It’s not enough to use a mouthwash for oral ringing – you must do it in style. This is why we highly recommend good mouthwash dispensers. And you should also make sure you get a few things right about it. These include the material of the dispenser, the volume of liquid it holds and ease of using it. We take a look at these factors along with some of the most talked about issues that determine performance. Also read about the five best mouthwash dispensers in the arena and which one we recommend most highly.

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Types of mouthwash dispenser!

  • Glass mouthwash dispensers: The glass made dispensers are considered among the superior quality decanters and are only lower in grade than the crystal mouthwash dispensers. We have seen several manufacturers trying to pass these off as crystal decanters with better finishing. Just be a little careful about that. However, glass dispensers are better than the plastic and ceramic ones. You can be sure the dispenser will not react with the glass.
  • Crystal mouthwash dispensers: The crystal mouthwash dispensers are very high on aesthetics. But we will submit that they miss out slightly on purpose. They are not the best suited decanters if you have kids in the home. Also you cannot really imagine commercial use for them unless you own a luxury hotel. These dispensers generally hold lesser quantities of liquid.
  • Plastic mouthwash dispenser: The plastic mouthwash dispensers are among the most cost-friendly dispensers. These favor commercial use and you may even get larger, wall-mounted units. The mouthwash is generally poured out in disposable cups and needs to be refilled after the reservoir runs out of it. If you are looking for something that is low cost containment, this can be it.
  • Ceramic mouthwash dispenser: The ceramic mouthwash dispensers are considered good for use at home, especially homes with children. You will easily get a lock feature with these dispensers. The lock feature will keep the dispenser active till long. You can choose between pouring and pump actions for these dispensers. Good quality ceramic dispensers do not react with the mouthwash inside.

Recognize the perfect dispenser: follow these attributes

  • Pump action convenience: Most mouthwash dispensers now come with a pump action. You can note the difference in quality and material for different pumps. More than that, you should be concerned about the convenience with which the pump action of the mouthwash comes into the fore. Look for something that does the job with just one easy press of the pump.
  • Identifying the right type is important: Go for the ceramic decanters if you are looking for the safest decanters for kids. The glass dispensers are considered excellent if you want a standard pump-action dispenser for home and commercial use. But if you are really bent on using something that is high on looks, go for the crystal ones. Purely commercial applications are best resolved with plastic dispensers.
  • Residential and commercial application: The dynamic nature of mouthwash dispensation should be looked into by a good mouthwash dispenser. You may use it at your home or at a commercial establishment. On most occasions, you will need different dispensers for different purposes. Just be sure about the application and a healthy array of options is available.
  • Kid love: Let’s get this straight – whether your kids love it or not, you cannot trust them with something like a crystal dispenser. The ceramic ones seem to do well with kids. Most of them are shaped to replicate water bottles. You may also use the wall-mounted plastic dispensers for commercial applications in schools and playhouses.
  • Volume issues: There are variegated kinds of dispensers here – some of them hold 4 ounces of liquid and some others hold about 32 ounces. You should time your play well here. You will not always need large dispensers and the heavily aesthetic ones may be too little for the family or guests. Go for something in between.

Our top 5 recommended mouthwash dispenser reviews

The Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser Lead-Free Crystal with Chrome Pump

Our Impression

The Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser

The Perfect Measure is a simple action device that comes with a pump for easy dispensation. You can press the pump once to suck up 2 ounces of liquid every time. The crystal container measures 32 ounces and is free from lead throughout. The crystal decanter also has the word “mouthwash” engraved on its body. This is where you get that little “extra” with the dispenser. Children and guests can easily locate it in the bathroom.

The Perfect Measure dispenser promises to be the perfect addition to your bathroom essentials. It eliminates all drips, waste and spills whenever you are using it for dispensation. There is also a healthy chance your children will develop a habit of washing their mouth after every meal. The good thing about the Perfect Measure is that you can use it for both residential and commercial establishments. Also, it stores enough liquid for 16 uses, which should last you the day easily.


  • 32 ounce decanter.
  • Easy action pump.
  • Pumps 2 ounces at a go.
  • Good for commercial and residential use.
  • Does not spill, drip or waste.


  • Brittle glass used in body.
  • Could break on falling.
  • Needs frequent refills.

Mini Mouthwash Dispenser (White) – For GotFreshBreath Alcohol-free Mouthwash

Our Impression

Mini Mouthwash Dispenser (White)

The Mini Mouthwash Dispenser comes with a white mouthwash dispenser and is accompanied with an installation kit and cup dispenser. You will really like the free mouthwash bottle included with the unit. And that is not all. There are also 120 12.5 milliliter cups that come included with the package. So at the frontline, you get a lot of mouthwash and mouthwash holders at the same time. The dispenser is mounted on the wall and you can see it is self-standing.

The dispenser also comes with a battery-less design and has been designed for use on commercial applications only. The negative about the dispenser is that you cannot use any other mouthwash apart from the GFB mouthwash. That is not too bad either, considering every bottle serves about 120 cups of mouthwash. The process of using the mouthwash dispenser is also fairly simple. All you need to do is make sure the dispenser is installed firmly and the tap is functional.


  • Can be mounted on wall.
  • Serves 120 cups for every bottle.
  • Comes with a free bottle of mouthwash.
  • Comes with 120 cups.


  • Only uses GFB mouthwash.
  • Children may not reach the top.

InterDesign Clarity Mouthwash Pump Dispenser with Paper Cup Holder for Bathroom Countertops

Our Impression

InterDesign Clarity Mouthwash Dispenser

The InterDesign Clarity is a new design in mouthwash dispensers. It is a straight decanter with a small container for cups attached to the same unit. The arrangement keeps cups ready for you so you can be ready to rinse water or mouthwash. The pump action decanter can be easily refilled. You can stock a little more than 25.75 oz of liquid in the decanter. It also includes 8 disposable paper cups that you can easily replace with new ones.

The pump used in the InterDesign Clarity deserves special mention. It is made of brushed nickel head and has a simple plastic base that you can easily get replaced with whatever you want. The InterDesign Clarity has measurements of 6.25” x 9.25” x 3.5”. Comparing to some other designs available in the market, the InterDesign Clarity might seem a little misplaced. However, it is a very functional design that you will get accustomed with.


  • Comes with 8 included cups.
  • Separate cup for holding cups.
  • Easy pump dispensing action.
  • Does not much noise.
  • Holds over 25 ounces of liquid.


  • Weaker than a glass dispenser.
  • The pump may give up soon.

OXO Good Grips Pump Mouthwash Dispenser

Our Impression

OXO Mouthwash Dispenser

The Good Grips mouthwash dispenser from Good Grips is among the better mouthwash dispensers you find on the web. It is a single unit that looks after the storage, measurement and dispensation of mouthwash for you. The sliding motion of the device helps dispense mouthwash in generous quantities for you. You also get a valve included in the device. The valve helps the mouthwash from getting back into the device. You can easily refill the dispenser by twisting open the top cap.

The Good Grips is not great on capacity though. It is a 12 oz bottle that needs to be refilled rather often. The design is a positive that you can live with. It is made of plastic and has a brush nickel design for easy cleaning and dispensation. You can also fit a whole family of brushes inside the brush holder of the Good Grips. And rinsing the unit is quite easy as well.


  • Comes with additional toothbrush storage.
  • Comes with a handy pump action.
  • Can be easily rinsed after use.
  • Central cavity for toothpaste storage.


  • Cannot be sealed completely.
  • Usage involves some hassles.
  • Not a lot of options.

Crystal Clear Hamilton Mouthwash Crystal Decanter, 6-Ounce

Our Impression

Hamilton Mouthwash dispenser

Most of the mouthwash dispensers that we have reviewed so far have focused mainly on utility and not on the aesthetics alone. The Hamilton Mouthwash Crystal Clear dispenser is an exception in that sense. It looks the part as far in style and sophistication go. The material used in the decanter is crystal throughout. The bottle is quite tall at 9 inches. However, that is not an apt indication for the amount of liquid it can store.

You should not look to make the Hamilton Mouthwash dispenser into a regular bathroom commodity if you have children in the house. But you may always use as a specialty to impress rare guest. Since the dispenser is not a pump-action one, you will need to clean it between refills. You can use some warm water and a very mild detergent to clean the outsides. Do not use detergent on the inside; you can just rinse with water.


  • Extremely well designed.
  • Does not pose pump-inaction challenges.
  • Easy to pour out liquid from.
  • Made with crystal.
  • Very aesthetic cap.


  • Does not suit children use.
  • Can break on falling.
  • Not the most convenient.

The Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser Lead-Free Crystal with Chrome Pump is the perfect choice!

The Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser is a very convenient decanter that houses 32 ounces of mouthwash liquid in it. The pump action of the dispenser is fairly easy to comprehend. Even children can use it without much difficulty. You can pump out 2 ounces with each press. It suits both commercial and residential applications equally well. Moreover, it saves you the drips, drops and spills which are common with other similarly priced mouthwash dispensers.

Bottom Line

A good mouthwash dispenser is all about getting the breath and the feel right. Make sure you feel right when you invest in your next.

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