Philips Sonicare 2 Series Review: Dental Comfort Within Your Budget

For me, Phillips has been one of the “Go-To” brands when it comes to my dental care. Specifically speaking, the HX6211/30 is at the top of my list as far as the electric toothbrush models are concerned.

This is thanks to its amazing features, superlative performance, and nice packaging. I can understand the frustrations regarding the price. Trust me, compared to the benefits you get, the price of over $50 is a minuscule sacrifice.

After using it for seven months for the purposes of this review, I’d say my money is in the right place.

Everything from the smart packaging, numerous brush heads to several functions make it one of the most sought-after electric toothbrushes out there. In this in-depth review, I’ll be shedding light on all of these benefits and more. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

What Does It Offer Out of The Box?

Well, let’s admit that both you and I have done a lot of unboxing in our lifetime. Some of them were great and some of them weren’t exactly what you’d call “On Spot.” What kind of surprise does this one have for us?

Let’s find out!

Unboxing Philips Sonicare 2 Series

Philips doesn’t fall short when it comes to the packaging. The Philips Sonicare 2 wasn’t an exception. The box aside they threw in all the essential products that you could possibly need for your daily morning oral cleanup.

Inside the package, of course, there is the Sonicare 2 HX6211/30 toothbrush handle itself. Along with it comes an extra plaque control brush head to offer some additional cleaning options. These small additional accessories do actually matter. Plus, they save the extra expenses of buying them separately.

As you are already aware, this is an electric toothbrush. So… yeah, you’ll need a charger for it. Luckily for us, the guys at Philips already took care of that and threw in a travel charger. The compact size is just great to pack in the small pockets of your backpack. Now, I really loved.

That just about wraps it up. Now let’s talk about the product itself.

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A Well-Built Device

Sonicare series 2When we’re talking about how a brush is built, we just can’t miss talking about the handle. The handle of the Sonicare 2 is nothing less than promising. The grip was great and it also felt good in my palms.

The design really does complement the solid build of the entire thing. The ergonomic features were very well refined and I found no possibility of the brush actually slipping from my hands. Just to let you know, my hands are rather sweaty (No Joke).

Philips actually went the extra mile to reinforce the already solid grip. The raised dots at the back of the brush provide extra support to the palm of the hands. Just in case they are a little extra slippery.

Plastic might sound cheap but it can promise a lot if the construction is dense and the craftsmanship is given enough thought. The easy to clean the surface of the product is there to give you a gunk free experience.

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The build apart, the brush is aesthetically pleasing too. You’ll find this one to your liking if you prefer a clinical appearance. A white base with blue accents gives off a “Dental Care” friendly look.

Plaque Removal Was Never Better

Sonicare 2 Series

Plaque removal is very essential if you are opting for a complete oral cleanup. Now the trick to it is, your brush needs to have the right features to get the job done. A lot of it depends on the bristles and how they are placed. Plus, the brush has a curved head that’s built to match the shape of your teeth.

The high bristle count in the HX6211/30 makes it a plaque cleaning beast that doesn’t fail to provide comfort as well. This makes the product six times more efficient in cleaning than the everyday toothbrush.

The long power tuft at the top is there to ensure you can clean even the hard to reach areas of your mouth.

All these features aside, you might want to know when the perfect time would be to change the bristles.

Get Sonicare 2 Series at Amazon

Simple… Just wait for the blues on the bristles to fade away. When they turn completely white, you should consider changing the brush head. Just snap it on and you’re good to go.

Yet another handy addition from Philips.

Sonic Care as It Is

The sonic technology implemented in this device goes up to 31.000 brush strokes per minute. But don’t worry. It is clinically safe by all means. Not to mention its gentle on orthodontics, dental work, veneers, and implant material.

This “Dynamic Action” cleaning system is capable of efficient yet gentle cleaning between the deepest parts of your teeth. A superior cleaning session is pretty much guaranteed. Oscillation and pulsation make every gesture of your wrists count.

 A Great Hold of Time

Phillips didn’t hold back when it comes to putting all their aces on the table. This product is “Well Equipped” in practically every sense of the word. The implementation of the Easy-Start feature makes things a whole lot more interesting.

This slightly increases the power each time you use the brush. What it does is, it slowly gets you used to the Sonicare system. To make things even better, the Smartimer that regulates the brush time to a maximum of two minutes.

The two-minute barrier isn’t placed on a whim. It’s actually a dental recommendation that Philips has internalized in their machines. So, Yes, these small but reliable aspects do in turn create a bond of trust.

I should let you know that after 14 times of use, the Easy-Start feature switches to Sonicare Easy. The power doesn’t get dangerously high. No need to be worried about damaging the gums.

Ample Versatility Options

Cleaning experiences do vary when you consider using multiple brush heads.

As I’ve said, the plaque control head is already provided with the package. So, plaque can be dealt with straight out of the box. Don’t get disheartened, you do have other options in the market. Just order the ones that would best suit your needs.

Apart from cleaning, gum health is also essential. The ProResults Gum Health brush head is actually six times better than manual brushes. Kudos to that!

Now let’s see how the Intercare or the interdental cleaning brush head serves us all. A 7x improvement over the manual toothbrush is nothing to overlook. The same goes for the stain removal or the DiamondClean brush head. Sevenfold improvement all the way.

Lastly, there’s the AdaptiveClean brush head. This baby’s performance is really off the charts. It can actually do ten times better than the basic toothbrush. It’s specially made for deep clean benefits. It’s gentle on the gums too.

A Battery That Lasts

Battery life is easier to measure with indicators. Philips has got you covered with this. They even implemented two color indicators to make it even easier. The indicator is located at the front part of the bottom end of the brush.

The device uses a NiMH battery which makes it last longer than many competitors in the market. It offers a battery life that lasts up to a maximum of two weeks. The device is compatible with 110V to 240V outlets. This offers flexibility in multiple regions. This is something great to have.

A Few Pieces of Advice

Just to ensure your safety, let me tell you something that might help.

It’s best to turn on the device once you’ve made contact with your teeth. Turning it on automatically sets the timer for two minutes. So, there’s no need to worry about unwanted damage.

There is a quadrant pacer setting too. 30-second intervals that will alert you to switch between all four sides of your mouth.

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What I Like about this Toothbrush

  • The Sonic Care features are beyond average and cleans better than most competitors.
  • The design is ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing as well. You won’t have trouble gripping.
  • The battery indicators are helpful and do what they are meant to do perfectly.
  • An additional brush head comes along with the package. You can replace anytime you feel like it.
  • This brush is great for plaque removal with a dedicated brush head for the job.

What I Don’t Like about this Toothbrush

  • The brush is priced a bit higher compared to other electric toothbrush alternatives which are just as good.
  • The device is based on NiMH whereas newer/better options are Li-on based.

Last Words I Should Say

The problem with electric toothbrushes is, they promise a lot. Yet, they falter when it comes to delivering on their promises. After spending seven months with Phillips Sonicare Series 2 Plaque Control, I can safely say that it’s not the case here.

This dental care device resides in the perfect middle spot of price and performance. I could attach and swap brush heads at the snap of my fingers. What I liked the most is the fact that you get 31000 brush strokes in a minute. This is on par with Phillips’s more expensive models.

I’d recommend this piece of technology to anyone who fancies a gentle toothbrush within budget. Trust me, you won’t have to compromise on performance one bit.