We all fear that dreaded day when a loved one turns and says, “Did you brush your teeth today?”

Gum disease and gingivitis can happen to anyone. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, half of Americans struggle with gum disease.

It’s not solely based on how well you care for your mouth or how often you see the dentist, either. Eating habits, age, and genetics share the responsibility. And once you have gum disease, it takes a concentrated effort to regain control of your oral biome.

Your best chance against this devious enemy is a solid oral health regimen. Twice a day you must brush, floss, and swish with a mouthwash. But not all mouthwashes eliminate gum disease as effectively as others. Some, in fact, can do almost nothing.

Finding the perfect mouthwash for this troublesome yet common ailment can take time. That’s why I scoured the internet and arrived at these ten products. Check out my top picks, plus some tips and advice on treating gum disease, below.

Best Mouthwashes for Gingivitis and Gum Disease Comparison

The Top 10 Mouthwashes for Gingivitis and Gum Disease Reviews

CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Mouthwash

CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Mouthwash

CloSYS boasts that they rank number one in the gentlest oral care products. And consumer feedback agrees.

The company believes oral health isn’t just about whiter teeth. In fact, many diseases affecting whole-body health link directly to your mouth, including heart disease. CloSYS envisions their position in the health industry as crucial, so their goals are loftier. And to accomplish such goals, they hold their products to a higher standard.

The CloSYS Ultra Sensitive mouthwash contains no fillers, sulfates, triclosan, or alcohol. That’s because they have linked these ingredients as irritants which harm your gums.

This soothing mouthwash may be flavorless, but don’t let that fool you. It kills 99% of germs and balances your mouth’s pH so it can heal.

Included with this product you’ll find an optional flavor dropper. You can increase or reduce the amount of peppermint taste depending on your sensitivity level.

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Why I Like this Mouthwash

If you’re gums throb and ache because of festering bacteria, CloSYS Ultra Sensitive mouthwash leads your list of choices. It’s why I placed it at number one.

I think it’s the perfect choice for those with late stage gum disease and periodontal disease because it will not cause any sensitivity issues.

The mouthwash contains no flavorings, so your gums won’t flare up after use. And after your mouth heals, you can add a few drops of mint flavor to intensify the fresh breath sensation.

Many customers have noted that it only takes a few days to feel the effects of CloSYS Ultra Sensitive mouthwash. And ongoing treatment should curb your gum disease. This is especially true if you see the dentist twice a year.

What Could Be Better

While the mouthwash reduces odor caused by bacteria, the dropper of mint flavoring doesn’t reach the same level of freshness as other brands on my list. This is an easy trade-off for those with sensitivity, but consumers without sensitive mouths should look elsewhere.

The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Wash

The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Wash

The Natural Dentist is a New Jersey-based dental health company with years of experience and research dedicated to the health of your gums.

They believe that your gums should never bleed from normal brushing and professional treatment. This Healthy Gums mouthwash packs anti-gingivitis ingredients to restore the natural vibrance of your gums.

By infusing herbal and botanical ingredients into an alcohol-free formula, The Natural Dentist achieves a level of sensitivity that you cannot find in store-bought brands.

The key ingredient in their anti-gingivitis mouthwash is purified aloe vera. It soothes gum inflammation caused by gum disease and has proven effective in reducing bleeding gums.

The Healthy Gums mouthwash contains no preservatives, fillers, colorings, or flavorings. You also won’t find any fluoride or SLS in this product.

The Natural Dentist believes in their product so much that they offer three bottles of their leading formula for the price of one.

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Why I Like this Mouthwash

The Natural Dentist targets bleeding gums with this version of their oral rinse, and it works. I like that the company chooses botanicals over synthetic ingredients because there’s no drop in quality or effectiveness.

The key ingredient, aloe vera, delivers a unique benefit compared to other mouthwashes. It soothes your gums after use and doesn’t leave a film or strange aftertaste.

And the peppermint! It’s strong, and I like that. Swishing with this product, I feel the tingly sensation and my mouth feels healthier after each use. Unlike other brands, the sensation never fades, even after months of use.

I recommend Natural Dentist’s Healthy Gums mouthwash for those seeking a preventative rinse. It works great for those that have noticed key symptoms of gum disease, like bleeding gums.

What Could Be Better

While I personally enjoy the Peppermint Twist flavor, it’s quite strong. It’d be a shame to eschew this brand because of the potent flavor, but if you prefer mild mouthwashes, then you should try another brand on my list.

Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse

Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse

Colgate’s reach spans the entire globe. With dozens of companies in their arsenal, they have the research and resources to develop products that are cost effective and worth your time and money.

This Peroxyl rinse’s main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. By introducing small amounts of peroxide into your mouth, oxygen releases and destroys bacteria that thrive on low oxygen environments.

And unlike toothpaste, Peroxyl can reach between teeth and under the gumline to cut the growth of new bacteria. A healthier, low-bacteria mouth aids in gum healing, which stops gum recession and irritation.

This mouthwash has a mild mint flavor, so it’s safe for sensitive mouths and those with advanced periodontal disease. It’s also worth mentioning that Colgate does not add any alcohol to their Peroxyl formula.

Anyone with minor to advanced gum disease can enjoy Colgate’s Peroxyl formula. But it’s recommended it for those that require enamel protection or fluoride.

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Why I Like this Mouthwash

For anyone that feels they need a to pull out the medical ingredients to stave off their gum disease, then consider Colgate’s Peroxyl mouthwash.

The addition of hydrogen peroxide to your arsenal of oral bacteria fighting agents cannot be stressed enough. Sometimes no matter how much xylitol or peppermint oil you rinse your mouth with it doesn’t compare to a potent chemical.

Dentists have favored Peroxide in oral rinses for decades, and there’s little proven research that shows it can harm you. Plus, at 1.4% concentration, it’s just enough to increase the oxygen in your mouth with no side effects.

The secondary benefit of Peroxyl is that it can reduce the pain and irritation caused by later stages of gum disease. I recommend this product for anyone that requires a strong dose of relief from the symptoms of gingivitis and oral bacteria.

What could Be Better

For the first few applications, you may notice a slight stinging sensation when rinsing with Peroxyl, similar to the sensation caused by alcohol rinses. But most consumers say that it fades within a few days.

Listerine Advanced Defence Gum Treatment for Gingivitis

Listerine Advanced Defence Gum Treatment for Gingivitis

Listerine has championed oral health care since before telephones spanned across the mainland US. Before there was ample evidence that proved mouthwash prevented gum disease and bad bacteria, Listerine sold their renown formula door to door.

Their hard work has paid off. And you get to reap the rewards in this special blend made specifically for gum disease.

Listerine Advanced Defence contains a unique ingredient you won’t find in other products. It’s called ethyl lauroyl arginate. It’s been shown to kill germs that build up around your gum line and lead to plaque, the leading cause of gum disease.

Rinsing with this gum treatment can reduce the spaces between your gums and teeth, decrease the overall amount of plaque in your mouth, and freshen your breath.

This product contains alcohol, but in a low concentration that should not agitate or inflame gums that bleed or hurt because of gum disease.

Why I Like this Mouthwash

I found this product by Listerine on a whim and decided to try it. There wasn’t much literature on it online, nor do they advertise in on their website.

But I’m glad I went with my instincts. As a gingivitis antidote, this stuff works. It’s formulated specifically to kill the germs that thrive in mouths suffering from gum disease.

The crisp mint flavor refreshes my breath without overpowering my senses. I will admit that the addition of alcohol disappointed because I don’t think it’s useful for gum disease. The concentration, however, is about the same as other Listerine products.

I recommend Listerine Advanced Defence Gum Treatment mouthwash as an aid in the reduction of germs. It’s perfect for those that already have gum disease or that want to prevent it.

What Could Be Better

While the mouthwash works well and you’ll notice improvement within a week or less, the addition of alcohol can turn away customers that dislike the taste or sensation.

GuruNanda Oil Pulling Oil & Natural Mouthwash

GuruNanda Oil Pulling Oil & Natural Mouthwash

GuruNanda believes in the healing power of essential oils. Their collection of oils spans over 130 varieties from six countries. Not only that, they share open communication with their farmers and select those that follow ethical practices for harvesting and cold pressing.

Together with their agricultural-minded employees, GuruNanda boasts some of the purest oils that you can buy for topical and oral treatments. This pulling oil and natural mouthwash is non-GMO and free of artificial flavors. But that’s not all, it’s also free of alcohol, preservatives, and fluoride.

Oil pulling differs from your tradition mouthwash. It’s much older, too. Since ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicines, oil pulling has replenished salivary glands and reduced plaque.

Unlike your average mouthwash, GuruNanda’s natural mouthwash combines peppermint oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. These oils abound in vitamins A, B, and E. Plus, they’re a viable source of calcium, iron, and magnesium.

As a bonus, every bottle of GuguNanda comes with a free copper tongue cleaner.

Why I Like this Mouthwash

I know oil pulling may sound strange, but it’s very similar to regular mouthwashes, at least in practice. At first, the oil’s texture feels strange on your teeth and tongue. But you switch the oil around in your mouth the same as you would any other oral rinse. After twenty seconds, you spit it out.

Although it looks and feels like coconut oil or olive oil, it tastes amazing. The pure essential oils that GuruNanda touts on the bottle really come through. I tasted notes of peppermint and other botanicals that lasted well into the afternoon.

Because this product doesn’t contain any fillers or chemicals found in more common oral rinses, you won’t experience any sensitivity problems. Also, rare is there an adverse reaction to oil pulling.

What Could Be Better

Although humans have performed oil pulling for thousands of years, some consumers won’t be able to get over the texture. It’s thicker than most oral rinses. If you can get over that, GuruNanda’s product tastes amazing.

Hello Oral Care Naturally Healthy Antigingivitis Mouthwash

Hello Oral Care Naturally Healthy Antigingivitis Mouthwash

Hello Oral Care appeared on the Dental Health market a few years ago. They’ve quickly gained a devoted following. Their passion to environmental ethics and animal-testing free products has inspired consumers and catapulted them to one of the leading brands in the industry.

This Antigingivitis mouthwash by Hello Oral Care shares plenty in common with their best-selling line of charcoal toothpaste. The formula doesn’t contain any alcohol, artificial sweeteners, dyes, SLS, or sulfates.

Hello Oral Care boasts a STAR magazine A-List Beauty Award with this oral rinse. The award recognizes the product’s effectiveness with key ingredients like aloe vera. This natural plant additive soothes and protects gums inflamed because of bacteria.

You’ll experience fresh breath and irritation relief all while enjoying a mouthwash that’s vegan friendly and Leaping-Bunny certified. That means Hello Oral Care’s Antigingivitis mouthwash was never tested on animals nor does it contain any animal by-products. This special package comes with three bottles, easily lasting you four to six months.

Why I Like this Mouthwash

I think Hello Oral Care sports some of the best natural ingredient products on the market. Plus, their customer service and transparency with their products is very rare in an industry filled with questionable ingredients.

This Antigingivitis mouthwash targets the irritation and discomfort that accompanies plaque and bacteria-ridden mouths. It combats bacteria with aloe vera, which gently reaches between teeth and under the gumline to soften and lift plaque.

But there’s plenty more to love about this mouthwash, too. I like that it contains coconut oil. Some health professionals and natural wellness practitioners believe coconut oil strengthens teeth and restores your oral biome. It does this by opening the ducts in your salivary glands, restoring your oral pH.

What Could Be Better

Some customers who suffer from weakened enamel may want an oral rinse that also contains fluoride. Without it, their enamel could continue to weaken and increase the likelihood of dental carries.

Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gums Tonic

Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gums Tonic

Dental Herb Company began in 1996 by Dr. Schecter, a dentist specializing in gum disease. Like many dentists, he found the increasing number of patients with gingivitis disconcerting. But unlike other dentists, he did something about it.

With his background in herbology and microbiology, he concocted his first product, The Tooth and Gums Tonic. Since then, Dental Herb Company has crafted a line of oral health products unequaled in the industry.

This Tooth and Gums Tonic is a natural product that can replace chlorhexidine rinses. That’s the antiseptic most often prescribed to men and women with gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Perfect for both gum disease and preventative daily rinsing, this oral rinse can ease and even stop gum bleeding and inflammation within weeks.

Their two primary ingredients, gotu kola and echinacea, promote healing around damaged gumlines and infected tissue. And its mellow herbal flavor freshens your breath for at least twelve hours.

Why I Like this Mouthwash

For over fifteen years, Dental Herb Company has seen no rival in the herbal oral rinse niche. After testing their product, it’s clear why. This is a refreshing, deep-cleaning product that tingles just enough to know it’s working.

Those with moderate-to-severe cases of gingivitis and gum disease usually complain of bleeding gums, pain when eating, and a jaw that’s sore to the touch. With this herbal tonic, you have a strong chance of reducing or eliminating those symptoms. You double your chances if you combine this oral rinse with regular dental cleanings.

Plus, I love the taste. It’s robust blend of herbs and essential oils cleans without that chemical feeling you experience with antiseptic rinses from your dentist.

This is one of my top picks for the best mouthwash for gum disease because it can be used as an antimicrobial, antiseptic, or deep clean.

What Could Be Better

The potent herbs in this tonic can surprise you, especially on your first few experiences. I recommend sticking with the product, even if it tastes like a handful of plants from your garden. This stuff works.

Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Mouthwash

Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Mouthwash

Over the last thirty years, Oxyfresh customers have lionized its key ingredient, Oxygene. This patented, non-toxic ingredient eliminates the germs and bacteria that cause plaque, the leading culprit of gum disease. Oxygene’s powerful oxidization process fills your mouth with excess oxygen molecules that agitate and lift plaque and bacteria.

Oxyfresh’s Lemon Mint mouthwash doesn’t just contain their patented compound. They’ve created a formula full of other renown ingredients. The natural sweetener xylitol restores your mouth’s pH and culls the bacteria in your mouth that collect and form carries.

Customers love this product for what it doesn’t contain, too. You won’t find any needless dyes or corrosive alcohols in Oxyfresh’s Lemon Mint mouthwash. Nor will you have to worry about toxic chemicals, such as SLS and sulfates.

Last, aloe vera relieves bleeding and receding gums from the harmful effects of gum disease.

Why I Like this Mouthwash

I know I’ve said this a few times now, but this is also a great product to try for the soothing of pain and discomfort associated with gum disease.

If flavor tops your list of must-haves in a gum disease fighting oral rinse, this is your product. The lemon mint taste invigorated me more than my morning shower and coffee. It has a citrus-sweet finish, like biting into a lemon.

That clean sensation hints at the power of this mouthwash. The key ingredient, Oxygene, works in combination with the xylitol to agitate and remove the plaque that’s taken over your mouth. And then the aloe vera swoops in after to gently heal your gums.

What could Be Better

What’s there not to like? The company promotes values that are worth mimicking, and the stellar product tastes as good as it works. I suppose if you have severe gum disease you should look into an antiseptic instead. Otherwise, this is a great option.

Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Multi-Care Mouthwash

Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Multi-Care Mouthwash

The Crest 3D White line of products aims to not only remove unsightly stains but prevent them too. To do this, they invented the Whitelock technology. This additive coats your teeth, forming a barrier between your mouth and the potential stains found in your foods and drinks.

Like all their 3D products, this Glamorous White boasts multi-care and triple action power. Unlike other oral rinses, this one whitens teeth, shields your teeth from stains, and kills bacteria. Remember, it’s bad bacteria that’s behind gum disease, bad breath, and gingivitis.

Crest’s Glamourous White claims to brighten your teeth within seven days. And by swishing this rinse in your mouth twice a day, you gain enamel protection and a fresher smile.

Why I Like this Mouthwash

I know that whitening doesn’t seem like the most important aim when combating gum disease, but some people worry about the color of their teeth just as much as the health of their gums.

I searched the whitening oral rinses for one product that contained the best of both worlds. Crest’s 3D Glamorous White excels as both a bacteria-reducer and a whitener.

You lose some potential found in other products on my list to gain the whitening power of Crest 3D, but for some customers that’ll be okay.

The fresh mint taste lasts well into the morning. And because it’s alcohol free, you won’t upset your gums or induce any unnecessary bleeding.

What Could Be Better

Anyone with severe gum disease or gingivitis should choose a product without whitening agents, as they could aggravate inflamed or receding gums.

OraMD Original Superior Toothpaste and Mouthwash

OraMD Original Superior Toothpaste and Mouthwash

OraMD dedicates time and resources to fostering the alternative medicines in this original formula. Their relationship with local farmers allows them to harvest herbs when they are ready, not because of a production quota.

Also, OraMD rests their essential oils after slowly cold pressing them, fortifying the nutrients. When it’s time to combine the ingredients, every step involves real people. What’s more, the mouthwash is hand blended, filled, and packaged.

This product can be applied as a toothpaste or a mouthwash or both. OraMD’s enhanced 4-step process ensures that your gum disease or gingivitis can be reduced or eliminated within a few months.

You will find no caustic or harsh chemicals in this Original mouthwash. Instead, OraMD mixes a healthful combination of peppermint oil, spearmint oil, and almond oil. While potent separately, together they reach deep into your gumline to kill bad bacteria and heal your inflamed and irritated gums.

Why I Like this Mouthwash

With OraMD’s original mouthwash and toothpaste, a little goes a long way. The bottle may seem small, but since you only apply a few drops per rinse, the supply can last up to six months.

I really like this product. Within a few days you’ll notice fresher breath and cleaner teeth. And long term use only enhances the effects. I’ve read some reports of people completely reversing their gum disease with prolonged use of this product.

But what I truly love is OraMD’s honesty that they fill one element in a complete oral health routine. They believe everyone should floss and see a dentist every six months to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

I recommend this product as an option for treatment of gum disease, and as a preventative against the onset of gingivitis.

What Could Be Better

With OraMD, less is more. If you make the mistake of adding too many drops, you can burn your mouth. This testifies to the product’s strength, but it can hurt. Be careful.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Gingivitis and Gum Disease?

First up, if you’re worried about periodontitis disease and you haven’t seen a dentist, I suggest you make an appointment ASAP. A dentist can diagnose gum disease much better than you can, armed with some info on the Net.

That being said, none of my listed symptoms means you have gum disease. Hormonal and diet changes can affect your oral health, among a variety of other factors. Here is my list of the most common causes and symptoms of gingivitis and gum disease.

Primary Causes of Gum Disease

  • Heavy Plaque Buildup

This is the big one. When plaque builds up between your teeth and along your gumline, it inhibits your mouth’s ability to produce good bacteria. Since plaque is bad bacteria, if you can see plaque with your eyes, it’s a fair guess that you have more bad guys than good guys in the war against gum disease and mouth deterioration.

  • Smoking Cigarettes and Chewing Tobacco

Now that we’re well into the 21st century, I’m not telling you anything new that smoking contains no positives and a spate of negatives to your health. Many of the issues that smoking creates in your mouth.

Nicotine and tar stifle the healthy flow of cells in your gums, which dampens your mouth’s natural ability to find off bacteria. Smokers suffer from two to three times the risk of gum disease for this very reason.

  • Family Dental History

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your Nona’s or Great-Nona’s toothless grin could be your fate if you don’t tend your mouth like the generous garden that it is.

Bacterial infections and plaque have been linked to genetic factors. Coupled with the oral health habits you picked up from your family, you must make proactive choices to ensure a life without gum disease.

Primary Symptoms of Gum Disease

  • Gum Tenderness and Redness

You can only fool yourself for so long into thinking that your new toothbrush has been irritating your gums. If your mouth seems to be sore throughout the day and you nothing you do helps, you may have gum disease.

Other warning signs include bleeding gums after brushing your teeth and red gums. Despite what you may think, healthy gums emit a light pink color. Plus, they don’t bleed after brushing.

  • Teeth Seem to Be Moving

People can go awhile without looking at their teeth and gums in the mirror, especially if they aren’t conscious of their oral health.

If suddenly you’ve noticed your teeth don’t match up or your bite has changed, you could have gingivitis or periodontitis. Other clues to watch out for are new gaps in your teeth and loose teeth.

  • It Hurts When You Chew

When plaque increases in your mouth, your gums and teeth lose their natural resilience to everyday foods. Hard or crunchy foods, like popcorn, nuts, and chips, will suddenly hurt to eat. At other times, your mouth may just feel sore and uncomfortable.

There can be other causes for pain when chewing, like a cavity. But gum disease related pain usually feels more like an ache than a sharp sting.

  • Your Breath Has Gotten Worse

The number one reason your breath wards off everyone you know and care for is because you aren’t drinking enough water. The second reason is early signs of gingivitis.

The moment your breath turns sour long before it should, it’s time to do something about it. Later stages of bad breath, known as halitosis, will also alter the taste of your mouth.

What to Look for When Picking the Best Mouthwash for Gingivitis and Gum Disease

Choosing a mouthwash to fight gum disease isn’t the same as choosing one for teeth whitening or canker sores. Your criteria change, and so does the way you should think about mouthwash. Your searching for a weapon in the battle against bad bacteria.

That means you need a formula that foments the division of healthy cells and suppresses the spreading of bad cells. While picking a product from my best mouthwash for periodontal disease, consider the following recommendations.

  • Check for Antibacterial Ingredients

Antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients clean and sanitize your mouth, which gives your mouth time to heal from its ongoing fight against plaque.

You’ll discover antibacterial in natural compounds, like xylitol and peppermint, and in medical ingredients, like chlorine dioxide. Both have been shown to work. The choice between the two rests on your preferences.

  • Alcohol Isn’t an Antibacterial

This shocks a lot of my readers. The amount of alcohol in most mouthwashes, when they include it, never rises above 25%. For alcohol to disinfect, you require at least 70% concentration. That means companies use the alcohol as a carrier ingredient or breath freshener. Sometimes, its only purpose is as a preservative.

  • Choose Based on Key Effects, Not Brand

Buying a name brand mouthwash has advantages. You trust them and I can’t fault you for that. But gum disease can seriously affect your life.

You need to buy a product that works, and often that leads you to options you may have never considered. So read my list with an open mind. Your best option may be from a company you don’t know.

  • Fluoride Strengthens Teeth, So What?

I have no scruples against fluoride. And in a mouthwash, it can reach between teeth and bolster your weary enamel. But it does nothing for your gum disease.

It’s true that individuals with early signs of gingivitis and other oral plaque concerns will also suffer from weak enamel. So you can choose a fluoride option on my list. But your main concern must be the bad bacteria and restoring your oral biome.

  • Opt for Breath Freshening over Whitening

The last of your concerns when targeting plaque buildup in your mouth is teeth whitening. Some great products include bleaches and other whiteners, but don’t home in on those guys because of your vanity.

Most whitening mouthwashes contain weak antibacterial ingredients. Some can even hinder the production of good bacteria by introducing too many whitening agents.

  • All-Natural Is Worth Considering

The days of big brand dominance have waned in the last decade. Consumers have switched to lesser known companies that offer mouthwashes containing ingredients sourced from gardens rather than laboratories.

I include many products in my list that eschew isolates and synthetics for essential oils and plant-based medicines. And you know what? They work great, often better than the stuff you find in your local pharmacy.

My Verdict

I’ve been there; I know that wrestling with gum disease sucks. But think of the odorous breath and the irritated gums as a sign. And it’s up to you to see the symptoms as a positive sign, not a negative one.

You can do something about this problem. And by learning better oral health skills, you gain a remedy that lasts well beyond the time required to kill the bacteria.

These mouthwashes are all fantastic options in your oral health arsenal. But if I could only choose one, I’d recommend OraMD Original mouthwash as my top pick. It’s all-natural and you can use it as a toothpaste, too. Good Luck!

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