Philips Sonicare Diamondclean

“Good morning” A word your day starts with, a word that defines the happiness within and inspires you to smile no matter what happens. So when we think about starting our day, we think about starting it with perfection. I mean you would love to start your day with a good cup of coffee and an awesome breakfast right? But what if another thing takes that perfection to another level? Yes, I am talking about brushing, a thing you don’t feel right to start the day without. So brushing is something that should be done with perfection, style and comfort. And guess what, Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean series toothbrushes are here to do all that for you. It’s a series that will blow your mind away and will make you disparate to brush your teeth every day. Phillips SonicareDiamondClean believes in “Whiter healthier teeth for life” Because yes, your teeth are special.

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean series provides 4 electric toothbrush

So now lets get to know more about the Ultimate DiamondClean Series and the elegancy of it.Phillips SonicareDiamondClean series introduced 3 of its elegant and powerful toothbrushes. And they are DiamondClean HX9332/05(White), DiamondClean HX9362/68(Pink) and DiamondClean HX9352/04(Black), DiamondClean HX9372/04(blue). We will eventually get to know them individually but now let’s just talk about theDiamondClean series and explore the features it has to offer to take our brushing experience to a whole new level.

Want to have the ultimate brushing experience? Five brushing Modes to the rescue.

When we talk about the electric toothbrushes, we think about the brushing moods in the first place. Because yes brushing mode is something that can really make the difference. Better brushing modes offer better brushing experience and sometimes it offers exactly what we need. So the Phillips SonicareDiamondClean has to offer 5 awesome brushing modes that will give you the ultimate brushing experience.

 Better cleaning

The title ‘DiamondClean’ already explains it. When it comes to the true purpose of brushing, the DiamondClean is the brush you can always rely on. The ‘Clean’ mode is basically a two minutes all around brushing mood that offers a better cleaning with better refreshment.

Whiter teeth

You certainly don’t want stains in the surface of your teeth right?Because whiter teeth is something that inspires you to talk and smile with confidence. So the ‘White’ mood specially works on removing the surface stains from your teeth.

Crystal Polish

Smile is the most important thing in your life. So if you seriously want to make an irresistible and impressive smile, then I guess only the crystal polished teeth can get the job done for you. So the ‘Polish’ mood ensures your teeth get well-polished and brightened enough to make the impression.

A Sound Gum Care

DiamondClean offers the ‘Gum Care’ mood that stimulates and gently massages the gum. It will eventually give you a better gum health by providing the optimal cleaning between teeth and along the gum line.

Sensitive Care

Most of us have the misconception of avoiding electric toothbrush while going through a sensitive oral system. But the dentists actually recommend electric toothbrush instead. Phillips SonicareDiamondClean with its ‘Sensitive’ mood takes care of your sensitive oral system through cleaning it.

‘DiamondClean’ The Ultimate Plaque Controller!

Plaque Controll

So what makes an electric toothbrush different from a manual one? Yeah, it’s the ‘plaque control’ where electric toothbrushes take the lead and make the difference.DiamondClean with its superior cleaning technology making thousands of rotations per minute forces the fluids to dance in between your teeth and remove 7x times more plaque than the manual ones. So just sit back and enjoy because the hardly reachable places in your teeth are plaque free now.

Charging redefined – Introducing a new era


Phillips SonicareDiamondClean brought something sensational and unique to the charging system. DiamondClean being the first ever introducer of the ‘charging glass’ system takes pride in changing the mainstream charging technologies and moving forward to the high tech future we all dream of. The newly introduced ‘charging glass’ features conduction technology that allows the brush to charge itself while resting in the glass and which even can be used for mouth rinsing after removing it from the base. The ‘charging glass Diamond clean introduced is filled with aristocracy that you would love to feel every time you see it charging . So now recharging your toothbrush is a matter of elegancy and super easy.
And it doesn’t end here, because the DiamondClean has something more to offer to the travellers. Phillips always thinks about making things easy. With this vision it came up with an innovative USB travel case that allows you to take your precious SonicareDiamondClean anywhere and charge it via USB while you’re working with your laptop.

And guess what, with the ultimate rechargeable battery, DiamondClean can last up to three weeks on a single charge. So yeah when things come into charging, there is no one beating this series in the market.

A smart toothbrush with sensibility of time

A smart toothbrush knows how to take care of your teeth more effectively. And DiamondClean series knows that very well. The smart timer technology of Diamondclean, uses its two timers to keep the users on track. It encourages them to brush for two full minutes, which is recommended by the dental professionals. The quadpacer interval timer lets you know when you have to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth in every 30 seconds with a beep.

Is it worth the price?

So now lets look back and think about the awesomeness of the Phillips SonicareDiamondClean series. Lets just go and explore the bright sides of it and make a fair judgment on the price. I believe brushing should be all about comfort, effectiveness, and elegancy. And from personal experience I have found this series absolutely amazing. It gave me the comfort and natural brushing experience that I was looking for. The 5 brushing moods just took it to another level. And the ‘glass charger’ and USB travel case redefined the charging techs and made it a whole lot easier. So the DiamondClean was the series I could always rely on and I didn’t regret paying a good amount of money for it. If you’re thinking about owning one of these I would strongly recommend going for it and have this masterpiece in your hand.

Oral B Balck 7000 a similar toothbrush

If you’re looking for a similar kind of brush then just have a look around this site and you will find Oral B Black 7000 precision.
Oral B 7000 has few notable differences with the Sonicare DiamondClean which you can find in the table below:

ModelPhillips diamond cleanOral b black 7000
ImagePhilips sonicare HX9352047000 precession
Strokes per minute3100040,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations
Toothbrush Heads23
Brushing Modes56
Battery life3 weeks10 days
Voltage110-220 V110 V
colorPink, black, whiteblack
USB chargingyesNo
Bluetooth connectionNoYes

Special note:

If you are looking for a toothbrush that’s going to save you some money, Black 7000 might be the best choice for you. But yes, if you’re looking for a brush that dazzles and gives you the ultimate brushing experience then you should definitely stick with the sonicare ‘DiamondClean’. Because it’s a brush that redefines everything.

Wrap up

diamondcleaBrushing our teeth is something that we do every day. Because keeping our teeth safe has always been the biggest priority. And with the visions and ambitions of a healthy oral system Phillips sonicare came up with DiamondClean, a series of toothbrush that destines to redefine your brushing experience. I believe this series has a huge potential and its totally worth the money. Because sometimes you just need to think outside the box and move forward for a better change.

Bottom line

Phillips sonicareDiamondClean is not just a series of toothbrushes; it’s a series of perfection, elegancy and comfort. So if you don’t have a DiamondClean-er then you can’t possibly have the true brushing experience.