Oral-B iO Series 7 Vs. Series 9: Battle Of The Giants

Regardless of what brand of toothbrush you use to maintain your oral hygiene, I firmly believe that Oral-B is definitely a brand you should try out, especially if your fascination for electric toothbrushes is as strong as mine.

Oral-B was always ahead of its time. The manual toothbrushes, that first hit the shelves in the 1950s, definitely shaped the 19th century. However, as the years progressed, the brand came up with remarkable designs that were technologically advanced as well.

Within the series of electric toothbrushes that the renowned brand Oral-B has produced so far, I personally side with the iO series of theirs due to the functions of each model.

At the moment, two promising options that the iO series contains are Series 7 and Series 9 respectively. Although I didn’t understand the reason behind their positive reception, it was much easier once I tried them out myself and pitted them against one another. Follow on to find out the differences, similarities, and my hot take on Oral-B iO: Series 7 and Series 9.

Oral-B iO Series 7 Vs. iO Series 9: A Thorough Insight

Before I give you the scoop on just how unique my experience was, here’s a table that comprises a side-by-side comparison of the iO Series 7 and the iO Series 9. Make sure to skim through the information if you’re not a toothbrush expert like me!

Model NameiO Series 7iO Series 9
Cleaning Modes57
Daily CleanYesYes
Tongue CleanNoYes
LED DisplayBlack and WhiteColor
No. Of Zone Tracking616
No. Of Brush Heads2x Ultimate Clean4x Ultimate Clean
Travel CaseYesYes with Power2go Charging
Recharging TimeTakes up to 3 hoursTakes up to 3 hours
Price Check Price Check Price

Oral-B iO Series 7: How Good Is It, Really?

Oral-B iO Series 7

Released in 2020, Oral-B iO 7 is an electric toothbrush with exceptional qualities. The model comes in colors black and white, and contains 5 brushing modes; daily clean, sensitive, gum care, whitening, and intense.

The battery life of iO 7 tends to last for 2 weeks once it’s fully charged; which often takes around 3 hours in contrast to the series 6, which often takes around 12 hours on average.

The series 7 is also prominent for its motor, which tends to stay silent at all times. Although the same motor is found in the design of its predecessors, the later models contain a louder motor due to the number of additional features they have.

The iO 7 could be a bit costly in the short run, but its build is extremely resilient, so much so, that the product often lasts for around a year at least.

Despite running a bit pricey on the market, this product is very user-friendly. Toggling through its black and white LED display isn’t just an easy activity to carry out for beginners, but also puts less pressure on their eyes.

Oral B iO Series 9: Should You Believe The Hype?

Oral-B iO Series 9

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In late 2020, during the midst of Covid, Oral-B came up and released yet another marvelous creation in the iO series.

The iO 9, which comes in a whopping four design options, contains the visuals as well as the technological advancements to make the variant a frontrunner.

Containing over 7 modes to explore, the build of this model is unbeatable. On top of having durable components, the series 9 covers around a whopping 16 zones to clean one’s teeth and gums.

A feature that makes this series the frontrunner is the amount of accessories it comes with. Underneath the packaging, one will find four extra brush heads, an adapter, and a power2go travel case; a component that is absent in the rest of the variants.

Build-wise, the series 9 is extremely resilient. Just like the series 7, it has an exceptional battery life, but it also comes with a colorful display in contrast to the black and white LED display of the series 7.

My Two Cents On The Matchup: Oral B iO Series 7 Vs. Oral-B iO Series 9

Oral B iO Series 7 Vs. Oral-B iO Series 9

Since the investment I made was hefty, I wanted to give both toothbrushes a chance to prove their worth. I did so by spending a considerable amount of time with both tools. I spent the first 7 days relying on series 7 for my dental hygiene and spent the following week with series 9.

I used both toothbrushes twice in one day: once in the morning, and once at night. Make sure to follow on to acquire knowledge of the time I had with both of the promising models!

Inside the Box

The series 7 I resorted to was the white alabaster due to its sleek build. In addition to the brush, there was an extra brush head, a charging stand, and a travel case.

On the other hand, after having a monumental week with iO series 7, I packed the equipment up and let the aqua-colored iO series 9 take over the business from there.

Once I opened the box, on top of getting the electric toothbrush and the handle, I was given a charging stand, four extra brush heads, a power adaptor, and, wait for it, a power2go travel case!

The Build

The build of the iO 7 itself also fascinated my mind. The glossiness of the brush in addition to the classic LED display of black and white really catered to my minimalist mindset and didn’t strain my eyes every time I looked at it.

In contrast to the build of iO 7, the visuals of the iO 9 were more vibrant and colorful. Although it did seem to enhance the impression of the model and added to the modern aspect of it, I did find the feature a bit redundant at times and still side with the classic display of the iO 7.

The Various Modes

I toggled through the brushing modes quite a bit, and although almost all 5 of them were really easy to handle and comforting for my gum and teeth, I was particularly impressed with the intense brushing mode that it comes with since it cleaned the even the most unreachable areas in my mouth.

Once I started using series 9, although I couldn’t differentiate the performance it put in on the first day, I was particularly excited about exploring the 7 cleaning modes that the iO series 9 comprised. The super sensitive mode was so beneficial for me that it contains an entire paragraph!

Additionally, the second new installment, known as the tongue cleaning mode, washed away all the residue and buildup on my tongue and even changed its complexion overnight!

The Pivotal Point: Super Sensitive Mode

Super Sensitive Mode

Since my teeth and gums are super sensitive, I really felt the absence of that feature when using series 7 and was always a bit unappreciative of all the promising features it had. As the former models comprised the super sensitive mode, the fact that the mode ceased to exist behind the groundwork of this model caught me off guard.

However, just like the previous models, the iO series 9 came with a super sensitive mode! That not only improved the outcome of my brushing session but also made me feel safe throughout the procedure due to its heightened sense of awareness.

Zone Tracking

Just like its predecessors, the iO 7 series came with 6 monitors to thoroughly clean every area of your mouth. Even though the brush was easy to steer and definitely removed every residue of food I had in my mouth, I wasn’t quite impressed as the former installment came with the same feature.

In comparison, the iO 9 came with a whopping 16 monitors, also known as zone trackers, to clean even the most complex areas of my mouth. Of course, it took me a while to realize the benefits that I had gained from using 10 additional 3-D monitors for improving my oral hygiene, but my gums felt lighter, and my teeth felt brighter once I placed my trust into the series 9.

The Final Blow: Built-in Charging Case

Built-in Charging Case

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Since the series 7 came out in 2020, an upgrade I expected it to have was a built-in charging kit inside the traveling case. However, when I figured out that this model had the same traveling case as the series 6, I was visibly a bit disappointed.

However, all of that washed away when I found out that the iO series 9 came with a power2go travel case. While I did feel that the dimensions were larger than they should have been, the case came in clutch when I went on a 2-day getaway and when the iO series 9 toothbrush was low on charge. The charging case did become unresponsive for a few minutes during the trip, but bounced back shortly afterward.

Nevertheless, this bonus feature didn’t just put the nail in the coffin, but also made me a life-long fan of the iO series 9!

Rise Of The Underdog: Price Difference

As mentioned earlier, despite being able to afford the model, I do believe that the price tag attached to the iO series 9 could be unconventional for purchase in the eyes of many. Indeed, it covers 9 more zones and also has 2 more modes, but the value it contains makes it a high-end toothbrush.

In comparison, despite being technologically handicapped in some cases, I believe that the iO series 7 has what it takes to cater to the needs of anyone with oral hygiene issues. Sure, the extra brush heads could be a bit costly and hard to find, but I would be wrong if I were to say that it isn’t a bargain for its price!

An Overview Of The Fight Of The Night: Oral-B iO Series 7 Vs. Oral-B Series 9

Here’s a summary of the previous segment through the means of a table just in case you zoned out multiple times when skimming through my hot take on the two contenders!

ModelOral-B iO Series 7Oral-B iO Series 9
Convenient Travel Buddy
Price Check Price Check Price

Final Verdict: The Higher The Series, The Better The Product!

After reviewing all the features, I honestly thought that the Series 7 had the edge due to its price. However, once I got first-hand experience on both the Series 7 and 9, I figured out just how good an electric toothbrush can be if you’re willing to pay the price, literally!

In contrast to Series 7, Series 9 is easily the better option. For just a slightly larger amount, you’ll get access to 7 cleaning modes as opposed to the 5 cleaning modes of iO Series 7. The 2 additional features won’t just enable your teeth to whiten with each use, but will also clean your gums and the germs on your tongue thoroughly.

Additionally, although the iO Series 9 contains a slightly colorful LED Display as opposed to the black and white theme of the Series 7, the promising model comes with a 3D tracking system that covers a whopping 16 zones to give you as well as your oral hygiene the best experience possible in contrast to the Series 7, which comes with 6 zones.

Perhaps the most promising feature that makes the iO Series 9 a fan favorite is the charging case it comes with. The fact that I was able to charge my aqua-colored series 9 inside the case while I was in a hurry really sold me on this product indefinitely.

All in all, if I were to sum it up using two lines, it would be this: Go for the iO Series 9 if your budget is hefty. On the other hand, if you want a promising electric toothbrush and are willing to settle for fewer features while saving more from your pocket, place your trust in the potential of the iO 7.

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