Reviewing Phillips SoniCare Easy Clean Toothbrush: An Entry-Level Toothbrush with the Goods!

People are picky when it comes to selecting dental care products. I totally get that. I too am skeptical while selecting an electric toothbrush. These things often promise you so much and deliver little in return. But when it comes to brands like Braun and Phillips, the tables turn.

Phillips has an extensive range of products that fit the mold for everyone. Such is the case for Phillips Easy Clean as well. While not as premium and offering as the FlexCare or FlexCare+, this little brush grants you an easy entry to the realm of electric toothbrushes.

You’d find considerable improvements in brushing technology, cleaning, and overall oral health while using this product. That is… if you compare it to manual dental brushes. While certain aspects of this object do need some work, other features provide you numerous perks you can boast about.

You’re intrigued if not excited. I can tell you this much. I’d rather take you into my Phillips Sonicare Easy Clean toothbrush review than beat around the bush at this point. I’ll be as thorough as I can be.

What You Get Out of the Box?

This is where most people will be in for a surprise. The makers went for a functional packaging instead of a flashy one in case of Easy Clean. This is a stark difference if you consider FlexCare or the FlexCare+ models. We get two “Gum Care” brush heads that work with a well-built handle.

Now, the handle is simple yet it looks glossy. I was pleasantly surprised as the guys managed to pack in a premium-grade handle and two brush heads under the price of $100. The guys at Phillips “Can” if they put their minds to it I guess. There’s no travel case with the product.

I had the standard packet doubling as a case for me. You can go for a separate case if you want. I had to upgrade from a manual brush to this automated one. Spending extra bucks on a travel case is something I decided against. Besides, it’s lightweight. You wouldn’t need the case. So, why bother?

If you are one of those guys who push too hard for a case, Phillips has a “Travel Cap” on offer. It does the job (sort of) but not as good as a full-fledged case. As I said, an inexpensive electric toothbrush.

People will have a standard charging base and a small power cable. As this is an entry-level product (I’d compare it to Phillips Essence rather than FlexCare in features), I didn’t expect anything flashy.

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How’s the Build?

Good for an “Entry Level” product I’d say. The two brush heads are well-built and suit the body. You wouldn’t find them out-of-proportion when using with the neck. Naturally, there won’t be any threat of accidents and damages thanks to the lightweight materials at play.

The handle gives you ample support as Phillips’ ribbed the middle part quite nicely. This aids people who have a tough time gripping the thing. Thanks to this, beginners won’t feel vibrations and shaking when using an electric toothbrush for the first time in their lives.

The entire product has a glossy finish. At first glance, it looked anything but an entry-level toothbrush to me. In fact, it looked somewhat like an hour-glass. I’d credit the makers for it. The shape is the second factor contributing to comfortable, fatigue less grip of this device.

I Call It a Beginner-Friendly Device for a Reason

While many of you would look at the price, this thing has easy controls. I’d not go as far as saying, “Even a kid can operate this.” But… this brush is easy to wrap your head around. Just press the On/Off button towards the top of the device and you’re done.

Thanks to the inner mechanism and the features (which I’ll absolutely get to later), the machine takes care of teeth whitening for you. All you need to do is to move your hand from side to side. That’s it. There’s no hassle of controlling the speed and holding the button down unlike others.

You have just the one mode to work with (Easy Clean). This thing is designed for normal day-to-day brushing, that’s it. No extravagant promises and over-the-top commitments. But boy oh boy! It does what it does well. In short, EasyClean keeps the basics on point.

Sonic Technology Makes Dental Cleaning a Work in the Park

As I said, Phillips does one thing with this device and does it right. EasyClean is designed to remove plaques. The makers claim to remove 2x plaques with this when compared to your run-of-the-mill manual brushes. I’d credit infamous “Sonic Technology” that the guys put into action.

Thanks to this, you’d get as many as 31,000 strokes per minute. These many pulses (or strokes) help water and the toothpaste reach the toughest spots of your gums and teeth. The plaque breaks into small particles and clears out of the mouth without you applying too much pressure as a result

Just 2 minutes of brushing twice a day made my problems go away in three weeks. If you take it to be another nod to a popular saying, so be it.

The Mechanism Behind It All

You must be wondering, “What makes Sonicare EasyClean tick?” As it turns out, the formula is rather simple. What the device grants you are two minutes of brushing time each session as the dentists recommend us to follow. The guys wanted to sound fancy and labeled it “Smartimer.”

Phillips further used a system called “Quad Pacer” to make sure the device stops every thirty seconds. That’d make EasyClean stop four times in total. We’re meant to change sides of our mouths during that time. If you’re brushing the left side, you should switch to the right and vise-versa.

Couple this with the simple “Easy Start” button and you have a compact and functioning product at hand with long legs (batteries last up to 14 sessions, no joke).

Okay… Let’s Get Down to the Batteries

I’m done pushing the buttons, literally. Let’s talk a bit about the power and the battery. What EasyClean has on offer is a 4-feet power cord. Yes, it’s rather small when I consider the average distance between a power outlet and my bathroom sink. You’d need a bit of tweaking.

The good news is, the adapter can get chummy with 110V to 240V outlets. One can take it to vacation and use the product without worrying about voltage spikes and circuit disruptions.

What really got me is the charging time it needs to get itself juiced up. I had to grant it a time of 12 – 13 hours (give or take). This will seem annoying to many of us. But the end result is two weeks of juice. I’m not complaining. In fact, I found a way around the long waiting time.

I plugged the device into the outlet just after brushing in the morning. By the time it was 10.30 at night, the brush was fully charged. Once charged, I didn’t need to tinker with it for two weeks.

Is This Thing Safe?

Yes, if you’re not too rough with it. But let’s be honest, nobody is when handling an electric toothbrush. What EasyClean does is drive the cleaning fluid and water to and in between our teeth and gums. That’s it. The nylon bristles gradually break up plaque and other debris.

I’ve seen people with braces, veneers, fillings, and crowns use EasyClean toothbrush without any hitches. It’s gentle on our gums and prevents tooth decays or cavities from spreading. Again, I’d credit soft but effective nylon bristles that the makers put in. These are not for show, trust me.

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What I Like about this Toothbrush

  • For an entry-level product, the accessories you get in the package are awesome.
  • Phillips kept it simple with this model. You get plaque removal feature. Nothing extravagant.
  • Even with the entry-level product, you have perks like smartimer and quadpacer.
  • You don’t have to press and keep holding the on/off button. One push is all it takes.
  • You’ll love the battery life with this one. One full recharge gives you two weeks of juice.

What I Don’t Like about this Toothbrush

  • 13-hour charging time is taking it too far if you ask me. It should’ve been lesser.
  • If you want different modes and features, this perhaps isn’t the device you should stick to.

Wrapping Things Up

When you’re dealing with a price of just around $100, brands usually don’t go wrong. Phillips didn’t either. In this case, what you see is what you get. With just the one mode and a single-tone motor behind the helms, it’s very hard to scout for negatives. I certainly didn’t find any significant issues.

However, if you’re a newbie into electric toothbrushes and automated dental cleaning, Phillips Sonicare Easy Clean is a good product to get the hang of things. It does the basics right and sticks to the simplest of things. For the price, the design is sleek as well. It’s not too buffy or flimsy.

I would’ve liked the charging time to be a bit shorter than what it is right now. But it gave me 31,000 brush strokes and soft bristles at a measly price. I wouldn’t complain much.