Philips Sonicare C2 vs. C3: Picking The Ultimate Headmaster!

The contribution that Philips has made to the dental world is truly endless. On top of all the exceptional electronic toothbrushes they have manufactured, Philips has also curated materials to build top-notch quality brush heads. Two must-have options are Philips Sonicare C2 and C3.

Though a majority of the features that they have is eerily similar, the differences between both options truly set them apart, and ultimately give us a winner when they go head to head! Follow on to learn more about my experience and my take on Philips Sonicare: C2 and C3.

Philips Sonicare C2 and C3: Comparison Summary

Before I unveil the teeniest, tiniest portion of the time I had with the C2 and C3, here’s a quick summary of the useful features that they both contain and the different features that separate the two!

ModelPhilips Sonicare C2Philips Sonicare C3
Plaque Removal7x10x
Bristle QualityRegularMedium-Soft
Colors WhiteBlack/Whit
My Choice3.5/5
Price Check Price Check Price

The Eventful Time I Had With C2 & C3

Prior to ordering them online, I was carrying out some research on both the brush heads. When I put the options against one another on the web, it seemed like an even match. However, since you can’t judge a book by its cover, I realized it was essential for me to try them out myself to find out just which brush head had the upper hand.

Therefore, without further ado, here’s a series of all the differences and similarities between Philips Sonicare C2 and C3 that I picked up on when trying each brush head out!

The Packaging

Philips Sonicare C3


Since I wasn’t willing to take any risks, I purchased both the brush heads from their reliable website. When my packages arrived 3 days after I had placed my order, I finally realized one of the reasons behind the price difference.

The packaging of C2 came in a pack of 3. I would have made a big fuss about it, but chose not to since it wasn’t a permanent switch.

In contrast to C2, the container of C3 had 4 brush heads. Now I know it was all for an experiment, but if I were to pick an option based on this quality, I would hand the crown over to the C3.

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Performance-wise, it was a close call!

The Sonicare C2 has the ability to remove 7 times more plaque buildup than the average brush head. While I do believe it was difficult for my gums to adapt to the build of the brush head and the stiffness behind its bristle, the brush head cleaned every portion of my mouth with ease. Indeed, the fact that the bristle wasn’t as generous did scare me and my sensitive teeth a little, but it did scrub the surface of each tooth thoroughly!

In comparison, the C3 removes 10 times more plaque buildup than the average toothbrush and 3 times more than its opponent for this bout! Even though the upgrade hardly brought to the table noticeably better results, the flexibility of the brush head was something that I found to be delightful! The soft bristle gently scrubbed my teeth and reached the hardest areas in a jiffy, without making me anxious for my gums.

In retrospect, since the brush head was so understanding about my teeth’s sensitivity, the C3 definitely has the edge over the C2 when it comes to performance.

Brush Sync Technology

Philips Sonicare C2

Although the inconvenient build of the bristle did cause me a bit of discomfort when using the C2, a feature that both C2 and C3 had in common was Brush Sync Technology.

Brush Sync Technology mainly allows each Sonicare to recognize the brush head that is attached to it. For instance, since I was using C2 and C3, both of them automatically turned out the clean mode once I placed the brush heads over the handle.

Additionally, due to Brush Sync Technology, I was able to keep track of my toothbrushing frequency and was even sent a signal when one of the damaged brush heads needed to be replaced.

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Price Tag

When it comes to price, the Philips Sonicare C2 could be an excellent piece of equipment to count on. In contrast to C3, it is slightly less effective for removing plaque buildup. However, it is also more accessible due to its value as it is significantly cheaper. Sure, the Sonicare C3 does have more to offer in terms of quality and quantity, but shouldn’t be your cup of tea if you happen to be working around a budget.

Final Verdict

Despite being pitted against each other in this scenario, I believe that both C2 and C3 bring tons to the table for anyone and everyone. They’re both technologically ahead, are extremely adaptable, and can fit any type of brush head as long as the heads aren’t as big as the ones from the E-Series.

If you don’t want to spend too much, you can save your funds by investing in the C2. However, if you wear braces, consider your teeth and gum to be sensitive, and are seeking an option that offers you a generous experience, spend a little more than usual and purchase the C3. I assure you it will be worth your time and money!

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