Know what a smoker and coffee drinker have in common? Stains. Specifically, unsightly stains lining their gums and sticking to their teeth from years of enjoying their tasty but corrosive habits.

Nicotine and tar can penetrate deep into your enamel and regular toothpaste cannot remove the discoloring. And coffee seeps in between your teeth, which can lead to other symptoms too, like bad breath and gum disease.

While you can pay for expensive treatments at your dentist office, there may be a cheaper alternative: smoker’s toothpaste. Just like your favorite brand of coffee or cigarettes, not all toothpastes are formulated the same.

I rifled through the lists of the best whitening toothpastes and found six products that rate better than the rest for stain removal and odor control.

In my roundup of the best toothpaste for smokers, I recommend the top toothpastes to combat stains, odor, and sensitivity.

Plus, you’ll discover helpful tips so you can choose the toothpaste that’ll work for you. Continue reading to learn how to whiten your smoker’s teeth today!

Comparison Table for the Best Toothpaste for Smokers

The Top 6 Toothpastes for Smokers and Coffee Drinkers

Cali White Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Founded near the boardwalks of Southern California, CaliWhite aspires to remove the harsh chemicals you’d find in most whitening toothpastes. Not one product in their line of consumer oral care contains ingredients known to cause canker sores, ulcers, or other adverse oral reactions.

Cali White Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

This is especially true of their flagship product, the Pacific mint toothpaste with activated charcoal and coconut oil. Honing their recipe, CaliWhite discovered that the combination of charcoal and coconut oil removed stains without relying on bleaches or chloride.

The activated charcoal agitates and removes surface stains, while the coconut oil restores your mouth’s pH and reduces the amount of harmful acids.

This recipe contains a swath of other helpful ingredients. Baking soda whitens teeth without chemical abrasion, and the tea tree oil cleanses your palate, tongue, and mouth for longer lasting fresh breath.

CaliWhite produces their toothpaste in the USA. It’s free of SLS, phosphates, and parabens. Even better? Their products are gluten free, vegan, and safe for kids.

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What I Like About This Toothpaste

I think CaliWhite’s all-natural toothpaste is perfect for consumers looking to cut back on their reliance on big name products and whiten their teeth at the same time.

While some ingredients here aren’t all that impressive on their own, it’s the effect they have in combination that sets this toothpaste a part.

The two key ingredients, activated charcoal and coconut oil, make for a worthwhile partnership. The charcoal agitates and lifts deep stains while the coconut oil replenishes enamel, reducing the overall abrasion.

I like the tea tree oil and baking soda, too. Working alongside the xylitol, tea tree oil freshens your breath without the aid of toxic sweeteners. And the baking soda cleans in between teeth, lowering your chances of gum disease.

I recommend this product for those that want teeth whitening without resorting to dental bleaches or commercial toothpastes.

What Could Be Better

CaliWhite’s toothpaste suffers from a case of the droop. Because it’s natural, the paste doesn’t hold together like the big brand stuff. So be careful while applying it as it may drop onto the floor and sink basin.

Crest 3D White Toothpaste

Back in 1954 when Crest began, customers knew it as Fluoristan. And no, that’s not a country. Fluoristan comes from the active chemical that Crest includes in their toothpastes to this day, sodium fluoride.

Crest 3D White Toothpaste

Today, Crest towers over the oral health sector, owning companies like Blend-A-Med and Oral-B. You can’t go into a pharmacy or chemist without seeing their products. They must do something right, eh?

This brand of Crest lives under their 3D moniker of products. The 3D represents the three benefits targeted by the formula. The toothpaste whitens, protects, and strengthens teeth.

Crest 3D white toothpaste guarantees that it can whiten teeth in less than a week. And recent third-party research proves that it can remove up to 80% of surface stains.

This package ships with three tubes of the formula. So you get three times the savings compared to other leading brands.

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What I Like About This Toothpaste

I have a reputation for bashing the oral health juggernauts, but I admit when a product works. And the 3D white by Crest works great.

There’s noticeable whitening after about a week or more of daily brushing. And the Radiant Mint flavor hits that sweet balance between refreshing and tasty, without overpowering your senses.

I like that this toothpaste also protects your teeth after brushing. Smokers and coffee drinkers wear away their enamel throughout the day, and the extra protection helps.

Plus, with three tubes for the price of one, you can save some money and shield your teeth from damage. As smokers know, the price of cigarettes rises in one direction, and that’s up. I recommend this toothpaste for mild to medium stain removal.

What Could Be Better

While the toothpaste is surprisingly effective, the packaging design does not deliver. Customers complain that the lid can pop open on its own and leak paste on your bathroom sink.

Clinomyn Toothpaste for Smokers

This toothpaste company boasts a unique claim on the list. Not only can you find their headquarters tucked under the fjords of Sweden, they also manufacture a toothpaste specifically for smokers.

Clinomyn Toothpaste for Smokers

Designed to be used twice a day, Clinomyn’s smoker toothpaste targets the most common issues from daily smoking. It gently removes stains coating teeth and acids in saliva that cause tooth decay.

Daily use of this toothpaste results in fresher breath and whiter teeth. It can also reduce the occurrence of dry mouth and sensitivity.

Although formulated for smoking, this Clinomyn toothpaste shields teeth from the other the splendors of life, like coffee, acidic foods, and red wine.

By bolstering its ingredients with calcium and fluoride, it improves overall dental health and prevents the symptoms which lead to dental carries and halitosis.

Although a famous brand in Europe, this is the first time they have released it in the Americas. So join the millions of happy users and try it out today.

What I Like About This Toothpaste

I heard about this toothpaste from an English colleague of mine. He’s a smoker and swears by this stuff. It’s big across the pond, and I’m excited that we can finally purchase it here.

Clinomyn’s formula includes Polynam, which is an anti-stain fluoride mineral. It works a little differently than the stuff over here because it wards off stains, and it enriches your teeth and enamel.

This stuff works great. You’ll notice your teeth whiten using this toothpaste, but not as much as with toothpaste formulas designed to whiten.

I think Clinomyn’s Smoker toothpaste sits high on my list. If you want a great daily toothpaste that cleans and protects your teeth from your smoking habit, you can’t go wrong with this option.

What Could Be Better

Because the product ships from England, it can take upwards of 2 to 3 weeks to receive your shipment. I like the product and think it’s worth the wait. Just know that you may not get it as quickly as other products online.

Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Toothpaste

Tom’s of Maine began in a hamlet along the salty coast of Maine. Tom, a father and entrepreneur, developed Clearlake products in 1975. Their toothpaste launched after rebranding in the 90s to the more personable Tom’s moniker.

Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Toothpaste

But from the beginning, the aim of their products was the elimination of sweeteners and chemical ingredients. And their toothpaste stands as a testament to this goal.

This antiplaque and whitening toothpaste contains no fluoride, which some dental professionals believe can cause oral health issues if over-ingested.

One of a smoker’s leading oral health concerns is tartar build up. This toothpaste uses zinc citrate to both remove plaque and protect the gumline from buildup caused by nicotine and tar.

The added xylitol sourced from both corn stalks and birch trees balances your oral biome and mucus glands. That means your saliva protects your teeth and gums all day instead of harming them.

What I Like About This Toothpaste

I think both smokers and coffee drinkers can agree that a full day of imbibing on your favorite tobacco or coffee brand can lead to some harsh mouthfeel.

Tom’s antiplaque and whitening toothpaste does a great job of staving off the odor and tartar build up common to smokers and coffee drinkers alike.

The flavor isn’t too strong, yet it lasted well into the day. I think this toothpaste works best if used after every meal, including lunch.

Some may shirk this product because it doesn’t contain fluoride. But customers have trusted Tom’s toothpaste for decades. It comes highly recommended by dentist professionals, too.

I recommend this toothpaste for anyone with medium smoke stains and browning around the gumline. But those with heavy stains should probably look at a stronger toothpaste.

What Could Be Better

It’s worth mentioning that Palmolive purchased Tom’s of Maine. But the Chappell family still holds a small portion of the company, and their ideals safeguard their company from animal testing and chemical ingredients.

Sensodyne Toothpaste for Sensitivity

Sensodyne began in the tenements of Brooklyn in 1907 by Alexander Block, an oral health professional. His standout sensitive formula still leads the industry. No other toothpaste sells as well as Sensodyne for consumers with sensitivity.

Sensodyne Toothpaste for Sensitivity

This toothpaste specializes in extra whitening. Its active abrasion particles scrub and lift stains that have penetrated deep into your enamel and dentin. With Sensodyne Extra Whitening you get double the whitening power and protection from sensitivity.

To relieve your sensitive teeth and gums, Sensodyne fortifies their products with potassium nitrate. This beneficial ingredient reaches the nerves found beyond your dentin and soothes them.

In comparative lab tests, dentists recommend this product 9 times out of 10 for both sensitivity and whitening capability. It’s also approved by the American Dental association.

You’ll find included in this toothpaste a dose of fluoride, which strengthens teeth and remineralizes enamel that has eroded from acidic foods, cigarettes, and coffee.

What I Like About This Toothpaste

Sensodyne has always been a staple in my oral health care regimen. While I don’t use it all the time, I keep it close for those days or weeks that my tooth sensitivity flares up.

And when you smoke or drink coffee, two things often happen at the same time. One, you’ll notice eating hot food or drinking cold beverages will sting your mouth. And two, the stains on your teeth will most likely have gotten worse.

I think this formula by Sensodyne is perfect for both these problems, either separately or together. I found the mint flavor to be quite mild, and it doesn’t linger too long. But the sensitivity fades away after two weeks at most. And the whitening agents show notable improvements in around the same time frame.

What Could Be Better

Though this product should be perfect for those that need to remove deep, heavy stains and relieve tooth sensitivity, it isn’t ideal for bad breath. You could purchase this product and buy a mouth wash that restores your oral pH or look at another toothpaste.

Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste

The Colgate-Palmolive corporation houses a stack of companies so high that you’d hurt your neck trying to see the top. Everything from Speed Stick to Hill’s pet food lives under its wide and welcoming umbrella.

Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste

But Colgate knows which side of their bread to butter, and their toothpastes have always been a leading contender in the marketplace. This means that they re-invent their formula whenever new technology or research points to the future.

Their new Total Care formula adds stannous fluoride and other ingredients to undergird their already world-famous toothpaste. This product specializes in whole mouth health. It fends off bacteria, removes stains, restores weakened enamel, and eases tooth sensitivity.

This package ships with four packs of toothpaste for the price of one. But what you save on cost you gain in oral health. Although it doesn’t mention it on the box, the paste has a cool mint flavor.

What I Like About This Toothpaste

If you’re looking for a whitening toothpaste that can reduce stains caused by smoking and promote general oral health, then this is a great option.

I included it to round out my list and provide a product that doesn’t do one thing specifically, but plenty of things well. Out of all the total care options from the big brands, I think this one works as advertised.

I mean, it won’t remove very deep stains. And if you have harsh sensitivity or heavy tartar buildup, check elsewhere. But for a mild, long lasting toothpaste at a great price, you can’t go wrong with Colgate Total.

I recommend this product for mild stain removal and smokers who go to the dentist routinely yet desire quality protection between visits.

What Could Be Better

While the list of benefits is only outmatched by this product’s price, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Because they released the formula in the last few years, it has no seal from the American Dental Association.

What to Know Before Picking the Best Toothpaste for Smokers

I get it. When you first noticed how bad those stains were getting, you nearly jumped out of your skin. I did too. But the fight has just begun. You’ll be surprised how much a good smoker’s toothpaste can reduce those nasty brown crusties around your gumline.

But before you choose a toothpaste, you need to reckon with a few important topics. Below, I tell you everything you need to know before you make your final decision.

A Whitening Ingredient

This one is an easy decision. Obviously, you will need some help to scrub away those stains. But not all whitening agents work the same. Chemical whiteners penetrate your enamel and dilute the stains.

However, these chemicals can also cause damage if used too often, as they are very abrasive. Some toothpastes opt for charcoal. This natural ingredient can remove surface level stains. While reviews have been favorable for charcoal toothpastes, they may not work on deeper stains.

Every Day or Every Other Day?

I think this is a common misconception with whitening toothpastes. You shouldn’t brush with a whitening toothpaste every day. This is especially true if your toothpaste has strong active ingredients or you have sensitive gums.

All the toothpastes on my list advertise some degree of whitening. This means they are abrasive and can wear away your enamel. You can’t grow that stuff back. And once it’s gone your teeth are more prone to cavities.

But Be Careful with Sensitivity

Smokers often suffer from gum and tooth sensitivity. That’s because nicotine, when mixed with air, penetrates deep into your skin and teeth. It also weakens your mouth’s defenses to hot, cold, spicy, and acidic foods and beverages.

If you suffer from oral sensitivity, be on the lookout for the products on my list that I recommend specifically for this ailment. Some toothpastes contain high levels of either fluoride or bleaches that may cause you discomfort in equal measure to how much they whiten your teeth.

Choose the Right Flavor

Yes, flavor matters! Smoking sits at the top of the list as the main cause of halitosis, gingivitis, and plain old bad breath. Depending on how much you smoke, you may need a potent flavor to penetrate that stank.

Flavor was one of my criteria for choosing my best toothpastes for coffee drinkers and smokers. Most of these picks should cull those noxious fumes. But for those of you with a real problem, I mention the most potent products by name.

To Fluoride or Not to Fluoride?

In the past few years, fluoride has gone from a godsent mineral to a controversial additive. Some dentists and oral health professionals argue that fluoride consumption in the US ranks too high.

On the other hand, others shirk these claims by positing that the mineral has cut the number of dental carries in half. For what it’s worth, I think if you’re a smoker or a coffee drinker you need all the help you can get.

Check the Label

There are plenty of web articles detailing what you should and should not have in your toothpaste. I don’t mention all of them in my reviews since my main consideration is their effectiveness against the negative effects of smoking.

So do some research yourself. Before you choose a product, figure out if you care about parabens or phosphates. Some toothpastes these days are also gluten-free, vegan friendly, and animal testing safe.

My Verdict

Nicotine and caffeine are difficult stimulants to quit for a reason. They effectively lower your stress levels and help you breeze through your workday. But rarely does a boom not follow a bang.

Of the many negatives we know about smoking, brown stains on your teeth rank near the bottom of the list. But they can still cause you plenty of grief. That’s where my list comes in. I sought to help you do something about it now, with no dentist visit.

Hopefully, my options give you some hope. And if you need a pick for the overall best option, I’d go with Clinomyn. The smoker-specific formula works better than the big-name brands. And the natural ingredients cut down tartar and stains within a week.

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