Best Denture Cleaner: Fresh and Clean Dentures for a Bright Smile

Dentures are a pretty substantial investment. You wouldn’t drive your car around without washing it with the best products. It’s important to really take care of your dentures and partials, so they’ll last for years.

Your dental appliance needs to be cleaned as much as real teeth. Food can get stuck between your false teeth. Bacteria can develop. If bacteria isn’t cleaned, a film will cover them. Eventually, you could end up with plaque and even tartar on them.

Many people are surprised to learn that plaque can get stuck on dentures. Here I’ve reviewed the best tablets and machines for cleaning dentures.

Best Denture Cleaner Comparison Table

ModelTypeSizeNotable FeaturePrice
iSonic F3900 Denture CleanerMachine7" x 4.5"200 ml water tank Check Price
Retainer Brite Cleaning TabletsTablet120 Piece 4 Months Supply Check Price
Famili Ultrasonic CleanerMachine5" x 2.5"600 ml water tank Check Price
Efferdent Denture CleanserTablet120 Piece 4 Months Supply Check Price
Dental Duty Retainer CleanserTablet120 Piece 4 Months Supply Check Price

Top 5 Denture Cleaners Review

iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

There are a few ways you can get a deep clean on your dentures or partials. This iSonic cleaner is a high-tech version that will make your false teeth shiny and hygienic. This denture cleaner works for all kinds of oral appliances.

iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

This is a compact device to remove bacteria, food particles, and film from your mouth appliance. Inside the small tub, two plates will fit comfortably. Partials, retainers, mouth guards, and invisible braces can be placed inside the device to be sanitized, too.

It has a transducer to create ultrasound within the device. It works a bit like a sonic toothbrush. It vibrates to shake off debris between teeth. It generates bubbles that collapse and suck away food. That’s how it removes bacteria from the dentures.

With this machine cleaner, dental appliances will be cleaned of stains, too. The powder included with the device disinfects dentures. It works automatically once you press the button. It lasts for 5 minutes with an automatic shut off when it’s done.

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Great positives

As a person who normally uses cleaning tablets, this was a bit different to judge. The tank filled easily. It comes with a solution to clean your dentures.

After placing the dentures in the solution, pressing one button was as simple as could be. The device began to hum and the water moved ever so slightly. I could walk away and get ready for bed.

It automatically shuts down when it’s finished. My husband has a mouth guard for teeth grinding. It cleaned that very well. It removed bacteria and made it smell fresh and clean.

Minor concern

The only problem I could see is that the basket can’t be removed. It has to be unplugged, moved to fill, and moved to pour out the water. Not a huge inconvenience, though, since we use it in the bathroom.

Retainer Brite Cleaning Tablets

This brand is called a cleaner for retainers. It’s not just for retainers, though. This is a fantastic alternative to the brands you know. It’s impressive in its cleaning ability. The tablets work on dentures, retainers, and other appliances.

Retainer Brite Cleaning Tablets

In the box, you’re getting 120 tablets, which ends up being 4 months of cleaning. Dentures should be cleansed at least once per day. With this amount, it will be a long time before you have to make another purchase. Most people will use these tablets just once per day.

One tablet works with warm water and a small cup. The water only needs to cover the wafer and dentures. It fizzes to show it’s working. The instructions indicate 15 minutes is enough time to get a thorough clean. It can also be left until the fizzing stops.

The fizzing action removes film and debris from your dentures. With food removed from your dentures, they will smell better. Bacteria and film are removed, which keeps you from getting plaque. If you were to get plaque on your dentures, it would have to be removed by a dentist.

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Great positives

With these tablets and a bit of tap water, you’re getting a cleaner that works on all kinds of oral appliances. Dentures are getting a good scrubbing without damage. It’s not hard to damage dentures with abrasives.

You’d have to sit there for 15 minutes with a toothbrush to get the same kind of cleaning. You wouldn’t be able to use toothpaste, either. Just drop the tablet into a glass with the water for easy and safe cleaning.

It’s easy to do this while getting ready for your day. After soaking and rinsing my dentures, I’m confident they are fresh and clean. Sometimes, I do this in the morning when I’ve forgotten to remove the dentures.

Minor concern

The tablets contain perasulfate. It’s a cleanser that is known to cause allergic reactions. It’s not going to be right for people with that allergy. My husband and I don’t have a problem with the ingredient.

Famili Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer

With an ultrasonic device, the cleaning is more in-depth. They are known for providing a safe cleanse for your dentures. Dentures are quite costly. You don’t want them ruined by the cleaning process. This is made precisely for delicate pieces. Although, this Famili one is not made exclusively for dentures.

Famili Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer

The ultrasonic cleaner comes with a detachable basket. It’s helpful for loading and unloading your dentures when you’re in a rush. It makes the device easy to clean, too. The inner wash bowl is large enough to wash your upper and lower plate. The basket can be removed when the device is finished. It helps to rinse it inside the basket.

It has 5 cleaning setups. The ultrasonic device delivers 42,000 Hz of vibration. The different cycles are based on the time you’d like to set. Cycles are based on seconds. It’s 90, 180, 300, 480, and 600. The device shuts off automatically after the time is up.

With vibration and the cleansing solution, it will remove food. Dentures have the same problem as real teeth. Food can get stuck between them. That leftover food turns to bacteria and plaque. Plaque can turn into tartar. The ultrasonic device removes food and bacteria, so you never get to that point.

Great positives

It’s a compact device for cleaning dentures. The width and dimensions are 4.8 inches long by 2.2 inches wide by 1.7 inches high. Plenty of room in your cleaner for partials, mouth guards, or other oral appliances.

The compact nature of the device means you can take it with you when traveling. It’s not so compact that you can’t fit your dentures in there. It can be used to clean other things, too.

This machine removed much of the denture adhesive stuck to the plates. It saves me time and energy since I don’t have to brush that off myself. I’ve been known to wash my wedding set in there, too. They come out sparkling!

Minor concern

The device makes a humming noise. It’s not really loud, but you can hear it across the room. I leave mine in the bathroom and shut the door. Problem solved.

Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser

This is a brand we’re all familiar with for cleaning dentures. The denture cleansing company has received an Acceptance of Efficacy from the American Dental Association. It means that it’s shown to be effective on dental prostheses.

Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser

In this box, you’re getting 120 tablets. It equals 4 months of product. They are individually wrapped. That keeps them fresh until you’re ready to use one. If you travel, you can toss a few in your bag easily. They can easily fit in your bag while an electronic cleaner can’t.

The tablets are very easy to use. A cup of water and the tablet are all you need. The cleansing tablet will dissolve in the water over 15 minutes. That’s all the time required for daily cleaning. As it dissolves, the bubbles are popping and fizzing.

The bubbles remove food. It kills any bacteria on the dentures, retainer, or partials. The bubbles dislodge food, but they also fight against plaque. Odor is removed with the soaking, too. The bubbles and the cleanser work together to give you sparkling dentures.

Great positives

At the end of the day, it’s easy to soak dentures in water and one tablet. As I’m getting ready for bed, I pour a glass of water and drop in the tablet.

It sits and does all the hardest work for me. In the morning, brushing the dentures removes any leftover food. I like to brush my teeth in the morning and use mouthwash. It ensures that I don’t forget to rinse the dentures before popping them back into my mouth.

At that point, I’m taking care of my gums, tongue, and mouth. You’ll find the way to use it that works for you. Mouth guards are also easy to clean with the tablets, too. They can

Minor concern

There’s a bit of a chemical smell and taste when finished. The tablet is meant for bacteria, so the smell is expected. It’s why I use mouthwash after, and that easily solves the problem.

Dental Duty Anti-Bacterial Retainer Cleanser

Dental Duty provides plenty of products that are recommended by dentists. They produce mouth guards for teeth grinding as well as the tablets to clean them. Retainers, full dentures, and partial plates can be cleaned with the anti-bacterial retainers, too.

Dental Duty Anti-Bacterial Retainer Cleanser

Inside the box, you’re getting 120 tablets for a 4-month supply. It takes only 15 minutes to get a clean mouth from one tablet. You decide when it’s the perfect time to use the tablet for cleaning. The tablet and water can clean dentures at night or in the morning. It won’t matter because the benefits only take 15 minutes.

It’s likely that your entire family has a need for these tablets. Like my family – I have dentures and my husband has a night guard. Your teenager might have invisible braces. It works equally well on all these devices. The 4-month supply becomes a 2- to 3-month supply, but that’s completely worth it for clean appliances.

The anti-bacterial properties remove food as well as any built-up bacteria. It reduces the chance that you’ll get plaque that turns to tartar. That can still happen to your dentures or partials like it does to your natural teeth. It’s vital that you treat them well by cleaning regularly.

Great positives

My husband and I have used these. He had a build up of odor on his night guard as it started to get old. It cleaned the guard in one soak removing the odor. According to him, the weird taste it had developed was gone, too.

The plates of my dentures were easily cleaned without causing damage, too. Between us, we used the supply before the 4 months was up. All we had to do was purchase more.

It’s totally worth purchasing. Especially if you have more than one device to be cleaned. We like to try different tablets and cleaners, but this one we purchased more than once.

Minor concern

The tablets can be a bit challenging to remove from the packaging. The packets have to be torn, which can often lead to broken tablets.

Efferdent vs Polident

These are two of the most popular denture cleaners on the market. It’s often debated which of the two are more effective against bacteria, food particles, and bad breath.

Removing plaque and food is vital for your health. Not only will it make your breath fresher, removing food will reduce bacteria. There are anti-bacterial options that kill almost 100% of the bacteria in your mouth.

Polident is a well-known company that has plenty of denture products. They’re especially known for their dental adhesive. They have denture-cleaning tablets that will remove 99.99% of bacteria.

The tablets use a MicroClean formula that removes bacteria in as little as 3 minutes. It has freshening elements to give you clean, fresh breath, too.

Efferdent has a few types of denture cleanser tablets. They remove 99.9% of the bacteria on your dentures. Some have oxi-action. Oxygen bubbles to get between teeth. Others are specifically for general brightening or specific to a type of drink stain.

The biggest difference is the American Dental Association’s Seal of Approval. It’s on 3 of the 4 types of tablets Efferdent provides their customers.

The ADA gives those to products that are efficient at cleaning. While Polident might be efficient, they weren’t awarded a Seal.

For that reason, we would call Efferdent the winner between the two. We’ve even chosen one for the list.

What to Consider When Picking the Best Denture Cleaner

Dentures need to be cleaned, but how often? Do they need to be brushed after every meal? Are you leaving them on your bedside in a glass at night? Do you sleep with them in your mouth and try brushing them in the morning?

There are many things to consider when choosing a way to clean your dentures. Along with the best cleaner comes the best way to clean. (By the way, never use toothpaste!)

  • Type That Works Best for Your Way of Life

There are a few ways to keep your dentures looking their best. You’ll need to decide whether you want to clean them using tablets or a machine. Tablets are a cleaning solution that remove odor and bacteria using bubbles. The bubbles fizz and pop removing film and food in its wake.

Cleaning can be done with a machine, too. The cleansing machines are sonic. It uses vibration to remove food and bacteria particles. The solution removes odors, too. There’s a bit more maintenance to be done to clean the machine, but it’s thought to do a better job on dentures.

  • What Kind of Dentures Do You Have?

The type of dentures will influence the kind of solution and cleanser you’ll use. There are dentures, partials, and retainers. Denture cleansers can be used with Invisalign, too. Machines will fit a certain amount of your dentures in there. Tablets can be added to more water to do partials and full dentures at the same time.

Each oral apparatus has its own disadvantages. Some have soft linings. Partials and retainers have metal parts. There can be problems soaking dentures too long. Metal can become rusted over time when left in water. That’s something to consider depending on your denture type.

  • Stains on Dentures

The same bleaching you do on your teeth can’t be done on dentures. Whitening bleach soaks down into the enamel and removes stains. The enamel is porous, so it can hold onto food and bacteria causing staining.

Dentures do not have enamel. They’re made from porcelain, ceramic, and/or plastic. The bleach can’t soak down into the material and remove stains. It would only break the dental appliance. For that reason, you have to find a solution that will whiten dentures.

  • Stay Away from Abrasives

Toothpaste has abrasives to get down into the enamel and remove particles. It can clean your teeth wonderfully. It’s not good at cleaning dentures.

The material isn’t close to being the same. Dentures and partials are made with plastic, ceramic, or porcelain. They can’t protect themselves against scratches.

Abrasives will leave minute scratches on the dentures. Food and bacteria can get into the scratches and cause issues.

  • Brushing and Cleaning after Meals

Using a toothbrush on your dentures won’t do any harm as long as it’s a very soft bristle. It’s not a good idea to use toothpaste, though, as I’ve mentioned a few times. It’s important that you never do this.

Clean your dentures after every meal. You can use a toothbrush to remove food particles. It will keep your breath fresh. You can use a denture cleanser after every meal if you want.

  • Overnight Soaking

Some denture cleansers only need a few minutes to give you an adequate clean. If you want a deeper clean, you can use a cleaner for overnight deep cleaning. That can be done with more than one tablet at a time or with a specific product for overnight cleaning.

Overnight cleaning products can have a whitening ingredient in them, too. It works on non-porous surfaces, so it can give a more in-depth cleaning. It’s something to consider when you’re purchasing a good denture cleaner.

Dos and Don’ts for Your Dentures

  • Handle Carefully
  • Rinse Before Placing in Your Mouth
  • Have Regular Dental Visits
  • Stay Away from Whitening Toothpastes
  • Don’t Use Bleach
  • Avoid Hot Water


Dentures are a pretty expensive device. It has to last for years and years. It’s your smile in place of missing teeth. It’s embarrassing to have stains or food in your teeth. Bad breath from food particles can be a real issue with dentures.

Proper cleaning will keep them in the best shape possible. I’ve given you plenty to think about in this review. Over the years, my husband and I have spent a lot of time pouring over the best denture cleaners to find one to serve both of us.

All of that research is now in your hands. You’ll be able to get the best denture cleaner for you, your spouse, or significant other. It’s great for families where someone wears braces, too.

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