Saliva is a very important factor for our overall oral health!

Dry mouth happens when your glands do not produce enough saliva leaving your feeling uncomfortably dry or cotton mouthed. Not only is it uncomfortable, there may be more serious outcomes if they are not dealt with properly.

Today we will review some of the most effective lozenges for helping you to get relief from dry mouth. We will also look at some of the most important factors which may increase your risks of dry mouth conditions and the best ways to minimize the harmful effects.

Now, it is important to remember that while lozenges may mask the discomfort associated with dry mouth, it is not a medical solution. You must seek proper medical assistance to find the underlying cause of your dry mouth and take the appropriate measures to treat it.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get right to it – Top 5 Lozenges for Dry Mouth Relief!

Comparison Table of Top 5 Dry Mouth Lozenges

Top 5 Dry Mouth Lozenges Review

TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges

TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges come in an exciting Mandarin Mint Flavor. The total count of 100 TheraBreath lozenges come in a pack of 2. TheraBreath comes from a reputed range of professional quality dental care products. They have an extensive line of dentist’s recommended and specially formulated toothpastes, mouthwashes, etc.

TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges

TheraBreath was started in 1994 by Dr. Harold Katz and has continued to improve upon its products. It started with treating halitosis, cavity prevention, gum disease and others through high quality oral care for the entire family from juniors to seniors. This particular lozenge is specially designed for relieving dry mouth symptoms.

TheraBreath’s specially formulated lozenges work in 3 distinctive stages. Firstly, it helps to soothe dry mouth symptoms with its formula which is gluten free and certified for Vegan and Kosher. Secondly, it refreshes your breath and thirdly, it maintains the moisture in your mouth with a blend of ingredients such as citrus, mint, Zinc, & xylitol.

A dry mouth can cause a lot of problems and one of the most apparent one being – bad breath! Interestingly, Dr. Katz invented the formula to help treat her daughter’s bad breath issues. Saliva is a very helpful part of our defense against germs in the mouth. This lozenge allows you to product more saliva to fight dry mouth and related issues critical to complete oral health.

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Great positives

The greatest positive about this product is that it is created by a doctor who is known for his expertise in the field of bad breath, taste disorders, tonsil stones and dry mouth – Dr. Harold Katz. Since his formula was created for his daughter over 3 decades ago, millions of others continue to benefit from it to this day.

It is not just your ordinary lozenge with a little bit of flavor, rather it is formulated for patients with serious dry mouth problems. This is a serious medical condition which is often the side effect of using other specific medications. They keep your mouth feeling fresh, naturally moist, and as a result, your overall oral health is complete.

The lozenges are completely free of sugar, sulfates, artificial dyes and flavors. The citrus-y mandarin mint flavor is exciting and it also comes in another flavor – Tart Berry. The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

Mild concern

Many users are not fans of the flavor which is slightly stronger than they want it to be. Other than the flavor, the lozenge is effective. But many cannot settle with the taste.

ACT Total Care Dry Mouth Lozenges

ACT Total Care are dry mouth lozenges which comes in a pack of 6 with 18 lozenges in them each. They are a soothing mint flavored lozenge, which has the active ingredient Xylitol. It not only moisturizes the mouth to get rid of dryness, but it also soothes the mouth tissue which is irritated due to dryness and gives fresh breath to negate the bad breath.

ACT Total Care Dry Mouth Lozenges

The active ingredient Xylitol is able fight bad breath, which is the direct consequence of long periods of dry mouth. It provides instant relief from the uncomforting dry mouth feelings and its associated effects. While this is an effective solution, it is only a temporary relief for those who suffer from dry mouth on a permanent basis.

Dry mouth occurs due to the lack of saliva in our mouth. This can lead to the rise of bad germs leading to bad breath and even gingivitis. And of course, no one enjoys the bad breath. ACT’s dry mouth lozenge comes in a soothing mint flavor for refreshing your breath with a cooling effect.

ACT is a well-renowned brand for producing clinical products such as children’s toothpaste, teeth whitening formulas, dry mouth products, etc. They manufacture products based on scientific studies and a lot of experience in the industry.

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Great positives

The best thing about the ACT dry mouth lozenge is its flavor. Many people who suffer from dry mouth conditions due to various reasons seem to hate the taste of some of these products. The flavors are often atrocious and to the point that many patients refuse to use them even if they are effective.

ACT Total Care lozenges are popular because of their lovely flavor. The soothing mint flavor and the cooling xylitol as its active ingredient is great. It not only helps by soothing dry mouth anytime on-the-go, but the special xylitol formula gives a refreshing cool feeling for your breath.

One important factor of a dry mouth lozenge is its size and shape. While sucking on a dry mouth lozenge, you will feel its exact shape and size and of course the texture in your mouth. While ACT Total Care lozenges are easy inside the mouth, they must be constantly moved around instead of holding in one position in your mouth for the best results.

Mild concern

A concern about this great product is that it has a strong tingling sensation which may be due to the xylitol. This may be awkward for elder people or those who have mouth sensitivity issues.

Biotene Dry Mouth Lozenges

Biotene produces a refreshingly minty flavored dry mouth lozenge. They come in a single pack of 27 lozenges. Biotene is the #1 most recommended brand for dry mouth products by dentists. The lozenges are completely sugar free and come with xylitol as an active ingredient.

Biotene Dry Mouth Lozenges

The Biotene dry mouth lozenges are great for getting fresh breath anytime and anywhere. They contain zero sugar and only contain 10 calories per lozenge. It is a great way not just for getting rid of dry mouth but a quick and discreet way of getting rid of bad breath and a refreshing mouth.

The dry mouth lozenges come in a very convenient and small portable packet. They easily fit in your pockets, small bag or purse. Biotene is an experts’ recommended provider of not just dry mouth lozenges but also other products such as rinse, gel, and spray etc. for relieving dry mouth.

It is highly effective for those who suffer from long-term, long-lasting dry mouth symptoms. It offers instant relief and freshens breath immediately.

Great positives

The greatest advantage of Biotene dry mouth lozenges is their effectiveness over a long period of time. You can easily use this to soothe dry mouth while sleeping as well. Dentists recommend this as a suitable dry mouth lozenge for use during nights. During night time, dry mouth patients have a higher risk getting cavity formation in their mouths. As a result, using it while sleeping will protect your teeth and gums from further harms.

The shape and size of the lozenge is not a very talked about feature, but it is very important. If it is something that is going in your mouth and staying in there for a long time, then the size, shape and texture must be good and comfortable enough for you. Even during sleeping, it is comfortable to be kept in the mouth.

The flavor is strong but nice as most dry mouth patients suffer from chronic bad breath. The strong flavor of the dry mouth lozenge gets rid of bad breath problems and gives instant relief for dry mouth patients and those who suffer from chronic dehydration.

Mild concern

The lozenges have a flavor which is not suitable for everyone!

Many users found it to be a bit too strong for their liking. Since patients with dry mouth conditions need to use such products on a regular basis, the flavor needs to be tolerable.

MighTeaFlow Natural Dry Mouth Lozenge

MighTeaFlow is a natural dry mouth lozenge made with Xylitol. It comes in a unique orange cream flavor which you won’t find in many other dry mouth lozenges. This clinically tested dry mouth lozenge formula was developed by University Dental Professionals. It comes in a pack of 90 lozenges.

MighTeaFlow Natural Dry Mouth Lozenge

The MighTeaFlow is a clinically proven formula which increases the flow of saliva. According to test results improvements by up to 400% has been recorded. This is because it has the ability to level out the pH levels to neutral. As a result, it is an effective way for prevention from tooth decay and enamel erosion, which are both common side effects among dry mouth patients.

The MighTeaFlow dry mouth lozenges restore saliva function in dry mouth patients by protecting the saliva glands with its antioxidant properties. Tests have found that the antioxidant benefits from using this dry mouth lozenge is equal to drinking a cup of green tea.

This was developed by dental experts and medical professionals with cooperation from scientists and hygienists across the globe. It uses a clinical formula strengthened with Xylitol for sugar free and naturally sweetened flavor which is safe for diabetic patients as well.

Great positives

The great positive about MighTeaFlow dry mouth lozenge is its use of world quality research including EGCG green tea technology. The MighTeaFlow is one of the only dry mouth lozenge formulas which was developed by dental professionals. Over a decade of testing and research was conducted including clinical trials in the Medical College of Georgia’s College of Dental Medicine.

MighTeaFlow works due to its ability neutralize pH levels from acidic to balance the production of your saliva. In addition to this, they are patented and recognized by the International Association for Dental Research. In association with GlaxoSmithKline, it was presented with a prestigious Innovation in Oral Care Award.

The dry mouth lozenges use no sugar, saccharine, yeast, milk, egg, soy, wheat, artificial colors, dyes or other added harmful preservatives. It is safe for diabetics and long-term dry mouth patients.

Mild concern

The effectiveness of this dry mouth lozenge falls short in comparison to its competitors. The texture of the lozenge also causes slight irritation in the tongue and mouth. While the formula itself may be great, it needs to tie up the loose ends for an overall satisfied experience for users.

Xylimelts for Dry Mouth

Xylimelts as the name suggests contains the Xylitol. This lozenge for those with dry mouth comes in a mild mint flavor. It comes in 4 packets of 40 lozenges each. The OraCoat XyliMelts for dry mouth are lozenges which are developed in a special way to release its active ingredients slowly.

Xylimelts for Dry Mouth

They are effective for use during the day and also at night while sleeping. The slow release technology used in its production makes relief from dry mouth to be longer lasting. They are made with all-natural ingredients and effectively neutralize acids in the mouth.

XyliMelts use a technology known as oral-adhering discs. As a result, the lozenges are able to stick to the teeth or gums for a long time. This allows them to persistently relieve dry mouth symptoms. While sucking on other lozenges, you simply suck on them to get relief, this one is one step ahead of the game from its competitors.

The OraCoat XyliMelts are completely gluten free Dry Mouth lozenges. They make it easy for those with dry mouth symptoms by coating, moisturizing and lubricating the mouth.

Great positives

The most impressive thing about XyliMelts is its adhering disc technology. It works by slowly releasing 550 mg of xylitol throughout a longer time than other methods. As a result, not only the flavor but also its effectiveness lingers in your mouth.

The amazing technology at work allows you to use it during the night as well. So, you are not just getting a temporary dry mouth relief but you get rid of longer-term dryness. It is made with xylitol which is a natural sweetener. It helps to naturally stimulate the production of saliva flowing in your mouth.

XyliMelts are able to last for much longer hours than you would expect. So, it continues to moisturize and provide full relief for your mouth. The mildly minty flavor is great for a refreshing breath on the go!

Mild concern

Many users have reported that using these dry mouth lozenges have caused severe heartburns. The same users reported that it is effective in relieving dry mouth and the flavor is nice also, but the side effect is too severe to ignore. This may be due to the excess amount of Xylitol in it.

While Looking for The Best Dry Mouth Lozenges Consider These Alternatives

Dry mouth is not just a normal occurrence, rather there are many different medical reasons for developing it. For example, it may be caused as a side effect from using particular medications, you may have malnutrition or other nutritional deficiencies, or from other medical conditions. Your dentist can tell you more of what may have caused it and potential remedies.

However, before you go and buy lozenges for dry mouth, we will look at some effective alternatives to reduce or ease your dry mouth symptoms.

  • The Universal Cure – Water

One of the most common reasons for dry mouth is simply dehydration. This happens when you don’t drink plenty of fluids like water or other drinks. As a result, your body does not have enough water and your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva. It is recommended by experts for the average person to drink between 2 to 3 liters of water every day.

You will be the perfect judge for yourself to find out whether or not you drink plenty of water in a day. Keep sipping plenty of water regularly throughout the day to reduce the chances of getting dry mouth.

  • Enjoying Hard Candies & Chewing Gums

Yes, we recommended you to suck on hard candies and chew gums. But it is important to remember that you don’t want to suffer if you are diabetic. So, to be clear another effective remedy for dry mouth is enjoying sugar-free candies, mints, or chewing on sugar-free gums. You may wonder how this works. Well, when you suck on a mint or chew gum, you stimulate the saliva glands and produce more of it.

But be careful to not use this as an excuse to munch on just your normal chocolates, candies and sugary gums because that will lead to cavities, tooth decay and other dental problems. Be sure to only choose sugar-free candies & chewing gums approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).

  • Drinks & Beverages

It is common for those who drink too much caffeine in beverages likes coffee, soda, etc. to get dry mouth as well. It does not necessarily cause dry mouth but it can make your dry mouth problems more severe. So, you don’t have to stop drinking your favorite tea, coffee, soda, etc. but it is best if you go for the decaffeinated versions of your favorite beverages. Also, you can look at other natural energy boosters such as almonds, oats, and blueberries instead of just caffeine.

  • Breathing Habits

Many of us have a natural tendency to breathe in through our mouth and breath out through our nose. It is a concern when you are used to doing this so much that you are not using your nose to breathe in at all! So, it is a good habit to use your nose for breathing especially for those who suffer with dry mouth symptoms. If you are unable to breathe in and out through your nose, you should consider seeing a doctor for any potential allergies, or congestion problems.

  • Dryness in the Air

If you live in a climate where the air is mostly dry, meaning weather with low humidity then this can result in dry mouth problems as well. Of course, air is dry everywhere but the humidity in air is a different issue. For those who live in dry climates with little or no humidity in the air, it is most recommended to use an air humidifier. Many new AC units come with the humidifier feature as people are spend a long amount of time within their bedrooms or office rooms where they are not exposed to sufficient amount of fresh air or moisture.

  • Stop Smoking!

Are you a smoker? Before we say anything more, you should know that you should Stop Smoking!

There is more than one good reason for quitting smoking and the list is just too long and with one common reasoning – deterioration of your health. Smoking also has the added effect of making your dry mouth conditions worse. It slows down the production of natural saliva in your mouth. If you are aware of all the negative effects of smoking but unable to stop, seek help.

  • Switch to Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

If you use mouthwashes, then you must consider switching to those without alcohol. Most mouthwash you find today contain alcohol. Although the amount of alcohol in such products is not consumption issue, but it can make your mouth dryer than usual. If you are already suffering from dry mouth, then this will only make your condition worse. So, without delay switch to alcohol free mouthwash and you will feel the difference when your mouth gets back to normal moisture levels.

  • What Kind of Toothpaste You Use

One of the problems of long-term dry mouth is tooth decay. So, in order to slow down the damaging effects of dry mouth while your try to find the best solution, pick up a toothpaste with fluoride in it. Fluoride based toothpastes make your teeth stronger to prevent cavities and fight germs and bacteria. Also, fluoride and other useful minerals will make your tooth enamel stronger in general.

  • Try to Get in the Habit of Flossing Daily

Related to brushing using a good toothpaste for those with dry mouth conditions, flossing daily is a must do as well. With tooth decay, cavities, etc. you get more likely to be in risk of periodontal disease. So, your gums will weaken and you can potentially lose your teeth. Flossing daily will make sure that your gums and hard to reach areas between your teeth are clean.

Saliva usually does a lot of cleaning naturally for our mouth including our teeth, tongue and gums. But with dry mouth, you miss out on the natural cleansing provided by excess saliva. So, it is most recommended to pull your socks up with a higher concentration on dental hygiene routine.

So, let’s quickly look at some great ways to relieve dry mouth:

  • Chew sugar-free gums or suck on sugar-free hard candies to stimulate the production of saliva
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids but limit caffeinated beverages and try to drink decaffeinated beverages only
  • Start a proper dental care hygiene routine using alcohol-free mouthwash, fluoride toothpaste and floss daily
  • Stop smoking and other bad habits like chewing tobacco
  • Get in the habit of a breathing in and out using your nose and stay in ventilated rooms or consider using a room humidifier


If you take proper dental care of your teeth, gums and mouth then you will protect yourself from the harmful effects of dry mouth. We have spoken about a lot of good habits to add and things to avoid to improve your dry mouth.

The best way to treat temporary dry mouth is the use of lozenges which are specially designed to help. But if you are suffering from long-term dry mouth and you cannot find relief from even the best dry mouth lozenges that we have reviewed today, then you may need to stop or change your medication.

Consult a doctor or a dentist for proper medication or expert advice, as you will need to address the underlying medical cause of your dry mouth.

Take good care of your overall health for a happy & healthy life!

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