Chasing the Best Ultrasonic Toothbrush 2024: Seven Best Picks

The world of dental care is always evolving with new technologies coming along all the time. The ultrasonic toothbrush is just one of the many intriguing developments in the dental field worth checking out.

But what makes the ultrasonic toothbrush so special? Better yet, what is the best ultrasonic toothbrush that you can use? This guide will help you answer your questions regarding this distinct type of toothbrush and how you can make this innovation work for your dental needs. The particular toothbrush models you can find today include several useful choices that fit in perfectly with your brushing demands.

Top 7 Ultrasonic Toothbrush Comparison Chart

ModelModesBattery Price
AquaSonic Black (Editor's Choice)421 days Check price
AquaSonic Dental Center314 days Check price
Xtech XHST-100521 days Check price
Pursonic S520 Black314 days Check price
Jim Ellis DDS310 days Check price
Pyle Ultrasonic Wave 321 days Check price
Beuteeser H3 Toothbrush4N/A Check price

Understanding the Ultrasonic Toothbrush

An ultrasonic toothbrush produces ultrasound waves to remove plaque and clear out stains and other things around the teeth. The brush operates on a frequency of about 1.6 MHz. The total is equal to about 96 million pulses per minute, a standard much stronger than what a sonic toothbrush can handle.

This brush model has been in production since the early 1990s. The ultrasonic design was introduced as a unit that works with a piezo crystal inside the unit. The waves generated produce fast movements supported by the brush.

The design was made with the intention of creating gentle motions along the teeth. The 1.6 MHz frequency may also help with the bone healing process to produce a better sense of recovery all the way through.

What Makes an Ultrasonic Toothbrush Different From a Sonic Model?

An ultrasonic toothbrush is different from a sonic toothbrush that uses a rotating head that applies force onto the teeth. The sonic brush requires a physical motion for cleaning the teeth, while the ultrasonic model does not need this.

The motion of a sonic brush is easily audible while in use. The motor will directly hum and bother the user in many cases. But an ultrasonic unit is whisper-quiet.

The relaxed nature of an ultrasonic toothbrush makes it a popular choice. A sonic brush is different as the unit will use bristles on its brush head to sweep the bacteria and other particles on the teeth away. While an ultrasonic model uses bristles just as well, those features are much more comfortable for your teeth to handle than what you might find on a basic sonic unit. The ultrasonic design may also do better with restoring the gum line more than a sonic unit thanks to the added frequency applied onto the bone structure.

Our Top 7 Recommended Ultrasonic Toothbrush Reviews

AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush – Firm Support With DuPont Bristles

Your first choice to see among out ultrasonic toothbrush reviews is this AquaSonic model. The design concentrates on handling your teeth with a diverse array of brushing modes while also offering a unique charging mechanism.

AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

This is a brush that uses a sturdy 40,000 VPM or vibration per minute ultrasonic motor. The firm motion on this brush is supported by a DuPont brush head. The head is sturdy enough to last for months on end. The AquaSonic set comes with eight of these DuPont brush heads; this should be enough for two years of regular daily use.

Four brushing modes work in this set:

  • Clean Mode – A basic plaque cleaning mode.
  • Soft Mode – Uses fewer pulsations for sensitive areas.
  • Whiten Mode – Focuses on polishing the teeth with inverted frequencies.
  • Massage Mode – Applies gentle bursts to the gum tissues to improve circulation in the gum area.

A wireless charging station is also included on this model. The station provides an immediate boost of power to the toothbrush as you add it onto the surface.

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Our Impression

I found the device to be remarkably easy to use. The unit comes with a light feature that displays which brushing mode I am using. I can also press the smaller button on the bottom to change the specific brushing mode I am working with. The design was straightforward and provided me with enough control.

The bristles on the model are gentle and relaxed without being too hard to use. I could notice the difference between each of the four brushing modes too. The Massage Mode was my favorite one as it offered a gentle feeling all the way through. The brush did not feel rough on my sensitive teeth either; switching to the Soft Mode was helpful for this case.


  • Easy to switch from one setting to the next.
  • The battery lasts for a while.
  • The timer stops the brush when it says it will.
  • The vibrations are gentle and apply more power for cleaning off the teeth.
  • Whiten mode produces useful results in a few weeks of regular use.


  • Tough to get the brush to rest on its charging station.
  • The grip does not feel too unique.

AquaSonic Home Dental Center – A Comprehensive Amount of Support

Another model from AquaSonic, this is a unit that offers a simple approach to brushing that is not too intense or hard to use. The display stand feature looks attractive, but that is just the start of what you would get out of this model.

AquaSonic Home Dental Center

The unit starts with an ultrasonic toothbrush that produces 31,000 vibrations per minute. Three brushing intensities are used for improving upon how well your teeth will be treated. The two-minute automatic timer operates with 30-second intervals to let you know how well you are brushing.

A water flosser is also included with this ultrasonic toothbrush. The flosser uses water that helps for targeting difficult spaces in between your teeth and deep in your gums. You can apply a pure water reservoir to provide enough water for your flossing needs. The water can also be dispensed at one of many speeds.

The charging base provides a helpful space for your wireless charging needs. The layout also includes compartments for the many attachments you will use on both items.

A tongue cleaner is included in the set. There is even a small dentist’s mirror attachment that you can utilize here.

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Our Impression

I found this set to be very comprehensive and helpful for my cleaning needs. The design offers a helpful array with plenty of materials for my use. The design uses various settings for my cleaning needs and adds a relaxed surface that was not hard for me to use.

The gentle approach was easy on my teeth. The bristles lasted for a while and did not wear out after I cleaned them off. The flosser also adds a nice touch, as I can use this flosser model to clean out my gums. I bet this model would be perfect for those who have had orthodontic work done and need something that can get around all that metal involved there.


  • The brush has a safe to hold contoured body.
  • The brush head stays locked throughout the brushing process.
  • Responds well to all brushing modes.
  • The storage base is very convenient.
  • The dentist’s mirror makes it easy for the user to see what’s in one’s teeth.


Xtech XHST-100 Oral Hygiene Ultra High Powered – Keeps Everything Clean

Xtech XHST-100

The Xtech XHST-100 is immediately recognizable with its bright green body. But there is much more to this particular brush than what you might expect to find out of it. You will appreciate how easy it is for you to clean off.

A UV sanitizer is included in this set to help you clean off the brush in moments. A seven-minute timer is used in this unit kill off the bacteria on the brush head. You only need to place the brush head in the compartment and then close the cover. The sanitizer kills off even the most difficult bacteria you might come across.

The brush head offers a rectangular body. The mode control button under the power control lets you switch between five cleaning modes, including options for gum massaging and teeth whitening.

A two-minute timer includes alerts every 30 seconds. The notifications let you know when you need to move from one quadrant of the mouth to the next. The design produces a more controlled organization for helping your teeth to stay clean every time.

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Our Impression

I was intrigued by how well the sanitizer feature works. I watered down the bristles before adding it into the unit and then allowed the setup to clean it off. The whisper-quiet design of the sanitizer was straightforward to utilize and very convenient for my needs.

The handle itself offers a gentle body that is easy to hold. I like how the design has a simple approach to my brushing needs and still offers a good texture that is not too hard to utilize.

The lack of vibrations and the quiet operation of this model is one of my favorite features. The layout offers a comfortable organization that is simple for use and doesn’t make it hard for me to get a good brushing job going.


  • Easy to use interface for controlling different cleaning motions.
  • The grip has a firm design.
  • The massage motions do not feel too rough.
  • The battery charges up in moments.
  • The design works for both the left and right hands.


  • The bristles can wear out if you aren’t careful enough.
  • May not work too well for younger kids.

PURSONIC S520 Black Ultra Sonic Electric ToothbrushEnough Brush Heads For All Your Needs


The diverse array of brush heads you will use with the Pursonic S520 makes this one of the best ultrasonic toothbrush choices for your needs. The brush heads are suitable for many specific needs.

The brush heads you will get include the following:

  • 12 standard brush heads; this is enough for many family members or at least for years of use before you need to buy refills.
  • Two interdental brush heads for getting into the deepest spots around the teeth
  • A pair of tongue cleaners.
  • Another pair of floss holders; you must apply your floss.
  • Two travel caps are also included for keeping your brush heads secure while on the go.

You can use a storage case to safely transport your brush when you’re on the road. The case can hold up to six brush heads

The sonic waves produce 40,000 strokes per minute. The brush heads target the smallest bits of plaque and bacteria. Three brushing modes are also included for helping you focus on the deepest spaces around your teeth, thus producing a safer and faster approach to cleaning.

Our Impression

I was impressed with how comprehensive this Pursonic toothbrush is laid out. The brush offers a great layout that is easy to support. The brush control system was easy for me to set up and use. I can get from one mode to the next in seconds. The timer feature also helped me know when I was brushing correctly and let me see when I need to get to the following area of the mouth.

The assorted variety of attachments was a plus for me as well. The pieces last for a while, but the ability to go around and take care of all my flossing and gum needs was a positive for me as I was using this.


  • Each attachment securely locks in place without being at risk of getting loose.
  • The massage motions are gentle.
  • The vibrating buzz within the timer does not interfere with brushing motions.
  • The timer stops when it says it will.
  • Works with all types of floss.


  • The unit can wear out if you are too rough on your teeth with this unit.

Jim Ellis DDS Oral-Clean Sonic Electric ToothbrushHelpful For All Brushing Needs

Oral-clean Sonio

Your next option for the best brush is this Jim Ellis DDS unit. The design is made with several cleaning options in mind to give you a more comprehensive approach to your brushing demands.

The three pulsation speed options help you to keep a better control over how you brush. You can use the following choices for when you need a more thorough clean all the way around:

  • A basic mode for cleaning.
  • An oscillating choice for whitening.
  • A vibration massage speed.

The button under the power control gives you quick help for handling your brushing needs with all three of these speeds in mind.

The base on this model comes with a convenient wireless spot that lets you charge up the brush without having to directly plug the unit into anything. Two additional brush heads are also included; separate spots work on the base for holding those items.

The brush features an IPX7 waterproof rating. The unit can work even while wet; the water will not sink into the body and cause issues with the waterproof casing.

Our Impression

The best part of using this brush is that I can use it to get specific types of stains off of my teeth. The ability to switch from a standard mode to a tooth whitening option was a plus for me. The unit was also comfortable on my gums as I was using the vibration mode. The setup was not hard to use in this case.

The design did not bother any of the dental work that I have either. The fillings in the back areas of my teeth were not irritated, nor did I feel any pains while I was brushing.

The timer feature also helped me out quite well. The alerts were easy to hear, what with the toothbrush itself being so quiet.


  • Does not produce lots of annoying noises.
  • Smooth in operation.
  • Moves well along the teeth in moments.
  • The bristles are soft and flexible for use on all teeth.
  • The timer feature shuts off after two minutes of use.
  • The whitening mode feels comfortable.


  • Does not include any covers for the brush heads.
  • The brush struggles to stay affixed to its base.

Pyle Upgraded Ultrasonic Wave Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush – Works For All Family Members

Pyle recommends this ultrasonic toothbrush for all members of the family, including kids who require something safe for use on their sensitive and growing teeth. The Pyle brush uses a simple lineup that can work for a while without struggles.

Pyle Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

The rechargeable battery on this model can last for about six weeks of regular brushing on a single charge, thus making this useful for all family members. The ability to switch from one person’s brush head to another is easy to handle.

A UV light is produced on the charging base to clean off bacteria on a brush head after you are done using it. The light cover can also be used as a rinse cup if you are interested.

The IPX7 design on the brush also ensures that the model will stay firm and will not be hurt by outside water. The marine-grade body offers a few bends for your gripping needs too.

Three cleaning modes are included in this model as well. These include whitening and massaging modes to go with a standard cleaning option for daily use.

Our Impression

The compact and simple layout of this brush is one of my favorite parts of this model. I found it easy for me to brush in moments with this unit.

The simple design of the brush was a positive thing for me, what with this model using a basic power setup and easy to use control layout. The display features on the main body was a positive for me.

The brushing motion is steady but does not cause irritation. I was especially happy to see how well this model applies enough pressure on the gums without being hard to use. The lack of vibrations produced by the brush was very helpful for my needs as well, what with it not being too rough to use.


  • Does not vibrate a lot.
  • The charge on the unit lasts for a while.
  • Quick to switch between brushing modes.
  • The massage motion adds a gentle amount of support.
  • The brush heads are easy to clean off.
  • Does not wear out even when the sink splashes water all over.


  • The brush head might wear out prematurely if you add far too much pressure on your gums.

BEUTEESER Electric Toothbrush – The UV Makes a Difference

CUH Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Your last option for the best ultrasonic toothbrush is this Beuteeser model that uses a secure body that works well for your brushing needs. The model uses multiple brushing modes and keeps a comfortable vibration all the way through.

Added nano-materials are on each brush head with eight UV processes. The design ensures the surface of each head can resist bacteria while being easy to clean off.

The four brushing modes that you can use here include:

  • Clean Mode – for basic cleaning needs.
  • White Mode – removes surface stains.
  • Polish Mode – uses both cleaning and whitening motions.
  • Gum Care Mode – soft for sensitive teeth and gums.

The battery charges quickly and produces enough power to where you could use this for a month of regular brushing without a charge. The soft bristles also add a safe surface that protects your gums and teeth without scraping far too hard on anything.

The DuPont Tynex Classic bristles are also very firm while still remaining flexible. These bristles will not wear out or tear apart as you use this setup.

Our Impression

I admit that I have never heard of the Beuteeser model, and I was suspicious when the box said that the unit is “antibacterial and prevent moldy” and that it is “very quite.” But I found that this unit worked exceptionally well.

The four cleaning modes all work exceptionally well for my cleaning needs. The unit is easy to operate and provides a firm clean all the way through. I did not feel irritated while using the Gum Care Mode, nor were the motions produced in the Polish mode rough.

The brush head has an oval-like shape too. The head moves well along my teeth and does not produce any irritating or hard sensations as I use the model, thus making it very convenient for all my cleaning needs.


  • Adds a good surface for brushing in moments.
  • Does not wear out the teeth or gums with regular use.
  • The UV protection keeps the bristles safe.
  • The battery charge is consistent.
  • The 30-second timer lets you know how well you are brushing.


  • The cord for the base is stiff; it is hard to add the charging base to a proper space.

What to Find As You Look For the Best Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Here are some basic and contextual points you need to consider before investing in an ultrasonic toothbrush:

  • Power Level: Be aware of how powerful your ultrasonic toothbrush is. A brush that handles more vibrations in a minute will get through the deepest stains around your teeth, but the design should be relaxed and easy for you to utilize. Fortunately, the vibrations on an ultrasonic unit should not spread over to the handle if used accordingly. You may always change the brushing mode on your model as you see fit.
  • Brushing Modes: Each ultrasonic toothbrush should come with different brushing modes. These include separate settings for brushing, gum massages, surface stains, and sensitive areas. The control mechanism for switching between modes should work with either a separate button or a distinct power control setup. Use the proper mode based on what your teeth can handle or for what you are comfortable with the most.
  • Battery Help: The battery on your brush should last for days or weeks of regular brushing when handled right. You should also be able to charge your battery on a charging station. That station may come with a surface that lets you secure the brush with ease. The battery should also be easy to handle without the unit heating up as you get it charged up, thus making it safer for you to plan out and use as necessary.
  • Waterproof Design: Look at how well the toothbrush unit can handle water. Many brushes can handle IPX7 standards, meaning that a brush can be immersed in up to a meter of water. The standard means that the brush can handle the water that is splashed onto the surface when being held under a running sink.
  • Grip: The grip on your ultrasonic toothbrush should include a comfortable space for you to handle. Many models come with slight grooves on their bodies to keep a unit in place. Others have soft surfaces that may come with risers or other features to create a dry space that relaxes well on your hand. The grip should be something that is easy to handle in either hand too.
  • Timer: The timer in your toothbrush should guide you through the two-minute brushing process. A timer can include 30-second intervals to remind you of when you need to go from one part of the mouth to the next. An automatic shutoff feature that is triggered after two minutes may help you out as well. Be sure to follow the correct process for brushing within that two-minute timeframe.

Is Such a Brush Safe?

The greatest concern people have surrounding ultrasound toothbrushes entails how safe such a unit might work. The 1.6 MHz frequency standard has only been allowed by the FDA since 1992. The good news is that today’s brushes are regulated to where their power outputs will be limited.

The power produced by a brush is limited to where it can only raise the surrounding temperatures in your dental tissues by less 1 degree Celsius. This ensures that the tissues in the area will not be at risk of possible harm from excess heat. The limit also ensures that your teeth will not be at risk of significant harm in any form. Be aware of how well the design works.

What Is the Best Ultrasonic Toothbrush Model?

The AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush is the best of the ultrasonic toothbrushes for you to check out. This is an effective model that is easy to adjust with different brushing motions in mind. The lack of vibrations produced by this model and the quick motions produced by the brush makes it easy for you to get a better brushing experience moving every time you use this model. The long-running battery on this brush makes it easy for you to support.

A Final Note

An ultrasonic toothbrush is one of the best types of personal care items that you could ever use for your daily needs. Be sure when finding such a brush that you utilize a choice that is effective and easy to apply. You will be impressed with how well the brush will go over your teeth and how it can take care of all those difficult stains. Each brush model is different based on how well it can handle cleaning processes, so be sure you find a choice that fits in perfectly with what you want out of a brush model.

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