When it comes to selecting toothbrushes that provide a complete solution for oral care, one needs to be quite picky with the features. The one with the most suitable features would be the one to pick for complete oral care solution.

With the Philips rechargeable toothbrushes, one cannot go wrong!

There is only the matter of choosing one that suits your personal oral care preferences in the best way. The importance of a toothbrush is undeniable as it is one of the first things we do to freshen up and start our day and end our day’s activities with it as well. But we do need a far more frequent & intimate relationship with our toothbrush for our complete oral care.

Here, I present to you a comparison based review of the best electric toothbrushes available in the market by Philips. This is an effort to simplify your dilemma of picking the right rechargeable toothbrush for your every need.

In-Depth Comparison Table

FeaturesSonicare DiamondCleanSonicare Flexcare Platinum
Brush heads32
Smart ModeYesNo
Pressure SensorYesYes
Battery life3 weeks3 weeks
Free AppYesNo
Travel casePremiumDeluxe
ColorsLimited color optionsSeveral colors available
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Review

The DiamondClean is not just a toothbrush it is a complete oral care system which is built as a premium product including premium accessories. The smart, rechargeable toothbrush comes with a Black DiamondClean Smart handle with 3 different types of brush heads. One premium plaque control brush head, a premium gum care brush head and a premium white brush head.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

Also, there is a premium travel case included. It is also made more attractive with a glass charger. There is also a free app which can be downloaded for your iOS or Android smartphone.

DiamondClean has five different modes cleaning definitely to make you feel refreshed and satisfied.  It uses less power and its focus is more about simple functionality but better looks. Like the various color options available and the stylish design make it more appealing.

The DiamondClean has a travel case that lets users charge the toothbrush inside the case itself using a USB cable. This is ideal for frequent travelers who do not have to worry about carrying a separate charger. The premium case provided is ideal for avoiding potential accidents and mishaps. Diamond Clean, also, comes with a charging glass which sits the brush on a charging plate at an angle rather than the typical upright position.

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Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Review

The FlexCare Platinum is a more functional design which lacks the stylish look of DiamondClean. But it really intensifies its features to make up for it.

The most attractive feature is the smooth transitions using buttons. It allows you to make use of the volume button using the + and – signs to change intensity of cleaning between low, medium and high.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum

Also, it uses advanced pressure sensor which automatically alerts you, if you are brushing too hard or pressing too hard against your teeth & gums. The use of these incredible functions at any time makes for an overall better brushing experience.

There are three modes of deep cleaning offered by the FlexCare Platinum model. It is effective but is targeted at users who are not too picky. The FlexCare comes with a simple travel case and the charging stand holds the brush in an upright position with a fitted prong. On full charge, it lasts an incredible 3 weeks, that is, if you consider typical three weeks of brushing for about two minutes, twice a day.

The debate could be subjective and both toothbrushes are good in their own unique way. I have used both the toothbrushes to check them out to know which was personally favorable for me.

Keep on reading as I discuss the differences and similarities in both the models of toothbrushes by Philips Sonicare to make your decision-making easier! 

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Similarities & Common Features

Given that both toothbrushes are from the same manufacturer, Philips, there are most certainly many similarities and common features between the two. Some basic similarities are that of course they are both rechargeable, both my Philips, and both from the same product model line Sonicare. But there are other similarities which influence your decision to buy such as the following:

Cleaning Capabilities

Both of these rechargeable toothbrushes have excellent cleaning capabilities through various modes. The cleaning modes such as Clean, White and DeepClean are common in both these toothbrushes. This makes deep cleaning and stain removal two of the most useful features that are common in both the models of the Sonicare toothbrushes from Philips.

This ensures that they are both capable of removing 10x more plaque and stains than any other alternative manual toothbrushes available in the market.

Pressure Sensors

There are pressure sensors in both toothbrushes to help with controlling the intensity that you apply to your teeth while brushing. Though the intensity feature is slightly different in both models, there is a similarity as well. The sensors help to strengthen the gums and whiten teeth without doing any potential damages. The pressure sensor gives an idea of how gentle and cautious you have to be when it comes to our oral care.

The pressure sensor helps in maintaining healthy oral care practices unlike manual toothbrushes. While using a manual one, it is unknown how much pressure is being applied and it may not be healthy for the gums. Brushing hard is not necessarily better at cleaning deep, it may actually be harmful. The gums will be damaged in the process and may lead to gum bleeding, sores, blisters, etc.

Accessories Included

Both Sonicare DiamondClean and Sonicare Flexcare Platinum have a travel case along with accessories which is quite useful and efficient.

The DiamondClean has a premium version of the accessories, making it the more expensive out of the two. Also, both consist of a quad pacer and smart timer. 

Differences: Sonicare DiamondClean vs FlexCare!

Both the Philips rechargeable toothbrushes by Sonicare are excellent products with very few differences that set them apart. Among all those similarities & differences, there are some key differences which may tilt your decision more towards one versus the other.

So, let’s look at some of these differences:

  • Brush Heads

Philips rechargeable toothbrush, Sonicare DiamondClean offers 3 different brush heads for 3 different special treatments for your complete oral care.

  • Plaque Control: 

This premium brush head easily adapts to the shape of every type of teeth to remove 10x more plaque than a mechanical brush, which results in healthier gums and teeth whitening

  • Gum Care:

This premium brush head is specialized for gum care and reduces inflammation 100% more than a mechanical brush for healthier gums in less than 2 weeks

  • White:

This premium brush head bristles through every corner for a thorough cleaning to remove stains and give you whiter teeth within 3 days

What’s more? All brush heads have a microchip inside them to let your DiamondClean Smart toothbrush know which one is being used and give you real-time feedback for the best results.

Whereas, the FlexCare Platinum comes with just the AdaptiveClean brush head, which is helpful in whitening teeth but not the superior standard everyone would be looking for in an expensive rechargeable toothbrush.

Cleaning Modes

DiamondClean consists of 4 cleaning modes which aid in the perfect deep cleaning of teeth:

  • Clean
  • White+
  • Deep Clean
  • Gum Health

The FlexCare Platinum comes with just 3 cleaning modes:

  • Clean
  • White
  • Deep Clean


The DiamondClean consists of an in-built charger. The device will be able to charge the toothbrush while it’s inside the case connected using a detachable USB cable. Of course it must be attached to a socket or USB port for power. This scenario is ideal in many cases where you don’t have to take it out of the case for charging, which makes the process efficient. Also, it comes with a premium charging glass that provides a charging plate.

The FlexCare Platinum comes with a simple case. It charges via the traditional charging stand and does not include a fancy charging glass.


DiamondClean consists of a battery with a life of 21 days after being completely charged. A full charge that lasts up to 3 weeks is really good for people on the go and busy occupations.

The FlexCare Platinum battery lasts for up to 14 days after fully charged. Although this is not an ordeal requiring to be charged every other day, it is one week less than that of DiamondClean but still gives a fair 2 weeks use from a single charge.

Additional Functions

The DiamondClean has labeled lights that let the users know the status of the battery and cleaning modes. They light up when the power is on. The power button, located on the handle, is also used to activate the cleaning modes. It comes with an app which guides you throughout your cleaning process giving you real-time feedback.

In comparison, the FlexCare Platinum has clearly labeled icons for cleaning modes, power button and battery, with an LED above each. Usually it is red, but LED lights up green when power is on. Each mode is activated by selecting the cleaning button located on the lower half of the brush handle. These functionalities make FlexCare Platinum a fair contender for a good toothbrush.

Both Are Fantastic! But Which One Should You Buy?

As discussed throughout the review, both of these rechargeable toothbrushes by Philips Sonicare are excellent choices to begin with. But when choosing one to use, only one will win!

I would highly recommend the DiamondClean any day because I have personally used it and it seems to easily be the more useful choice. What appealed to me the most? The stylish design and premium quality of the DiamondClean is more attractive and with the several color options, it gives off a far more personalized feel to my everyday brushing.

The battery on the DiamondClean is reliable and I would be able to go days without worrying about charging the device. This is not a biased opinion! Frankly speaking, both the models are good in their own unique way.

But in a battle with Philips Sonicare DiamondClean vs FlexCare Platinum, DiamondClean would be the clear winner!


Brushing is one of the most essential cleansing activities of our day. Our toothbrush is the most important tool in this cleansing process coupled with a good toothpaste, regular flossing and mouthwash.

Now, the decision is for you to make by picking between all the functionalities and design compared in this comprehensive review of the Sonicare DiamondClean vs FlexCare Platinum rechargeable toothbrushes by Philips.

Between the two, the DiamondClean is clearly a bit ahead and can be deemed the winner but it would be the more expensive choice. However, the FlexCare Platinum isn’t too far behind with its intensity, features and comparatively lower price. The battery life and standard charging kind of put it second in terms of the ranking, but is still a strong contender in the losing side.

So, remember to brush daily, not just in the morning & night but also after meals & snacks. Get in the habit to brush multiple times a day, use a good toothpaste, floss at least twice a week and use a good mouthwash for fresh smelling breath.

Keep smiling & maintain your healthy teeth with complete oral care!

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