Our Team Members

You asked, we listened! Move forward to the next segment to acquire more knowledge on the vital members that make things happen for our company and website; The Best Electric Toothbrush team!  

Andrew Smith


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Andrew Smith is the founder of bestelectrictoothbrushlist.com. He pursued and graduated with a dental degree from Alabama University in late 2000s and worked as an oral hygienist for various renowned dental clinics in the USA. 

In addition to making everything happen with ease for Best Electric Toothbrush List, Andrew is a top-notch orthodontist. The passion he has for his profession didn’t just make him successful, but also gave him the scope to bring this website into existence in 2014.

Andrew is our team’s leader and a workhorse, but always encourages us to prioritise our family life and hobbies. While he’s picked up on loads of hobbies throughout the past few decades, his primary hobbies include basketball and fishing. He regularly watches the NBA and is a massive fan of the Dallas Mavericks, which represents his hometown, Dallas.  

Max Cooperman

Chief Editor

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Max Cooperman is the sidekick of Andrew and the dental technician who contributes heavily to every material that is published on this website. The knowledge that he attains comes from the degree he holds in B.S (Biochemistry), a feat that he accomplished in the summer of 2005 at Iowa Central Community College. He completed his master’s in Dental Hygiene at University of Iowa in 2007.

Max was the first member that was scouted and hired by Andrew. He offered his loyalty to Best Electric Toothbrush List in 2015, and has kept his word ever since.

Even though Max moved to California in mid-2013, his heart still remains in Iowa. He’s a massive fan of MMA and loves hiking under the unbearable heat of summer. 

Katie Baerg

Product Tester

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Katie Baerg might be the newest member of our team, but the contributions she’s made for our website so far are immensely valuable. In addition to being a contributor and a coauthor of the issues published on Best Electric Toothbrush List, she is the leading product tester on our team. Right after a product is purchased, it is typically sent to Katie for evaluation.

While she has yet to gain experience as a dentist and is currently finishing her degree in Dental Public Health, the knowledge she has attained so far about dentistry is truly one of a kind.

Al Mamun

Web Designer & Developer

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Al Mamun is what we typically call the “one-man army” of our team. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2012 at Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He then took his talents to Canada and finished his master’s in Web Development at University of Winnipeg.

He invested his skills into our team in 2018, a year after moving to the USA. He joined Best Electric Toothbrush List as a graphic designer, project manager, and a website developer. He creates all the visuals for the website and handles the back-end and the front-end on a regular basis. He also manages our social media accounts and incorporates his witty sense of humour into our content.