The good thing with Phillips is that the brand has something for just about anyone. AND… You get what you pay for. That’s why when I heard about the FlexCare series for the first time a few years back, I was convinced that the product is gonna be good. It turned out to be “Great” in every sense of the word.

Phillips Sonicare FlexCare+ is what I’d call a mid-range toothbrush. As with any dental cleaner sitting at the Mid-Range, there’s a good balance of performance vs. price. Dentists all over the US wholeheartedly recommend this product and for good reasons as well.

Well, it certainly promises to deliver a lot of things. To a certain aspect, it succeeds as well. In this elaborate Phillips Sonicare FlexCare+ Toothbrush review, I’ll be going over features it excels at and features where it falls short. Buckle up for an exciting (and somewhat nerdy) ride.

A Complete Unboxing Experience

HX6921/02 Flexcare plusSome of us just can’t wait to get rid of the box and unravel the contents whenever we get a new package delivered to our doors. However, too much enthusiasm might often lead to disappointment. But… the Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ toothbrush managed to surprise me.

As for the packaging, well it’s alright if not premium. The best bit about unboxing for me was not the way Philips packaged their product. It was the set of tools and accessories that came along with it. Let’s not keep you in suspense. Let’s check out what Phillips has to offer.

Primarily, of course, there’s the Flexcare handle itself. Then there was the ProResults brush head. This was already in the box when I opened it (duh). Just in case you want a specific type of cleaning experience, there are several heads to choose from Phillips’ repertoire.

Tiny additions actually can win over just about anyone. I’m saying this because few of the brands out there go as far as offering portability options. The classy looking travel case was unexpected but very much appreciated nevertheless. It’s a hard, sturdy, and well-built too.

Before I forget, I have to mention that the brush head comes with a protective cap. This is great for warding off unwanted dust and debris.

Lastly, there’s the deluxe charger placed in nicely with a cord wrap. All four items in the box were there to serve a specific purpose. And as far as the unboxing experience goes, Philips sure did win me over.

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Users Get A Solid Construction and Grip

Trust me when I say this, comfort features can take a product a long way. I mean as a user myself; I won’t be impressed with a device if it doesn’t feel good to use. Nor would I recommend it to someone else.

So, what makes a toothbrush comfortable? Simple… it’s the grip.

Apart from having a solid plastic construction, the Sonicare Flexcare Plus has a well-designed ergonomic handle. This is crafted to match the basic pressure points of your hands and offer a great grip in turn.

For those who want an extra hold on their brush (Apart from the already perfected design), Philips added an extra rubber texture at the bottom. This not only enhances the grip but reduces pressure on the palms to offer optimum control.

Gum Health Comes First

Cleaning the teeth is the basic purpose of buying any dental care product. But without gum protection and safety, it’d just be incomplete. Many of us suffer from gum bleeding and other sensitivity issues. And proper care for the gums obviously requires proper equipment.

The Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus guarantees improved gum health over only two weeks. They boast over their performance by claiming a total of 100% improvement over the basic toothbrush.

This device has a dedicated mode to take care of the daily gum cleaning only in a matter of three minutes in total. Two minutes of overall cleaning and an extra minute to take care of the gumlines along with the problematic areas.

There’s also the sensitive mode. This not only focuses on gentle teeth cleaning but is also great for clearing up the gums. Plus, the massage mode stimulates the gums to improve the general gum health.

Efficiency Packed with Sonic Speed

Before getting the device for yourself, you might want to ask, “how fast can this brush go to provide intensive cleaning?” Philips has a powerful answer to this question. I was baffled by the actual number of brush strokes it can provide each minute. I have to admit, 62,000 strokes are no joke.

These high speeds are great for plaque cleaning among the gumlines and between the teeth. But on standard mode, the cleaning speed goes down to 31,000 strokes per minute. The stroke counts vary with each mode. Not all sorts of cleaning require high brushstroke counts.

Guess what?

You get five separate brushing modes to choose from. These are specially implemented to cater for all your cleaning needs. From the basic everyday cleaning mode to the refresh mode for quick touch-ups, this baby has it all.

Features That Count Time

There are a few features on this brush that place time at your fingertips. To manage time between the clinically proven two-minute time barrier, the guys from Philips included a quadrant pacer. This helped me clean all four sides of my mouth within thirty-second intervals.

Did I mention that this makes cleaning six times more efficient than manual toothbrushes? You can bid farewell to all the pesky plaque related problems. This device here is capable of micromanaging the already awesome performance it packs.

They didn’t even miss out on the Easy-Start Feature as well. This slowly increases power over 14 times of continuous use. Just in case you are new to this, you won’t have to be too cautious about damaging the insides of your mouth.

Interface Perks That You’ll Enjoy

A simple interface and easy-to-understand layout of buttons can take a device a long way. The Flexcare brush made use of simplicity most finely.

I found the power button on the top with this device. There’s no need to keep holding it. One single tap and it’ll be good to go. I mode switching at the bottom part of the device. This makes switching between modes as easy as pie. Plus, there is an illuminated display at the bottom.

The coolest part about the display is that it disappears when the brush is turned off. This reserves the sleek and clean appearance of the whole design. Nevertheless, the backlighting on the indicator clearly shows the current cleaning mode that’s being used.

An Extensive Battery Life

A common issue many of us face in general is that we’re simply not happy with the lifespan of the battery. Well, this simply won’t be the case with this one. It takes a minimal amount of time to charge it up fully. And the best bit is that it lasts approximately three weeks.

I mean how cool is that?!

Battery efficiency is without a question top notch. But this kind of backup is pretty much expected. Because the battery is Li-ion based and comes with an impressive overall capacity.

A bit of a fact that can be of concern is the voltage capacity. The device is good to go with 110V to 220V. So yes, versatility is offered when it comes to different adapters and outlets. This also makes it usable in most of the regions.

Portability Made Easy

Dental care is something you’ll constantly need anywhere you go. But as I’ve faced it more than once, taking the equipment with me can be a drag. Electric brushes can be either too heavy or too bulky. That’s depending on the brand and model we choose of course.

I must say, such wasn’t the case for me with the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.

This neat little device here can very well fit the small compartments of my backpack without any issue whatsoever. The brush head cap comes in handy in this case. This saves me from future cleaning before use. Yes, I still need maintenance. But not as frequently as I had to go through with some of the brands.

If this isn’t enough for you, the carrying case will provide better options to take the product along without worrying about its safety. Dental hygiene without the hassle of cleaning the brush is something we all want at the end of the day.

Just so you know, there are vents in the case too. This prevents all kinds of mold or mildew to grow on the device. This is a great implementation against dampening. Well, hats off to this from my side.

A Word to Remember

Remember, the color of bristles will fade eventually. Don’t get alarmed when it does. It’s just an indicator that its life cycle is at its end. It’s high time for you to change the brush head. I had to do it every three months. Four brush heads a year isn’t a deal-breaker at all.

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What I Like about this Product

  • The device is great for in depth cleaning. Zero possibilities of dissatisfaction in this aspect.
  • This thing is loaded with features that make your brushing routine a whole lot easier than before.
  • The battery life is very impressive and takes minimal time to get fully charged.
  • Users will find Gum Care features included to provide a complete oral care experience.
  • Phillips FlexCare is very efficient when it comes to plaque control. Results show up in as little as 14 days.

What I Don’t Like about this Product

  • The product doesn’t come with a pressure sensor. So, it’s best to be mindful of the pressure you’re applying while using the device.
  • More additional accessories could have been added considering the high price point.

Last Words of Mine

The FlexCare+ resides at the top of my list when it comes to Phillips’ toothbrushes. It’s very well crafted and has an aura of elegance about it. If you take FlexCare Platinum into account, this one doesn’t go overboard with its features. Instead, it balances price and performance just perfectly.

Unlike some of the Phillips FlexCare Plus toothbrush reviews, I have to set the record straight. A few of the cleaning modes might not be too beneficial for many of you. We don’t need that many modes anyway! So, those will most probably remain unused. Besides this, everything’s fine.

So, the question remains, “Would I recommend it?”

“Yes,” if you’re looking for a product that’s neat in features and the build at the same time. “No,” if you’re looking for something premium and have the budget to spend on it. Go ahead and buy FlexCare Platinum if your wallet permits you to.

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