Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush Review: How the Classic and Smart Models Differ

The DiamondClean brushes from Philips Sonicare will provide you with a fresh clean every time you use them. The DiamondClean line of brushes provides you with an outstanding approach to your brushing needs. But you should note that there are two types of DiamondClean brushes for you to choose from – the original DiamondClean Classic and the DiamondClean Smart.

The two models provide you with the brushing help you desire. These are both different from one another in a few ways as well. Let’s look at how these two Philips Sonicare models are different and what you can expect out of either one of these for your brushing use in this Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush review.

A Comparison of the Two DiamondClean Brush Models

FearuresDiamondClean ClassicDiamondClean Smart
Pressure SensorNoYes
Brushing Modes55
Strokes Per Minute31,00031,000
USB charging pointNoYes
App coachNoYes
Battery Life21 days14 days
Gum Health7x10x
Modelshx9331, hx9361, hx9371,
hx9392, hx9351
9300, 9500, 9700, 9750
Price Check Price Check Price

How Does the DiamondClean Classic Work For You?

Let’s start our look at the Philips Sonicare brushes by seeing what the DiamondClean Classic offers. The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Classic is highly recommended for those who want to make the most out of their brushing efforts while getting a deeper clean all the way through.

Sonicare DiamondClean Classic

Closer Stain Bristles Keep the Teeth White

The bristles in the middle part of the DiamondClean head provide you with extra power for removing stubborn surface stains. The bristles are packed closer to each other in the middle. The added support provides a deeper clean that whitens your smile in less time than what a manual toothbrush could handle.

Timing With Ease

The Smartimer and Quadpacer features time your brushing routine to confirm how long you are brushing for. The Smartimer uses a two-minute timer. The two minutes are based on the recommended amount of time you should be brushing on average. The Quadpacer uses alerts every thirty seconds. You can switch from one quadrant of the mouth to the next after each alert.

Five Cleaning Modes

You can use one of five cleaning modes on this brush. The basic and whitening modes are among the most popular. A sensitive mode is available for gentle brushing needs. That option is suitable for those who might struggle with the pressure added by an electric toothbrush.

The Gum Care option stimulates your gums and massages them, allowing improved circulation in those tissues. The Deep Clean option also provides a three-minute brush option that focuses on difficult spots you need to take extra care of. This last choice may also work when you’re trying to reach areas that are hard to access.

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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Classic

Sonic Vibrations Make the Difference

The most important part of the DiamondClean Classic involves how it uses small sonic vibrations to help you get the most out of your brushing routine. The sonic vibrations produced by the brush produce bubbles out of the toothpaste. The bubbles will then move into the gums and the deeper parts of the teeth.

The vibration will provide you with a deep clean off of the brush. Specifically, the brush produces about 31,000 vibrations per minute. This is equal to about a month’s worth of brush strokes with a manual brush on average.

Long-Running Battery

The DiamondClean Classic offers a long-running battery that keeps on working for days after you charge it all the way. The battery runs for about three weeks on average. This is based on twice-daily brushing habits.

You can review the battery indicator on the bottom part of the brush to see when you need to recharge the battery. A charging glass is included to help you charge up the battery in a few hours.

Works With Many Handles

The DiamondClean brush is compatible with several click-on handles. The company makes multiple brush heads based on specific brushing needs. These include heads for orthodontic work, sensitive teeth, and teeth whitening. It is recommended that you replace your brush head every three months so you can ensure a more consistent clean.

Easy to Use Interface

The physical design of the DiamondClean Smart features a smooth contoured design. The layout has a minor curve in the middle part to produce a better fit in your hand. Meanwhile, the single button on its design lets you turn the unit on and off in moments. You can also use the same button to switch between brushing modes. Review the display to see which brushing mode is active. You’ll remain in the know on how you’re using your brush.

What Makes the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Different?

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is another choice to use for your brushing demands. The DiamondClean Smart is a little more advanced and comes with intriguing features that will make a difference in your brushing efforts. The best part is that the design is easy to use while offering technical features that make the brush convenient.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart

Intriguing Controls

You have the option to control both the brushing mode and the intensity of the brushing action. Four brush modes are included for basic cleaning and more. The White+ option focuses on deep stain removal. The Deep Clean+ mode features a harder brushing action. The Gum Health choice concentrates on massaging your gums.

The brush also works with three intensity settings. You can change the speed of any of the brushing modes you wish to utilize. A noticeable change can be found in each of these brushing choices.

Simple Interface

For a brush that offers multiple brushing modes and intensities, the DiamondClean Smart offers an easy to control interface. There are two buttons on the brush that help you turn the brush on, change its intensity, and switch between brushing modes. The assorted features on the brush provide you with the extra control you demand.

A Helpful Pressure Sensor

You will be reminded by the DiamondClean Smart when you are brushing too hard. The pressure sensor on the DiamondClean Smart is highlighted by a light ring at the end of the brush. The light goes off when you apply excess pressure to your teeth when brushing. The feature keeps you from being hard on your teeth when brushing.

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Sonicare Diamondclean smart

Convenient Charging Glass

Use the charging glass that comes with the brush to recharge the battery. The brush has an indicator that lets you know when the brush needs to be charged. The battery runs for about two weeks based on average brushing use.

On a related note, a USB charging feature is also included on the DiamondClean smart. The charging point helps you keep the charge on the brush active while on the go. You do not require any bulky or hard to position charging based on this brush when used accordingly.

Replacement Reminder

You will receive a reminder of when you need to switch the brush head on your DiamondClean Smart brush. A small light appears on the top part of the brush base when you need to get the head replaced. The light is a reminder to help you get a new brush head ready. The brush monitors how well the head is used based on actual brushing time and the pressure applied, thus giving you a precise measure of when you need to replace your brush head.

The best part about this is that the DiamondClean smart comes with multiple brush heads. You can get three or more brush heads for long-term use. The number you have will vary based on the model you choose.

Automatic Setting

Your brush will also identify when the proper brush head is applied to the top. The brush will automatically start working based on the specific brushing mode the head is specifically designed for. Each of those brush heads can work with the intensities that the brush can handle. The preferred option can be switched around depending on the brushing demands you might hold.

Timer Functionality

The Smartimer and brushing pacer both help you with getting an idea of how well you are brushing. The timer lasts for two minutes. This is how long you should be brushing your teeth on average.

What Makes the Two Models Similar?

  • Brushing Technology

One thing you might have noticed in this Sonicare DiamondClean review is that the brush heads all use the same unique form of technology. The two use sonic technology to create detailed vibrations that control how fast the brush goes. Each brush produces about 31,000 strokes per minute. The energy creates microscopic bubbles that move deep within the teeth and gums. The process is effective no matter what toothpaste you utilize.

  • Guidance Help

The Smartimer feature on each model lets you notice how well you are brushing. The two-minute timer lets you figure out how long you have to brush. The 30-second pacer lets you know how much time you have left. The pacer also reminds you when you need to switch from one part of the mouth to the next. These two features work for two to three weeks on average before needing a full charge.

  • Many Brush Modes

The two models have various brushing modes for your convenience. The Classic uses five brushing modes, but the Smart only has four. The two models are alike as they both multiple modes based on your brushing needs. You can use one more for targeting your gums and improving circulation in that area. Another choice works for handling deep surface stains, providing you with whiter teeth in a few weeks.

  • Improve Your Gums

You will get healthier gums with either of these DiamondClean brushes. You can improve upon your gum health by at least seven times in about two weeks of regular use. In addition to a more thorough clean, each brush also offers a gum massaging mode. You can use the massaging motion to keep the gums strong while supporting the root structures of your teeth. You need this added circulation to maintain a healthy smile.

  • Convenient Travel Cases

Each DiamondClean brush comes with a travel case. The basic case on the Classic is useful, but the Smart offers a more refined case with a USB charging point. The case provides a firm hold on your brush to keep it from bumping around while on the road. Both brushes use the same charging glass feature when at home. The glass adds a classy look to your bathroom and is much nicer in appearance than those annoying and stale charging ports you normally see.

  • A Great Light Setup

The lights on each brush provide you with an appealing display that is easy to read. The display will show you the brushing mode you are using and if you need to recharge the battery. The Smart expands upon the illuminated display with added lights for its pressure sensor on the bottom and its replacement alert at the top. The lights provide a helpful layout for helping you plan for your brushing efforts.

  • Many Colors

You can buy your DiamondClean brush in one of many beautiful colors. The Classic model is available in white, pink, amethyst, rose gold, and black colors. The Smart model comes in white, black, gray, pink, lunar blue, and rose gold tones. The control layout and display features are the same on each color. But you can choose a color that fits your preference, including one that matches up with other things in your bathroom.

What Are the Main Differences?

  • Plaque Removal Effectiveness

Although both of these brushes are highly effective as handling plaque, the Smart is more powerful. The Classic can remove up to seven times the plaque of a manual toothbrush, but the Smart can remove up to ten times that original amount. Either way, you will have an easier time clearing out all that plaque and getting into those deep spots around your teeth. The sonic vibrations in both models make the difference.

  • Pressure Sensor Support

The pressure sensor on the Smart lets you know when you’re brushing too hard. But the Classic does not have this pressure sensor. You would have to be cautious with either model so you can ensure you’re not brushing far too hard. Brushing too hard causes your teeth and gums to wear out and will not be any more effective. Also, excess pressure may cause the battery in your brush to wear out after a bit.

  • Brush Head Points

The Classic comes with one brush head. You can replace the brush head with any other offered in the DiamondClean line. The Smart comes with at least three brush heads designed with specific intentions, although the number of brush heads you will get will vary by model. The Smart 9300 comes with three brushing heads, while the 9500 and 9750 models both come with four heads. The 9700 model has eight brushing heads.

  • Intensity Controls

The Classic does not allow you to change how intense the brushing motion is. The Smart has an intensity setting that uses three separate speeds. You can use the control button below the power button to adjust the intensity of the brush. This is suitable for when you’ve got sensitive areas of your mouth that you need to brush slowly around or avoid intense pressure while handling your teeth right.

  • Charging System

The two models are alike in that they both offer the same glass charging station. The station adds a refined look to the bathroom while holding the brush with ease. The Smart can use a USB charging point, a feature the Classic does not have. You can use this if you don’t have room for the charging glass or if you need something convenient to use while you are on the go.

  • App Coaching Help

The Smart uses an app coaching program that helps you identify how well you are brushing. The program gives you reminders on how you are brushing and what you can do to improve upon your brushing habits. This is a feature that the Classic brush does not include. The app coach reminds you of what you are doing when brushing your teeth and keeps tabs on your brushing goals.

  • BrushSync Support

The BrushSync feature will produce a distinct motion depending on the brush head added. When a brush head for gum health is added, the brush motor will create a specific configuration based on gum control needs. The Smart works with this feature and also allows each of those BrushSync heads to be adjusted based on intensity. The Classic model does not offer such a feature for your basic brushing use.

  • BrushSync Replacement Reminders

The Smart once again has the BrushSync system for reminding people when brush heads need to be replaced. The system records info on how well you are brushing. You will be reminded with a small light when you need to replace the brush head. The Classic model does not come with this feature. You will have to carefully review your brush head if you’ve got a Classic model to use.

Who takes the glory?

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is the best option for your use. The Smart provides you with a better interface that uses specific cleaning modes based on the brush heads you use. You can control the intensity of the brush to fit your habits or for when you’ve got certain concerns surrounding your teeth that need to be managed right. The design also comes with a firm body that is easy to hold. The USB charging option is convenient for when you’re on the go as well.

The Smart helps you remove more plaque than the Classic. Your gums will feel healthier with either model, but the Smart works best. Also, the Smart uses a simple interface that provides you with more control over your brushing experience. The Smart will help you keep your teeth looking beautiful and white.

A Final Word

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean series of electric toothbrushes will provide you with the clean you deserve. The brushes help you clear out more plaque than anything else on the market. But the features of each DiamondClub brush are different. You should look around to see what models work and how they can help you with getting that perfect clean you’ve always wanted.

You can’t go wrong with any choice, but do look at how well these models work for you. A Philips Sonicare DiamondClean brush is one of the best investments you could make for your dental health.

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