What Is The Best Electric Toothbrush For Receding Gums

Many people are obsessed with a whiter smile. They aren’t really focused on the health of their teeth or gums, though. They assume that a white smile is the key to great oral health. You actually need to dedicate time to removing plaque and being good to your gums.

If you have sore, inflamed, or bleeding gums when you brush, you could have a serious problem. Gum recession can hit anyone if they’re causing problems with things like aggressive brushing or eating the wrong foods. We’ll talk about the symptoms and causes of receding gums before tackling the best electric toothbrushes for receding gums.

Top 7 Gum Receding Electric Toothbrush Comparison

NamePressure SensorSettingsBattery LifePrice
Philips 5100
(Editor's Choice)
Yes32 W Check price
Waterpik Complete CareNo23 W Check price
Philips Sonicare 3 SeriesNo33 W Check price
Oral-B pro 7000 Yes610 D Check price
Sonicare Healthy White+
No33 W Check price
Sonicare Diamond Clean SmartYes53 W Check price
Sonicare Flexcare PlusNo53 W Check price

Top 7 Electric Toothbrushes for Receding Gums Reviews

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Gum Health

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Gum Health

The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 is focused on gum health, so it has all kinds of features that will give you healthier gums. There’s the plaque removal that is based on sonic technology. It gives you thousands of brush strokes per minute.

The sonic vibrations create plaque-fighting foam and bubbles that are pushed between the teeth. The bubbles are moving around the gums and into any pockets that might be a problem. It’s gentler than shoving the bristles of a manual brush in there.

There are three modes of brushing with this toothbrush. You get the standard Clean Mode for daily cleaning. The White Mode for brightening your smile. The Gum Care Mode is the one you’ll want for those receding gums. It’ll gently massage your gums for an extra minute after you’re done brushing.

Included with this model is a pressure sensor. That’s vital for people who have receding gums because of aggressive brushing. It’ll help retrain the person to brush without the pressure. The sonic vibrations and foaming bubbles should be doing most of the work when brushing.

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My impression

This is a relatively older model from Philips that focuses on gum health. It has everything you could possibly need for your receding gums. It’s also available at a very competitive price. As far as those who are a bit skeptical, this electric toothbrush will prove that focusing on gum health is vital, and it works.

The three modes of cleaning give you enough variety, and the Gum Care Mode is the one you’ll want to use daily. Once you’ve finished with your 2 minutes of brushing, it’ll extend the timer to give you a minute of gum massage.

The timers and pacers are helpful, too. The pacer will section your mouth into quadrants of 30 seconds each. It’ll alert you when it’s time to switch. Each quadrant will get a full cleaning without missing any spots.


  • Gentle for braces, fillings, and sensitive gums.
  • QuadPacer and Smartimer for the right amount of clean.
  • Three cleaning modes.
  • Gum Care Mode for focusing on the gums.
  • BrushSync Replacement Reminder for the brush head.
  • Travel case and charger included.


  • This model doesn’t have access to an app for tracking data.

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush (WP-900)

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser

This is a combination water flosser with sonic toothbrush. It’ll give you all the sonic cleaning of an electric toothbrush and follow it up with a blast of water to remove even more. The sonic toothbrush has 2 speeds. One is for a more thorough clean while the other can be used at a lower intensity for gum care.

The sonic toothbrush also has a timer and pacer to get the right amount of clean every time you use it. The sonic toothbrush can be taken on the road, too. It’s portable for those who want to focus on their teeth while away from home. That’s great for travel or just bringing it to the office for lunchtime brushing.

The water flosser adds a whole new dimension to the clean. The reservoir provides over 90 seconds of flossing to remove even more plaque and bacteria. You can focus it between your teeth and at the gum line for advanced cleaning.

The rotating tip ensures that you’ll get areas in the back of the mouth that are hard to reach. There are more than a few tips included with this water flosser, so you can find the right one for your specific needs.

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My impression

The combination of water flossing and sonic toothbrush gives you two ways to combat gum recession. The sonic toothbrush can be taken with you to the office, on vacation, or business trips. This gives you a powerful way to combat gum recession while you’re living your life.

Water flossing is a proven way to remove plaque and bacteria from between teeth. It also blasts away bacteria at the gum line. If your dentist has given you a special mouthwash, that can be added to the reservoir.

The WP-900 has 10 pressure settings and a reservoir capacity of 90 seconds. That’s enough time to blast away at all the food and bacteria that might be lingering after you use the sonic toothbrush. You’ll feel like you’ve gotten a cleaning at the dentist when you’re finished.


  • Toothbrush and flosser in one.
  • Removes more plaque than brushing or flossing alone.
  • Improves gum health by 50% over traditional manual flossing.
  • Includes 5 tips for the flosser.
  • Has 10 pressure settings for water in the flosser.
  • Travel case included for sonic toothbrush.


  • It takes hours to charge the sonic toothbrush to be able to travel with it.

Philips Sonicare HX6631/02 3 Series Gum Health Rechargeable

Philips Sonicare HX663102 3 Series Gum Health

The 3 Series from Philips has a Smartimer that will keep you on track. Especially when it comes to brushing for the perfect amount of time. Your dentist recommends 2 minutes for cleaning your entire mouth. The QuadPacer ensures that you are devoting 30 seconds to each section of your mouth.

There are 3 intensity settings that can be changed based on the user or the person’s sensitivity that day. There’s a gentle speed, normal speed, and advanced speed. The gentle speed can be used for your gum care.

Along with a gentler speed for gum massage, there’s a Gum Health brush. The head of the brush has bristles that are meant to be softer. The shape of the head is convex, which gives you an even clean across the gum line. There are a variety of radial and wavy bristles. These bristles will give you a gentle brushing experience.

This toothbrush can be taken with you on the road, too. When you’re attacking gum recession, you want to keep your mouth clean all day. You shouldn’t miss out on brushing after any meals. The travel case and travel charger make it easy to bring this toothbrush with you anywhere.

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My impression

The Sonicare toothbrushes feature some great things you won’t get with other toothbrushes. There’s a Smartimer and QuadPacer, so you’ll never lose track of time. We’re prone to thinking we’ve brushed for longer than we actually have. You’re likely not getting as much of a brushing as you thought without the timers.

This 3 Series stands apart because it is focused almost exclusively on plaque removal and gum health. The ProResults Gum brush head focuses on removing plaque and tartar that have been building along the gums. It does the job without resorting to excessive scrubbing, too.

The gentle setting is a great feature for those who are often brushing way too hard. It can take some time to get used to a gentler brush, but the clean will be superior. It’ll also clean without ripping apart your gums and causing more gum recession.


  • Smartimer and QuadPacer for more time brushing.
  • Three intensities for different sensitivities.
  • Includes a ProResults Gum Health brush head.
  • Comes with a travel case and travel charger.
  • Battery indicator on the handle.


  • Vibrations can seem quite loud to some who aren’t used to an electric toothbrush.

Oral B 7000 Smart Series Toothbrush

Oral B Pro 7000

The 7000 SmartSeries has a variety of brush heads for all your needs. There’s the CrossAction brush head that is shaped to surround every tooth. The criss cross bristles are angled at 16 degrees to get between teeth.

They’ll also get the plaque at the gum line. The ProWhite brush head will whiten and brighten your smile. The Sensitive brush head works with sensitive teeth. That might be a problem for those who have receding gums.

There are impressive modes and features with this 7000 SmartSeries. Each brush can be paired with the appropriate cleaning mode. There’s a Whitening mode, Deep Clean mode, Sensitive mode, Tongue Clean mode, and Gum Care mode. Those modes will further enhance the cleaning you’ll get with a particular brush head.

On the handle of the 7000, there’s a pressure sensor. This will alert you to any undue pressure you’re applying while you’re brushing. It’s important to let the brush do all the work. When you are pressing down on the brush, you’re back to aggressive brushing. It’s truly bad for your teeth and gums.

This toothbrush comes with a SmartGuide and the ability to pair the brush with the app. It’ll track and report your brushing habits. This will help you and your dentist work on a treatment plan for your receding gums.

My impression

The various modes of clean are terrific with the brush heads. You’ll be able to pick and choose the focus of your brushing. Dedicating time and energy into gum care will help reverse the signs of gum recession. With the Gum Care mode and the brush that pairs with it, you’re getting a focused clean.

There’s a mode for Sensitive brushing, too. When your teeth and gums hurt, you’ll need a gentler clean. That’s easy to get with this toothbrush because you can pick your mode and intensity each day.

The SmartGuide and app tracking make it easy to report to your dentist on your progress. When you have any lack of progress, the two of you will be able to track the problem directly with the app. It records all your data, so if you’re not brushing long enough, that will show. If you’re not focusing on a certain area of your mouth, your dentist will be able to see that.


  • Angled cleaning brush with specific shape for surrounding each tooth.
  • Includes 3 brush heads for cleaning.
  • Comes with charger and travel case.
  • Includes a SmartGuide.
  • Real-time feedback with Bluetooth and the app.


  • It’s pretty powerful for some users even with the Sensitive mode.

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Plus

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+

The HealthyWhite from Philips cleans and whitens by removing plaque and brightening your enamel. The Clean mode is for everyday plaque removal. The Whitening mode is meant to remove stains from food and drinks. It’ll whiten your teeth two shades within a week of use.

Those two cleaning modes can be paired with three intensities. This gives you a more efficient clean. The gentle clean will work beautifully with the DiamondClean brush head. It’ll remove plaque and bacteria as well as stains for a whiter, cleaner smile. This contributes to better gum health.

There’s a Smartimer and QuadPacer to ensure that you’re staying on track as far as time brushing. You should always be focused on brushing for 2 full minutes. It’s how you’ll keep your teeth in the best shape possible. The QuadPacer will help you focus on each area of your mouth for the same intensity and time.

The HealthyWhite+ gives you over 31,000 brush strokes per minute. It’s meant to get between teeth and along the gum line. In just 2 weeks, many people saw a vast improvement in their gum health.

My impression

The best way to get a thorough cleaning that will give you better gum health is by customizing for your needs. That can be done with the two cleaning modes and three intensity settings. The toothbrush comes with a DiamondClean brush that is the company’s best brush head for whitening. Much of the focus of whitening is the removal of plaque. That’s a direct benefit to gums, too.

You’re able to purchase other brush heads if you like, too. This handle is compatible with many brush heads that can customize your brushing experience. The handle provides a Smartimer and QuadPacer to give you a more thorough clean. When you’re rushing around in the morning, it can be hard to stay focused on brushing for 2 minutes. It’s helpful to have reminders.

The toothbrush can be taken with you wherever you go. It’s important to brush after every meal. That’s especially true if you’re running into issues like gum recession. You want to dedicate more time to brushing to remove plaque, food, and bacteria.


  • DiamondClean brush head for whitening and cleaning.
  • Two modes of cleaning.
  • Three intensities available for brushing.
  • QuadPacer and Smartimer to brush for recommended amount of time.
  • Comes with travel case and charger.
  • Battery indicator on handle.


  • The buzzing can be a huge distraction for some people who aren’t used to an electric toothbrush.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric

The DiamondClean comes with 3 of the company’s best brush heads. It includes the Premium Plaque Control, the Premium Gum Care, and the Premium White brush head. There’s also the added TongueCare+ brush for a fresher mouth.

The brush heads can be paired with any of the 4 cleaning modes. There’s Clean for daily cleaning. There’s White+ for brightening your smile. There’s Deep Clean+ for a more thorough clean. Finally, there’s Gum Health, which will focus on problem areas in your gums. There are also 3 intensities available for all of these modes. That’s a ton of customization.

The handle of this toothbrush will alert you to when you’re brushing too hard. The pressure sensor is a lighted space at the end of the handle that will flash. That light reminds you to ease back on the aggressive brushing. That’s perfect for those who have receding gums due to brushing too hard.

All of the sensors in this toothbrush will report to the app when you have it paired together. It’ll show the location of your brushing, the time you spent there, and alert you if you’re scrubbing too hard. All of that will help you develop better brushing habits.

My impression

All of the brush heads along with the paired cleaning modes will give you a more thorough clean. In fact, you’ll get a clean that you didn’t think was possible. The Gum Care brush alone promises to remove inflammation in the gums within a few weeks. It’ll give you gums that are 7 times healthier than they are at the moment.

Even without the Gum Care brush, you’re getting a deeper clean with the Plaque control brush and Deep Clean + mode. Much of the problem with gum recession comes down to plaque that needs to be removed along the gum line. That can be addressed with a plaque brush that promises to remove 10 times more plaque than a manual brush.

The other features are great, too. There’s a pressure sensor to alert you to overly aggressive brushing. The toothbrush comes with a hardy travel case to bring this wherever you go.


  • Glass charger for a lovely countertop.
  • Various colors for everyone.
  • Premium travel case included.
  • Three brush heads included.
  • Four cleaning modes for customized cleaning.
  • Three intensities.


  • Timed clean might not be long enough for some brushers.

Philips Sonicare HX6921/30 Flexcare Plus Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare HX692130 Flexcare

This toothbrush is focused on complete gum care. There are 5 cleaning modes available for this purpose. There’s a daily Clean mode, a Gum Care mode, Refresh, Sensitive, and Gum Massage mode. Each mode provides attention to the gums that are needed to refresh, rejuvenate the gums, and restore health.

The daily cleaning mode will remove more plaque from the gum line as well as the teeth compared to a manual brush. You’re getting 31,000 brush strokes per minute. That’s driving bubbles and water along the gum line and between the teeth. It definitely gives a superior clean.

The Gum Care mode as well as the Gum Massage mode are meant to clean problem areas. It helps to relieve inflammation and reduce bleeding. While the cleaning mode will remove plaque, there’s more that goes into healthy gums. You need to clean and massage the areas to deliver healing oxygen and blood to the tissue.

Flexcare Plus comes with a Smartimer and QuadPacer to ensure that you’re brushing for the required two minutes each time. Dentists all over the world recommend that you brush for 2 minutes after every meal. The toothbrush comes with a deluxe charger and hardy travel case, so you can take it anywhere.

My impression

All of the cleaning modes are directly and indirectly focused on gum health. This is a great toothbrush for receding gums. You’ll be removing tons of plaque, which is always where you should start when trying to get healthier gums.

There’s a Sensitive mode of cleaning for those who are going through some pain during brushing. The Gum Care and Massage modes are dedicated to this important area of the mouth, too. Most people are completely honed in on removing plaque or whitening their teeth. They ignore the gums until there’s an issue with bleeding or sensitivity.

This toothbrush will focus on all aspects of a clean mouth, but dedicate much of the work to healthy gums. The travel aspect of this toothbrush is great. You don’t want to leave this at home when you’re trying to bring your gums back to good health.


  • Five cleaning modes with many focused on gum health.
  • Hardy travel case.
  • Deluxe charger for travel.
  • Sonic technology for delivering 31,000 strokes per minute.
  • Smartimer and QuadPacer integrated in the toothbrush.


  • Vibrating can be intense for some people.

Symptoms of Receding Gums

  • Bleeding

Whether it’s brushing or flossing, bleeding is a common sign of a gum problem. The advancement of the problem will depend on how much the gums bleed. It’ll depend on whether there is significant pain, too.

Sometimes, a bleeding gum is a symptom of too-hard brushing. In that case, you’re setting yourself up for gum recession. It might not be a problem now, but it will in the future.

  • Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

The bacteria, plaque, and tartar building on the teeth can bring the gums down. Pockets can form that will actually make it harder to remove the buildup.

When the tooth is exposed below the gum line, it can become very sensitive to hot and cold. People who find themselves more sensitive to cold drinks or hot food on their teeth should see a dentist. He’ll be able to tell you the cause, which is more than likely gums starting to recede.

  • Red, Swollen Gums

All of the symptoms of gingivitis and periodontal disease start with minor symptoms. You might find that your gums are tender or swollen at times. It could be after brushing or eating something a bit hard.

The gums can be sensitive to the touch. They can be red or purple in color. These symptoms come with swollen gums, too. You’ll be able to see that they’re swollen and off-color by looking in your mouth.

  • Pain at the Line of the Gums

Along with the swollen gums and sensitivity, you might find that they’re quite painful. When brushing, you will feel a need to slow down and brush less vigorously. This could be one of the causes of gum recession. You shouldn’t be brushing so hard that your gums hurt.

That pain can happen when you’re eating or drinking, too. That’s when it’s begun to advance. The gums are pulling away from the teeth. When the roots are exposed, the pain will be evident.

  • Shrinking Gums

If you notice that your teeth seem especially long, that’s a sure sign that your gums are shrinking. It’s the basis of the saying about aging “you’re getting long in the tooth” because as people age, it can happen, too.

Gums that are receding are actually shrinking in some cases. It leaves more of the tooth exposed. It’s parts of the tooth that shouldn’t be exposed.

  • Exposed Roots

The roots are meant to be covered by the gums. When they recede or shrink, food and bacteria have access to the root of the tooth, now.

Exposing the roots also exposes your teeth to hot and cold things. It can even hurt when you’re out in really cold weather with your mouth slightly open. Exposed roots can be caused by aggressive brushing or the advancement of gum disease.

  • Loose Teeth

When the gums recede, they create pockets where bacteria can build. The pockets deepen as the person’s periodontal disease worsens. The tissue surrounding the roots is ripe for bacteria to sit undisturbed.

That bacteria starts to eat away at the roots of the teeth. Bone is also impacted by the disease. When the root and the bone are impacted, it can actually eat the foundation of the tooth and make it loose. Sometimes, teeth can fall out because of the disease.

  • Bad Breath

Pockets filled with bacteria can become very foul smelling. Hidden plaque and tartar in areas around the gums can lead to bad breath. It’s a type of bad breath that doesn’t easily go away with brushing, either.

If you find yourself unable to get rid of bad breath, it’s time to look at your gums. Check for bacteria and loose gums.

Causes of gum receding

There can be a few causes of gum recession or gingivitis. Many of them come down to the patient’s dietary and lifestyle choices. That means it’s preventable, and with the right care, reversible.

  • Overbrushing

When a person brushes at their gums too hard, they are doing damage. The gums are ripped or torn away from the teeth. It’s the repeated overbrushing every day that is a serious problem for gums.

The problem with overbrushing is that the brusher thinks they are doing a good thing. They’re brushing vigorously to remove plaque buildup. It’s actually doing pretty serious damage. Gums need to be treated gently and massaged without ripping and tearing.

  • Overflossing

Another problem for overzealous brushers is overflossing. This person thinks she’s aggressively taking care of debris and food that is lodged between the teeth. In fact, she’s tearing the gums with the nylon or plastic twine. This is especially true when the person saws back and forth too hard.

Overflossing and overbrushing are easy to fix. Although, the brusher will have to retrain their own brushing habits. That starts with recognizing the problem. There are more causes for gum recession, too.

  • Poor Oral Care

A person who doesn’t brush after every meal is in danger of having their gums recede. They open themselves to more serious problems like cavities and tooth extractions due to poor oral hygiene, too.

It can take some time for gums to start receding, but it’s part of a larger problem of the person’s inability to tackle the bacteria and plaque that sets in the mouth. Everyone needs to brush and floss twice a day. This is according to dental professionals and dental organizations like the American Dental Association.

  • Dietary Choices

It’s hard for some people to understand how the food they put into their bodies can have an impact. There are a few ways this happens. First, the teeth are chewing any food being consumed. It has to hit the teeth and mouth before being swallowed. That leaves a residue.

The food also has an impact on your bones and skin, which includes teeth and gums. If you’re not practicing a good diet, your body eventually feels that impact. Sugary foods are very dangerous to your teeth and gums. A balanced diet is key to a healthy body. That includes a healthy mouth, too.

  • Tobacco Use

Smoking has a huge impact on your teeth and gums. In fact, there have been studies that have shown that half of all periodontal disease impacting the gums was related to smoking.

It was found that smokers have more calculus on their teeth, which is a hardened form of plaque. It could be due to the smoke itself or less saliva in a smoker’s mouth. That plaque leads to gum disease. It’s a bacterial infection that attacks the soft tissue and breaks the gums away from the teeth.

A few causes of gum recession have nothing to do with the choices you make daily. They can make a person prone to gum recession if they don’t take preventative steps.

  • Aging

As we age, it’s easy for the gums to start receding naturally. This doesn’t mean that as a person ages, they can definitely expect gum disease. It means that they will have to remain extra vigilant regarding gum health and cleaning.

Regular dental visits can give an older person a roadmap to ensure that the cleaning is done correctly.

  • Genes

Many people have soft teeth or strong gums based on their parents. Like the shape of your eyes, your smile is often directly inherited from a parent. This leaves you with some of the same problems and benefits they have as well.

If you notice a parent has gum recession, it’s likely that you should be directly your energies to making sure that isn’t a problem for you.

Why the electric toothbrush is best choice for gum receding?

  • Tracks Dental Hygiene Habits

A buildup of plaque and bacteria makes its home in the gum line. While you think that you’re getting all the areas of your teeth and gums, it’s likely that you’re missing some.

That plaque sits on the gums and causes serious problems. Many electric toothbrushes have a way to track your hygiene habits to ensure you’re cleaning correctly.

It’ll track the areas of the mouth you might have missed. All that data can be stored for review by your dentist, too.

  • Removes More Plaque

As mentioned previously, the electric toothbrush removes more plaque than a manual. It has angled bristles and vigorous cleaning vibrations for getting between teeth and along the gum line.

There are often specific modes that will place more of an emphasis on cleaning and removing plaque. Especially from harder areas like the gum line or the molars in the back.

The more serious problems with your gums can originate in the back of the mouth. It’s harder to reach those areas and get them clean.

  • Stops Aggressive Brushing

Manual toothbrushes don’t have any way to alert you when you’re brushing too aggressively. Aggressive brushing is dangerous to the gums. It’s one of the biggest causes of gum recession.

Most electric toothbrush brands have an alert that will tell you that you’re bearing down too hard. It’ll pause, give a ring, or flash a light when you’ve been brushing aggressively.

It’s important to let the toothbrush do the work. An electric toothbrush will help you ease up on the hard brushing to allow gums to heal.

  • Timers and Pacers

As much as we’d love to brush our teeth for 2 minutes twice a day, it can be tough. You’re in a rush, or you lose track of time. It’s likely that you’re not brushing the full 2 minutes.

With a timer and pacer, the electric toothbrush will track that time for you. The pacers will make sure that you spend an equal amount of time on each part of your mouth. The timer will alert you when 2 minutes has expired.

  • Massage Gum Modes

In the gum massage mode, there’s the right amount of pressure on the gums. It’ll massage the gums gently to bring healthy, healing blood to the area. That can go a long way towards healing and rejuvenating your gums.

While it’s massaging the gums, it’s creating healthy tissue and removing plaque and bacteria, too.

  • Delivers More Vibrations and Strokes

A manual toothbrush can’t touch the amount of vibrations and oscillations you’d get with an electric toothbrush.

Most electrics can deliver over 30,000 movements per minute. There’s no way you can get that kind of movement with a manual that you’re powering.

In two minutes, you’re getting over 60,000 movements that will deliver a better clean and remove more plaque. That leads to healthier gums that will reverse the receding.


We’ve included the best toothbrushes for receding gums on this list. They all have features that focus almost exclusively on bringing your gums back to their healthiest.

For many toothbrushes, that means removing more plaque on the tooth as well as near the gum line. Others have massage modes that will bring healing oxygen and blood to the area.

Overall, the best toothbrush for receding gums have modes and intensities that give you a fantastic clean while dedicating time to the gums.

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