry Mouth Mouthwash and Toothpaste Pack

For dry mouth, the company has created a line of products. You’re getting mouthwash and toothpaste geared towards dry mouth. It has ingredients focused on delivering up to 4 hours of relief. Using the toothpaste and mouthwash in the morning will take you through many hours.

The mouthwash and toothpaste are full of natural ingredients. It has plant-based ingredients to moisturize your mouth. Canker sores and cracks in your mouth will benefit from the mouthwash and toothpaste.

They’ll linger in the mouth for hours and stop your mouth from becoming dry. It’s minty and will fight bad breath. It’s a soothing formula without harsh ingredients. Bacteria can be removed from your mouth with the use of these products.

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Great positives

To lubricate your gums and teeth from dry mouth, the products have to be gentle. People – like me – with dry mouth can end up with sores.

The mouthwash isn’t going to sting and bite like other products. We’ve all had the mouthwash that stings even when you don’t have a sore.

Toothpaste and mouthwash together give you a great amount of lubrication. Dry mouth can be a thing of the past with this line of products. It certainly helped me.

Minor concern

This isn’t a mouthwash to cure bad breath and kill bacteria. It will do that by relieving you of dry mouth. It doesn’t have the alcohol to kill bacteria. That just means it will be super gentle for people with sores.

ACT Total Care Dry Soothing Mouthwash

This company has been around for over 3 years. It’s often recommended by dentists. They have clinical-strength products without needing a prescription. In fact, dentists will often give out free samples to their patients, so they can test it out.

ACT Total Care Dry Soothing Mouthwash

The mouthwash is ADA approved. That’s not the same for all the other mouthwashes. That’s because this one has fluoride. It has to include fluoride to be given the American Dental Associations Seal of Approval.

There are over 500 medications that can cause dry mouth. It’s likely that you’ve come across at least one in your life. People over the age of 65 will often have dry mouth. This mouthwash will stimulate saliva whether you are taking medication or have some other reason for the affliction.

The mouthwash will soothe sores and moisturize the tissue in your mouth. With the fluoride, you’re getting a mouthwash that strengthens enamel. Instead of sugars, it has xylitol. It’s a plant material that replaces sugar. It’s a sugar that starves bacteria and reduces the chance for cavities.

Great positives

With dry mouth, there’s always concern that bacteria is building. This mouthwash removes the biofilm and stops sugars from feeding bacteria.

It has fluoride for reducing the chance for cavities. It will enhance the saliva production in your mouth for hours. It can take you through most of your work day.

It’s reassuring to know this mouthwash has the ADA’s approval as well as dentists. It’s alcohol free, so it won’t hurt any sores you might have.

Minor concern

This mouthwash will completely relieve your dry mouth for hours. It doesn’t have the same minty freshness as some other products. It’s mint, but the minty isn’t overpowering. It might even be a touch too subtle.

Oral Essentials Dry Mouth Mouthwash

The brand has a new name. It’s now Lumineux, but it’s still a product developed by two dentists. The quality is the same. It has ingredients that are preservative free. It won’t burn or cause discomfort. All the things you expected from the Oral Essentials brand.

Oral Essentials Dry Mouth Mouthwash

Most mouthwashes rely on the fact that it’s liquid to reduce dryness. This mouthwash has many ingredients that stimulate your own saliva. It has organic aloe vera, coconut, and grape seed oils. The cayenne pepper oil stimulates flow without burning.

It has no alcohol, sugars, or artificial dyes. You won’t have any stinging or burning from this mouthwash. Sores and cracks in your lips, gums, tissues, or tongue won’t be hurt with this. It doesn’t have triclosan or BPA in the bottle.

French essential oils protect your teeth from bacteria. They break up plaque that causes cavities. There is good bacteria in your mouth you don’t want to remove. It won’t be a problem with this mouthwash. It has non-gmo xylitol, too.

Great positives

With a dry mouth, it can be hard to chew and swallow some foods. This mouthwash will last through meals, which is important for comfort.

It’s a hydrating mouthwash that really lasts for hours. After using it in the morning, I’m able to last until mid-afternoon before noticing a dryness.

The fact that I don’t even think about it all morning and part of the afternoon is a plus. It’s giving me consistent saliva flow for hours.

Minor concern

If there’s one concern, it’s the “spiciness” of the mouthwash. It has a slight burning sensation. That lasts for barely a few seconds. It’s completely worth that slight discomfort. No doubt it’s the cayenne pepper, which is needed for saliva stimulation.

Moisyn Advanced Dry Mouth Relief Mouthwash

Prisyna is the company that makes this mouthwash. They were established in 2013 to give natural relief to dry mouth sufferers. Their products are made in the US. Ingredients are sourced responsibly.

Moisyn Advanced Dry Mouth Relief Mouthwash

This mouthwash works well for people with dry mouths. It does this with a limited amount of ingredients. Most people like this because it has approximately half of the ingredients compared to competitors.

There are no parabens, peroxide, triclosan, or artificial colors. It has only a few ingredients, which are listed on the package. There is glycerol, xylitol, sorbital, chitan derivatives, spearmint flavor, and betaine.

The FDA has classified this mouthwash as a medical device with full clearance for customer use. It’s rated safe and effective by the government of the US that oversees such products for public consumption.

Great positives

Mouthwash with only a few ingredients is bound to be safer than ones with words a person can’t even spell. The oral rinse has a mild flavor of spearmint.

The rinse keeps your mouth’s chemical balance perfect. It has a neutral pH that won’t cause changes. It freshens your breath and reduces the film that can cause cavities.

Not only does this promote saliva and reduce cavities, it helps with sores and pain. While swishing it around my mouth, I wasn’t aware of any pain. It lasted for hours, too.

Minor concern

This contains a shellfish derivative. That’s a problem for people allergic to shellfish. It shouldn’t be used by anyone with a questionable reaction to shellfish of any kind.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Best Mouthwash for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth patients have a hard time with many activities. Talking, eating, and even breathing can be difficult. Dry mouth can lead to cavities and gingivitis. There are a few things to think about in your choice of mouthwash.

  • Saliva Stimulation

The mouthwash should be using its ingredients to stimulate saliva. The formula shouldn’t be relying on the fact that it’s wet. If that were the case, you could use any substance to relieve dry mouth.

That’s not how it works. You’ll need a mouthwash with natural ingredients to stimulate the saliva in your mouth for hours. It should last until at least mid-afternoon. You shouldn’t have to think about your dry mouth for most of the day.

  • Balanced and Natural Ingredients

There are certain natural ingredients that will help to stimulate saliva. They can also moisturize the tissues inside your mouth. Moisturized tissues include the tongue.

Natural ingredient can alter the pH in the mouth to make it more balanced, too. Aloe, ginger, sweet pepper, cactus, and hollyhock root can all be used to stimulate the production of your own glands.

  • Controlling Pain and Healing Sores

A severely dry mouth can lead to sores and cracks. They might be on the corner of your lips. Cracks might be a problem on your tongue, too. Using a good mouthwash can really heal these cracks.

Canker sores can be a symptom of a dry mouth. A lack of saliva means your mouth isn’t lubricated when you’re eating. Canker sores can be really painful. It makes eating a real chore. The mouthwash should be soothing and healing to sores.

  • What is Xylitol and Why Do You Need It?

This is a substance that really tastes like sugar. It’s used in products that need to be sugar free. It’s a sweetener that’s considered natural compared to other sweeteners. It’s found in fruits and vegetables naturally, so it’s considered a plant-based sugar.

When it’s used in mouthwash, it has a few benefits. Plaque is made from bacteria. The bacteria actually feeds on sugars from the foods you eat. Xylitol can’t be used by bacteria at all. That disrupts the growth of bacteria. It essentially helps to kill it.

  • All Your Oral Care

While you are using mouthwash and other products for saliva production, you should be doing other things, too. It’s important to take your oral health very seriously.

Visiting the dentist, brushing frequently, and using fluoride are a great way to reinforce the use of mouthwash. You should be monitoring your mouth for all kinds of issues, too.

  • Nighttime Care for Dry Mouth

Overnight, patients with dry mouth have issues sleeping. They wake up because their throat gets dry. It’s helpful to use mouthwash before bed. It can keep you sleeping a few extra hours.

Adding a humidifier to your room can be a fantastic addition. If you tend to sleep with your mouth open, you might try to breath through your nose. That’s helpful most of the day, too.

  • Things to Avoid When You Have Dry Mouth

Avoid a dry room by using a humidifier at night like I mentioned above. Don’t drink coffee. It tends to dry out a person’s mouth naturally.

Avoid food and drinks that have sugar in them. Your mouth is vulnerable to the sugar, and bacteria loves sugar. Sip water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Ice chips can be helpful if you let them melt in your mouth.


Having a dry mouth constantly can cause health issues of which you might not have been aware. It can even make eating a problem. Saliva helps to break apart food when you’re eating. It lubricates your throat for swallowing, too.

A mouthwash for dry mouth will help stimulate saliva production. It lasts for a few hours, so you can go about your day without being sidetracked by your issues. This guide and the reviews should help you make a choice of mouthwash to relieve your symptoms.

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