Oral-B iO Series 6 vs. iO Series 7: Deciding A Winner Using Facts And Figures

A successful series of Oral-B is without a doubt the iO Series. While the best option amongst the iO series is Series 9 due to how overpowered its specifications are in contrast to its predecessors, you might have to expand your budget a little to improve your dental health. On the contrary, if your budget is mediocre, two good options from the iO series are Series 6 and Series 7.

The Series 6 and 7 were released in June 2020. Since Oral-B wanted the silhouettes of the electric toothbrushes to be a bit old-fashioned and wanted both of them to be extremely affordable, I often mix the two options up due to how similar they are.

However, once I got to try them out myself, it was easy to tell them apart and effortless to pick the favourite and the underdog of the two opponents.

Make sure to keep reading to learn every useful information regarding the iO series 6 and iO series 7, and find out which one I prefer to rely on!

Oral-B iO Series 6 Vs. 7: Table Summary

The iO series 6 and 7 have loads of common ground when all is said and done. However, they are also polar opposites on multiple occasions. Before I reveal to you what exactly gives the iO series 6 the edge over iO series 7, and the components that make the iO series 7 the better candidate, listed below is a table containing key features about both pieces of equipment.

If you’ve already done your research, perhaps you may move onto the next segment. However, if you happen to be a newbie, examining the information placed below is crucial.

ModelOral-B iO Series 6Oral-B Series 7
Advanced Zone Tracking66
Charging StationStandardMagnetic
Battery Life2 Weeks2 Weeks
Charging Time12 Hours4 Hours
My Rating4.8/54.3/5
Price Check Price Check Price

Inside the Box

Once I received my packages, I realised how similar each deal was.

With the iO Series 6, in addition to the toothbrush, I received an extra brush head, a standard charging station, and a travel case made of plastic.

Oral-B iO 6 inside the box

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On the other hand, with the iO Series 7, I received the electric toothbrush, an extra brush head, a soft travel case, and a magnetic charger, which enhances the battery life at a faster rate than the standard charging station.

Truth be told, I struggled to understand why I had to pay an additional $50 for the iO Series 7 at first. However, all that doubt disappeared when it occurred to me that the magnetic charger provided with the 7 only takes 3 hours to recharge any toothbrush to 100%!

Oral-B iO Series 6 Vs. 7: The Contrast Of iO Series 6 And Series 7

This bout was an even fixture in my eyes. There were loads of times when the iO Series 6 really managed to exceed my expectations, but certain instances in which the model really seemed similar to its predecessors.

The Series 7, on the other hand, lacked a few features, but also had compelling characteristics and benefits that made it the better option to resort to.

To make my pick for this bout, I discovered all the differences between the models and also added the similar characteristics into the mix to make it a bit more fascinating,

I used the iO Series 6 and 7 for about a week. Listed below are all the dissimilarities that I found between Oral-B iO: Series 6 and 7.

Charging Stand: Standard vs. Magnetic

Charging Stand Standard vs. Magnetic

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The biggest difference and the only time the iO Series 6 falls short against Series 7 is when it’s time to plug in the charger.

The iO Series 7 comes with a magnetic charging stand in contrast to the standard charger that the Series 6 contains.

As opposed to a standard charger, a magnetic charger has the ability of fully energising the battery of the electric toothbrush in under 3 hours. A standard charger, on the other hand, takes around 12 hours to fully charge an electric toothbrush.

Though this could be a compelling benefit for those that are adventurous and tend to travel a lot, the addition of the magnetic charger could still be an irrelevant incentive for toothbrush fanatics like me.

Noise Levels (dB): 64 dB vs. 72 dB

Another difference that I picked up on when I pitted the iO Series 6 against 7 was the sound level.

Series 6 was much smoother and less noisy as opposed to the 7. It runs at a dB of 64, which is slightly louder than a normal pitched conversation, but just about right enough to not ruin my day first thing in the morning.

On the contrary, iO Series 7 moves at a dB of 72, which could be bad for your ears if used for a prolonged period of time, and surely compromised my hearing ability every time I used it before bedtime.

Colour Options

iO Series 6 closer

A minor feature that allows the iO Series 6 to get closer to the finish line is the amount of colours it comes in. This could be an inconsequential factor for those that are seeking a performance-oriented option, but could definitely be a positive for those that are indecisive.

So far, the brand has released 4 colours: White Alabaster, Black Onyx, Anthracite Grey, and Pink.

Contrastingly, the Series 7 is only available in 3 hues; White Alabaster, Black Onyx, Blue Electric.


The iO Series 6 is currently 149.99. On the flipside stands Series 7, which costs $199.99 on the official website of Oral-B.

While the price difference isn’t as significant as that of Series 7 vs 9 and on the same wavelength as Series 8 when it squares off with Series 9, the reason behind its existence is somewhat justified.

The predecessor, iO Series 6, is slightly inexpensive than Series 7 because of the standard charger that it’s paired with. It also lacks a soft travel case, but comes with a hard plastic travel case to keep the piece of equipment safe.

Common Ground: The Similarities Of Oral-B iO Series 6 Vs. 7

While the iO series 6 and 7 had distinct features to separate themselves from one another, as they were made by Oral-B after all, the pair had a lot of common qualities and components. Listed below are the similarities between Oral-B iO: Series 6 and 7.


The Series 7 and Series 6 come with 5 cleaning modes; Daily Clean, Sensitive, Intense, Gum Care and Whitening. All of them have their own demographic and are normally utilised to tackle different oral health issues.

Performance, Physical Appearance and Display

The iO Series 6 and Series 7 almost look like twins. They both have the same build and look extremely modern compared to most electric toothbrushes that hit the shelves in 2020. Both options also have a metallic paint job.

Both candidates also performed equally well when it was time to work their magic. The brush heads are extremely generous to the teeth and gums. The efficiency that the models bring to the table is also significantly better than a manual toothbrush.

The Series 7 and 6 also have an LED display with a black and white colour scheme. The screen typically displays the battery life, cleaning modes, and also monitors the brushing session of the user; which changes colours on 3 different occasions.

Teeth Tracking: 6 Zones

Both options also come with AI Zone Tracking and typically monitors 6 zones around the mouth. While they don’t have built-in timers to prevent users from over brushing their teeth, they do have sensors to track your movement which flashes red when you’re brushing the wrong way.

Battery Life

Despite taking a bit longer to charge than the iO Series 7, the Series 6 has the same battery life as its opponent. Both the brushes tend to last for 2 weeks, which is not just impressive, but also an element about the two that is often underappreciated.

Final Verdict: Old is Gold

Although the iO Series 7 is definitely the better choice to side with if you need a travel buddy that charges up faster, I believe the iO Series 6 takes the cake on this one.

Despite being one of the earlier models, the iO Series 6 has a list of things in common with its opponent, the Series 7. In addition to having the same specifications, the Series 6 is also the more affordable option between the two. For just $149.99, you can obtain iO Series 6, which has everything that its successor has.

Although they’re equal in terms of performance, the iO Series 6 lacks a magnetic charging stand; a component that the iO Series 7  contains. This could be the reason behind the iO Series 7’s relatively high price tag. Nonetheless, due to its value and longevity, the Series 6 is my pick and the option that I’d like to recommend to everyone.

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