Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review: A Definitive Guide

Amid the crowd of big names like Oral-B and Philips, Brio has successfully carved a niche market for itself. This wouldn’t be possible if their products didn’t meet the stringent standard set by those name brands.

Just like you, I was also reluctant to buy an electric toothbrush from a brand I had never heard of previously. This was my third toothbrush purchase and this time, I didn’t want to spend a hundred bucks.

I wanted something simple, durable, easy-to-use with a great battery life since I frequently travel overseas. My extensive research led me to Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

I did what every smart buyer would do before purchasing a product online i.e read reviews, FAQs, complaints, understand the features, etc. Now that you obviously have your eyes on this Brio toothbrush, I’m sure I can help you decide whether it’s worth a shot or not.

I’ll keep this review as objective as possible. But before I explain the features and benefits in detail, here’s a quick summary, in case you lack the patience or are simply in a hurry:

Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush in a Nutshell:

Unboxing Brio SmartClean

  • Probably the longest-lasting battery life in this price bracket. One full charge will make the brush good to go for almost 6 weeks or less, depending on the speed setting.
  • Offers 3-speed settings: Normal, Soft, and Massage.
  • 5 Cleaning Modes to suit your brushing style: Clean, White, Polish along with Massage and Sensitive Mode for people with sensitive teeth, gum problems, dentures, braces or crowns.
  • 31,000 brush movements per minute flush out the gunk and plaque from the trickiest zones of your mouth.
  • Sonic vibration produces microbubbles using the toothpaste fluid which makes the brushing process a lot smoother and more effective.
  • The box includes 3 same-sized brush heads to choose from.
  • The brush bristles are made from DuPont fiber which is very soft and does a fine job of cleaning the tough spots without hurting the tooth enamel.
  • The quietest electric toothbrush I have used so far. The only audible sound is a mellow humming noise.
  • The prong of the charger is only suitable for standard U.S power outlets. You will need an adapter to use the charger overseas.
  • Sadly, it doesn’t come with a travel pouch.

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Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush: In-Depth Review

Now that you have a basic idea of what this electric toothbrush is capable of, it’s time to throw light on the features, key advantages, and the minor negatives. Here we go:

  • Perfect Utilization of Sonic Technology

Brio SmartCleanUnlike most low-budget electric toothbrushes which only move side to side to clean the surface, Brio brush goes a step further. Its mighty 31,000 oscillations per minute motor produce microbubbles out of the fluid in your mouth. This results in a more thorough, efficient cleaning, especially in the hard-to-reach zones of the mouth. The force of the bubbles siphon out the most stubborn food particles from your teeth gaps.

Unless you feel the torque yourself, you won’t know how much crap can be accumulated in the tiny gaps between your teeth. If you leave them unattended for a long period, be ready to welcome a Mr.Cavity.

This collective strength of high-frequency vibration and unique cleaning mechanism minimizes plaque, bacteria, and bad breath without the need for aggressive brushing.

Speaking of, if you are a first-time buyer and worried about the aggressive vibration hurting your gum line or tooth enamel, chill out! Here’s why Brio SmartClean is safer on sensitive teeth and gums than manual brushes:

  • Multiple Cleaning Modes and Speed Settings

31,000 brush strokes per minute might be a bit too intense for some. However, with its five cleaning modes and 3-speed settings, you will have full control over the oscillation and speed. The 5th mode is called Sensitive Mode which is suggestively meant to go easy on the gumline and teeth. People having braces, crowns, dentures, gingivitis and/or severe cavity issues will get the most use out of this function.

The Massage mode is a cool touch for individuals dealing with acute toothache or gingivitis. In this mode, the soft brush bristles gently massage the gum line which soothes the pain and also improves its appearance after a few weeks of use.

  • Brush Heads

BrioThe unit comes with 3 same size soft-bristled brush heads. With regular brushing (two times a day), each head should last for about 12 weeks. The size of the head is a bit on the smaller side, though. But on the brighter side, it makes removing plaque and food particles from tight corners easier.

I also loved the easy snap-on fit of the head. This keeps the inner part of the brush head as well as the top portion of the unit gunk-free. It might sound insignificant on paper but trust me, it is a crucial feature from a hygienic point of view.

The cost of brush head replacement will not burn a hole in your pocket. In addition to this, Brio has also introduced a brush head replacement subscription program too for easy, low-cost replacements.

  • Built-in Timer or QuadPacer

Brio Toothbrush is also equipped with a 2-minute timer that is the recommended brushing duration for proper plaque removal. The 2-minute timer is further divided into four 30-seconds zone reminders. After every 30 seconds, the brush will alert you to switch the position of the brush. Thus, you will cover all four quadrants of your mouth evenly at the right pace. This will also prevent you from over or under brushing your teeth.

  • Battery Span

This model has a 900 mAh battery integrated into it which is substantially larger than the batteries used in most standard brushes. A full charge lends it an impressive 6-weeks worth runtime. It takes roughly an hour to complete the charging.

This is excellent if you travel a lot. The two-prong charger is only compatible with U.S domestic power outlet. So make sure to carry an adapter while travelling overseas.

  • Ease of Use

Brio SmartClean is a great entry-level electric toothbrush also because of its simple user interface. Switching between 5 modes and 3 different speed settings. Each cleaning mode has a corresponding LED light along with an LED charging indicator at the base of the brush.

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The Negatives

I was slightly disappointed by the fact that there’s no travel pouch included with a model specifically designed to be travel-friendly.

Conclusion – Does Brio SmartClean Make the Cut?

If you ask me, obviously the answer is a big yes. It is not the best electric toothbrush on the market with a score of bells and whistles e.g pressure sensors or magnetic charging station. Nonetheless, this robust, no-nonsense brush cleans like a pro and that should be the primary reason to buy an electric toothbrush.

It goes gentle on the teeth and gum. Moreover, the frequency at which the head vibrates is pitch-perfect, neither too aggressive nor too low. Finally, the showstopper is its phenomenal battery life that can last up to 6 weeks. So it’s totally cool if you forget to pack the charger while heading off to your business trip or family holiday.

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