Best Teeth Whitening Kit Decoded: Products You Can Use at Home!

Don’t you love a pleasant smile? I know, I do!

Many of us savor the pearl-like smile that we have. Others delve too much in coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, and sugar-based items. As a result, the natural white smile fades away into a Yellowish nightmare. If left untreated, these things cause plaques and stains on our teeth.

Believe it or not, best teeth whitening kits can save your teeth and revive your pearl-like smile in quick time. All you have to do is to use them as prescribed. People can use them at home. That’s right! No expensive trips to the dentist are necessary.

Better yet, you’ll find 10 of the top products in THIS article. So, you don’t need to hop around in the hopes of getting the ideal item for your dental care. This little (pun intended) piece contains a detailed explanation of the concept of teeth bleaching, a buying guide, some tips, and answers to lingering questions regarding the process as well.

What Is a Teeth Whitening Kit?

Teeth whitening kits are what I call “Quick Fixes.” These kits do the job of good toothpaste but much quicker. Whitening kits work by bleaching your teeth. These kits depend on Peroxide solutions for the job. Once bought, people can use it multiple times depending on the size and number of refills it has.

Teeth whitening kits are of two types. Dentists use one kind. You’ll find these in dental clinics. These are expensive, take time and regular visits to the clinics. Then you have the “At home” kits. These are less pricy and quick in action. But these kits bear some amount of risk of damaging your teeth as well.

Top 10 Whitening Kits Comparison Chart

Kit ModelTypeUsing timeBest Result Price
Crest 3D White StripesStrip30 min20 days Check Price
AuraGlow Led light KitLed light 30 min4-7 days Check Price
ActiveWow Led light KitLed light 10-20 min10-15 days Check Price
Crest 3D with LightStrip-light 10 min10 days Check Price
Cali White Vegan KITLed light 10-30 min7-10 days Check Price
Lovely Smile PremiumStrip60 min14 days Check Price
MySmile Whitening Kit
Gel-light10 min9 days Check Price
AuraGlow Whitening Pen
Pen60 min7-14 days Check Price
Zoom Nite Whitening Gel
Gel45 min30 days Check Price
AsaVea Whitening Pen
Pen60 min20 days Check Price

Top Teeth Whitening Kits That You’ll Find Today!

Now that you know about how many types of products there are, it’s natural to grow a curiosity about which kits are the best in the business. Just to quench your thirst and help you in making the optimum decision, let me go over some of my favorite brands and their kits in this section.

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

Crest is one of the best when it comes to strip-based teeth whitening products. You get a combo of quality and quantity with this small product. I found as many as 20 strips needed for twenty treatments. Yes, there are two additional strips. These are for occasions where people need express results.

I LOVE this product. Crest claims and DOES remove 14 years’ old stains. Crest Does it in three easy steps. Users need to peel the product to reveal the gel in the strip. Apply the strip on their teeth and reveal the teeth again when done. People need to apply this thing once in a day and for 30 minutes only.

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

Don’t worry, you can drink water while whitening your teeth. The seal Crest uses has a “No Slip” grip. It’ll hold on to your teeth while you use your mouth for essential stuff.

People need to be patient with this stuff. I used Crest and noticed improvements by the time I was using the 20th strip. People can measure the improvement level within the first three days as well.

But two 1-hour express strips are a bit different. They come in a pair because there’s one for the upper and one for the lower set of teeth. You’ll have results on the same day of application.

Don’t worry, this thing is safe. Crest won’t hurt our enamel like some of the chemical solutions do. The guys at Crest use the same whitening solution and “Enamel Safe” ingredients as our dentists do. While remaining safe, these strips work to remove stays that reside several layers deep in the enamel.

Have crooked teeth and worried about the process? Don’t, Crest works just fine.

However, if someone has a sensitive set of teeth… he/she might consider doing one treatment every two days. That’d help. Also, consider buying a re-mineralization gel just in case. This will help restore the balance of ingredients in your enamel as well.

My only concern is the price. It’s not for people who consider buying cheap stuff. When you consider the benefits, it’s worth every dollar or penny you pay.

Get Crest 3D White at Amazon

What I Like about this Kit
  • Twenty whitening strips plus two “Express” strips are just the package you expect at this price.
  • It’s remarkably easy to use. Removing, applying, and revealing the perfect smile is the way to go.
  • Express strips work well and within one hour of application. I got results in the same day of use.
  • It works well on Sensitive teeth as well. Just remember to buy a re-mineralization gel in case.
  • You’ll be able to remove 14-year old stains using these strips. Remember to use them regularly.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • The only quarrel people might have with this is the fact that it’s pricier than the others.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

AuraGlow People might frown upon using an LED Teeth Whitening kit and it’s understandable. These kits use UV rays. But as I stated earlier, these things don’t harm your enamels. Rather, they merely accelerate the process. You’ll have as many as 5 bulbs doing the job for you. More bulbs equal to more power.

I get the fact that Exposing LED lights to bare teeth might get tricky. That’s why makers included a timer so that you can keep track of the session. But what will a timer do alone? That’s why you need (and it has) a beeper in place. This beeper functions like an alarm and tells you when the process is complete.

If you’re curious about the package as a whole, you have two 5mL syringes inside. Just lay them over the teeth mold that’s included, turn it on, and bite. Each syringe has 35% Carbamide Peroxide. This percentage is well below the line which causes teeth sensitivity. Like rival Crest, it’s enough for 20 treatments.

Furthermore, the gel this uses is made in the USA. It’s gluten-free. You won’t encounter allergies or pain of any kind using this product.

Before I forget, the kit includes batteries for the LED bulbs as well. People don't need to go around spending money for extra batteries.

If you’re confused about the size of the mouth tray, don’t be. This is one tray that will fit all sizes of mouths. Users don’t have to do any kind of molding or boiling. Also, people can whiten top and bottom sets of teeth at the same time. No repetition of the process involved.

As a bonus, AuraGlow helps users to remove and combat plaque as well.

All one needs to do is to fill up the tray with lukewarm water and apply.5mL of the product. Use this thing for 30 minutes and you will know the difference after only the first use. One small thing makers included is the beeper that plays a sound every 10 minutes just so you don't get lost in the process.

After you are done, rinse the tray and your mouth. Store the tray in the case provided. I’d advise people to avoid eating or drinking stuff for at least an hour after using this thing for a treatment session.

Get AuraGlow Kit at Amazon

What I Like about this Kit
  • The LED whitening kit comes with 35% Carbamide Peroxide that's safe for enamel.
  • AuraGlow removes stains on upper and lower sets of teeth and helps combating plaque as well.
  • People have a 30-minute timer to help them. It beeps in a 30-minute interval as well.
  • AuraGlow whitens our teeth with the help of a mouth tray. No hands involved. Totally hygienic.
  • Although users have enough for twenty treatments, they'll notice improvements from 1st.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • Prolonged exposure to your gums can spell trouble for the oral health.

ActiveWow Teeth Whitening Kit

Active Wow

Tired of maintaining a stiff schedule? Then don't! You're using an “At Home Teeth Whitening kit” anyway. Do it at your own time. ActiveWow helps you in doing just that. Unlike the previous kits on my list, you don't need to follow the routine for a rigorous 30 minutes or for consecutive days

This LED kit helps you in achieving whiter teeth in 5 to 15 minutes of time. In my opinion, It’s the best for sensitive teeth with coffee, tea or wine stains. That’s because people start slow but steady.

People get the usual shebang with this package as well. Everything from the whitening syringes, professional trays, an LED accelerator light to a bonus mouth tray is there. Heck! Makers even included two re-mineralization syringes in there as well. Just to counter the risks of UV exposure.

Oh! People get everything in twos. Accept the bonus mouth tray. People have a total of three trays. Thus, these things will fit any and every mouth size.

ActiveWow is remarkably easy to use as well. People will have detailed instructions to go with. This multi-step process involves loading the appropriate tray with gel and pushing it against our teeth. The timer will tell you when to stop. Usually, its 5 to 15 minutes. After that, rinse off the gel.

I would not advise people to keep the gel on for any longer. Shorter time spans allow the product to gauge and adjust with your sensitive set of teeth. Don’t forget to clean the tray and rinse the gel off your teeth. Be careful and don’t ingest the gel. Just to be safe, don’t eat or drink anything for an hour or two.

I like the confidence of the makers as well. The brand offers “Money Back Guarantee” to people if they don't get expected results and aren't satisfied in any way. But I've seen customers getting results after one or two uses. This is all thanks to USA-made formula with enamel-safe ingredients.

Get ActiveWow Whitening Kit at Amazon

What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • You have an LED teeth whitening kit that delivers results in exchange of 5 to 15 minutes' sessions.
  • You do get a number of mouth trays so that there's always one that fits your mouth.
  • The LED light is safe. People Won’t have to worry about UV lights damaging their mouths.
  • The Hydrogen Peroxide formula doesn’t affect people's gums in any way, shape or form.
  • It doesn't cause pain to sensitive teeth. Also, ActiveWow offers Money Back Guarantee as well.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • I'll advise people to handle the molds with care. These things can be fragile.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light

If you were thinking that Crest only has “Strip-Based” kits and not LED ones than you've gravely mistaken. This is a reputed franchise that covers all the bases. The 3D white system effectively removes yellow stains while people go about their lives at home. It goes several layers deep as well.

The basic mechanism remains the same. You need to peel off the strips first. Apply the strips with care. The gel is already put in place. Then, boost the process with LED mouth tray that you get. It is hygienic. There's an automatic shutoff process that kicks in when the work is done. Simple!

Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light

This is the fastest teeth whitening treatment kit that Crest has come up with. Don't worry about the formula. It’s what you'll find at your dentist's. The plus side is that you get the best in quick time and at a fraction of a cost. Using it is not a hassle as you already know.

I wouldn't worry about the LED light's battery as well. It lasts long. By long, I mean 10 treatments. You'll have results to show for your use long before the battery runs out, trust me. In 10 days to be exact. Why? Because the additional light is at work here besides the strips. The effects last long as well.

I'm not kidding. The white teeth last for 36 months. Just use it for 10 consecutive days. Crest uses a safe amount of Hydrogen Peroxide for the job. This 10-day pack is safe for your mouth, teeth, and gums.

Users must be mindful of the fact that they won’t be able to change the battery in the LED mouth tray. It is what it is. If you want to have multiple people treated in your family, buy additional units. The product is below the $50 mark unlike some of the others on my list today.

One thing I forgot to mention is that you don’t need to worry about the mouthpiece. It's hard and Won’t break when people bite. Also, this piece is water-resistant. Splashes of water won’t be able to get in and harm the device in any way. Feel free to use this thing after brushing or right after taking a shower.

What I Like about this Kit
  • Crest 3D Whitening increases the effect and decreases the time thanks to LED mouth tray.
  • Using this unit is a piece of cake. You need just a slight bit of practice and you’ll be good to go.
  • You need fewer treatments to get the crystal white teeth that you desire. 10 to be exact.
  • LED mouth tray is waterproof and is damage resistant as well. Feel free to handle it as you like.
  • The results you get are not for show. They last for a long time. 36 months is a long time for me.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • You cannot change the battery of the LED mouth tray that you get. It’s a bit of a bummer for me.

Cali White Vegan Teeth WHITENING KIT with LED Light

Want an alternative to Crest or ActiveWow or some of the previous brands? Want something with natural teeth whiteners? Get Cali Whitening Kit that I’m about to review here. Many of my peers, users, and reviewers found it to be a vegan product and listed it on their teeth whitening kit reviews as well.

By vegan, I mean COMPLETELY vegan. I didn’t encounter any GMO product here. I’m sure people won’t find PPG or PEG in here somewhere. Also, you’ll not find Gluten inside which is the source of allergies and skin illnesses. What you’ll find inside is totally organic and Kosher. No, makers didn’t show cruelty to the animals in any way, shape, or form while coming up with this product.


As it is a teeth whitening product, I expected Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide to be in the mix. It turned out to be both. Don’t worry, makers boosted it with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide and 35% Carbamide Peroxide which are well below the danger zone to bear any impact on your enamel or gums.

Cali Whitening kit brings results people. I know for sure. My friends have got results within 1 to 5 uses. Rest assured, you’ll find sparkling smiles between #2 to #8 shades within a short time. But I advise my readers to continue using this product for at least 7 days to see substantial results.

So, what does this thing include in the package?

I opened the kit for reviewing and immediately found two syringes inside. Yes, with familiar gel packed in. From what I saw, the quantity is 5mL. As it is a vegan serum, it causes low sensitivity to your teeth. It’s safe to say that there are no side effects at all. People will have a universal comfort tray along with it.

This tray fits into mouths of every shape. If you need something exclusive, there are two heat-treated mouth trays as well. These come in handy when people have different mouth shapes with a harder bite than normal. These are useful when you’re specifically targeting the upper or lower set of teeth as well.

Expect the comfort trays to completely fill your teeth with the gel included. They cover everything. From the crevices between the teeth and even the molars. As a result, people get whiter teeth. The effect lasts for a long time before gradually fading away.

Let’s not forget the LED Whitening light system. You have as many as 5 LED lights to speed up the whitening process. This thing goes well with each of the mouth trays you see in the package. The mouth trays themselves are built in a manner to facilitate easy breathing ventilation.

So, how long should one use this product for?

As I mentioned, seven days. 10 to 30 minutes each day should work just fine. That translate to half of a “Game of Thrones Episode.” Yes, people can use this while watching Amazon Prime or Netflix as well. Just be careful not to eat or drink anything at the time.

What I Like about this Kit
  • The trays you have as parts of the package are on the button for me. There’s something for everyone.
  • The LED lights are handy. You have five lights that speed up the whitening process minus the harm.
  • Don’t fret seeing only two 5mL syringes. Two syringes do the job well in as little as 7 days.
  • When I saw that people need to use it only for 10 to 30 minutes to get the result, I was amazed.
  • You get a nifty case to put the LED system in. It protects the machine from any external harm.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • Use these treatments with care. If you switch through too many products, you may start to see redness on the tips of your lips.

Professional Teeth Whitening Strips with Non-Slip Tech By Lovely Smile

Lovely Smile

Those of you who are in a hurry to get your teeth job done should go for this product by LovelySmile. This little thing promises to grant a whiter smile at the cost of a dime compared to the others. What people get are 28 whitening strips that do their job if properly used.

Now, first-timers might get a nervous hearing this. Lovely Smile doesn’t let us high and dry with the product. Instead, it gives you a nifty user manual and a shade guide. Using the guide, users can measure the whiteness of their smile and determine how far they need to go with the treatment.

The strips that you get are professionally designed. You get 28 of them in total. Before you start speculating, 14 of them are for the lower set of teeth and 14 of them are for the upper side. Don’t worry, these strips are compatible. People with teeth abnormalities can use them just fine.

Before anyone points me at that direction, the strips are safe for teeth enamel as well. They are easy to wrap your head around. I just needed to peel them off, apply them onto my teeth, and take them off when the treatment was done. Non-Slip technology is a big help. It makes the strips stick onto our teeth.

Thanks to this, people can eat, drink, talk, and even take a shower when these strips are doing their job. These whitening strips taste like mint and they don’t stink like so many brands do these days. The strips are barely noticeable when we carry on with our daily duties.

I must tell you, these strips are designed for quick treatments. Apply them for an hour a day and you’ll start to see results. To no surprise, the results are good! I noticed my teeth getting whiter by six shades. Makers claim that you can make your teeth up to 10 shades whiter with this kit.

I’d suggest you guys use this thing for 14 days and experience the differences yourselves. I found the strips packed in a hygienic manner. None of them touched the other and were wrapped in individual packages to make it extra safe for people to handle them.

What I Like about this Kit
  • The strips are quite adept at removing yellow stains from having too much coffee, tea or wine.
  • I’d say the strips stay where you put them and hold on way better than other brands available.
  • These are cheap and work on par with the more expensive Crest strips if you compare that way.
  • People can carry on talking, bathing, eating or drinking while the strips do their jobs.
  • Convenient Strips for upper and lower teeth, an instruction manual, and a shade guide are great in about $20.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • People might suffer from light degree of teeth sensitivity or sore gums with this.
  • No-Slip technology has its negatives. I found the strips hard to remove after the treatment was done.

MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit

At this point of my hunt for best teeth whitening kit packages, here’s MySmile. It’s practically a gem with so many options and features packed in a tiny package. Plus, you get refills when the original is emptied out. If you want options, this is the product you should get without question.

As with all the other whitening products, MySmile removes yellow stains as well. Say goodbye to plaques as well. This little product removes stains from coffee, tea, wine, soda, and from smoking. People have reported seeing results as quickly as after just one use.

MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit

So, what does this package include that delivers such results? You have as many as three syringes with 3mL gel in each. These syringes do the job. Each syringe of gel contains 18% Carbamide Peroxide formula. For those of you in doubts, this much is well below the line and doesn’t cause teeth sensitivity.

I’d not worry about gum irritation while using the gel either. All three syringes are well prepped and have FDA clearance as far as safety and quality are concerned.

I’d be a fool if I don’t mention the mouth tray here. It’s made of silicon. Silicon-made trays are hard and can withstand nasty accidents. At the same time, these trays are soft on the outside. Thus, users will find these items comfortable to use the gel with. Then, you have the LED light which speeds things up.

When it comes to LED light, you have five in total. These lights turn on as soon as you bite onto the tray. Don’t worry, the mouth tray won’t require molding of any kind. Plus, the device automatically turns off after 15 minutes of use. Couple that to the Peroxide formula and you get a sensitivity-free session at home.

As far as the batteries are concerned, LED lights last well beyond a year. I’ve seen people use the device for 10 treatments. Even after this many sessions, the battery didn’t fade that much.

This “At Home Teeth Whitening Kit” is just as effective as the big boys of the industry. The good thing is, this won’t cost you very much. All you have to do is to follow the user manual you get to the letter and check with the “Shade Guide” to note down your progress. Trust me, you’ll be fine as a beginner.

What I Like about this Kit
  • You don’t need molded mouth trays for the job. The supplied silicon tray will fit any mouth size.
  • The Carbamide Peroxide percentage is just 18%. This is well below the danger zone for sensitivity.
  • The LED lights are competent and don’t eat away the battery like most whitening kits do.
  • The good news is, people get to have the replacements ready when standard items deplete.
  • MySmile is half the price when you consider the big boys dominating the sector yet, just as effective.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • Some of my friends have reported that the LED light burns a bit when used on teeth.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

Those of you who wondered why isn’t a whitening pen on my list of teeth whitening kit reviews yet, here you are. I had to mention AuraGlow second time on my list because of this special pen that I have to recommend to my readers. This takes less work than what we did with the LED kit earlier.

I’m not kidding. The pen is portable. Take it anywhere you want with you. Whenever you are in need of rapid results, get this pen out, twist the bottom, and apply it to your teeth. This takes a few seconds to work. After that, your teeth are as good as new! All it takes is one minute! No, dentist, trays or LEDs.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

Most of the rival brands don’t have this small feature but AuraGlow comes with a clear tube. This helps users to get an idea about how much gel is left in the tube and when they should switch it.

What you have inside is a thick gel. One benefit of a thick gel is it won’t drip off your teeth. Also, it won’t leak. The twisting mechanism I spoke off is strong as well. It regulates the exact amount of gel you need through the brush tip for each use. No leftovers here!

I found the brush tip to be flexible. When someone spreads the gel over the surface of his/her teeth, the tip of the brush covers for crevices as well. It ensures that there are no gaps left when treating the teeth.

Makers have used 35% Carbamide Peroxide formula for the gel. People might think it’s too much of a risk. But apparently, it’s safe. Plus, this whitening pen brings forth results within just the one minute. That’s why this amount of whitening agent is necessary. One tube guarantees 15 treatments.

One just needs to use the pen twice a day in order to get results even faster. People can expect whiter sets of teeth within a week. I’m talking 4 to 8 shades white. The best part is, you can use the pen while traveling. There’s no stain this 5-inch AuraGlow pen can’t remove.

Believe it or not, AuraGlow’s whitening pen works great on dental caps as well. But there’s a small condition to abide by. You can’t have any kind of liquid within one hour of having the treatment done.

What I Like about this Kit
  • Teeth whitening pens are quicker than whitening LED kits or gels that are available today.
  • With this kit, the time people need to do whiten their teeth is drastically different than others.
  • This 5-inch pen is perfect for people to travel with and use while they are going somewhere.
  • The formula uses a thick gel. This prevents any kind of spilling or leakage during uses.
  • People need just treatments to make it to a sparkling smile and maintain it for a long time.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • Very few people reported that the pen works in a slow manner if you target a whitening level.

Zoom Nite White 22% Teeth Whitening Gel

When you go to the store to pick up your handy dandy teeth whitening gel, it is quite natural that you would be firstly concerned with quality. Well, let me assure you as there is no need to be worried over here as this baby is manufactured by Discus dental!

So, people can rest assured that you are buying one of the best of the best.

About the packaging, the shipment includes three 2.4 ml syringes of teeth whitening gel that come with three application tips. Even if one goes bad, two will do the job. Also, it’s a great product for multiple people to use at the same time. All thanks to these application tips. These are hygienic as well!

Zoom teeth whitening gel

As you may know, all Nite white products come with double barrel syringes and each barrel includes separate bleaching agents. It only weighs 1.6 ounces so shipping cost shouldn’t really be an issue.

As the name suggests, this whitening gel has 22% Carbamide Peroxide. If you have a sensitive mouth, then a medium strength 22% is actually a pretty sweet blend. It does the job without causing your teeth and gum to tingle when using this substance.

But keep in mind, this gel should be worn for just a few hours. I’ve interviewed some people who wear this product for four hours. It does the job but I don’t recommend wearing it for that long.

On the bright side, this is the only type of teeth whitener that includes ACP with potassium nitrate and fluoride that results in shining white teeth. The percentage for ACP is 22% as well.

This combination is medically proven to rebuild enamel. Which means 30% less sensitive teeth. Not to mention, it contains re-mineralizers that refill the lost minerals in your teeth and it slows down the time the teeth will take to grow yellowish as well.

If you are still concerned with quality and certification, then you would be more than happy to know that this product is certified by the American dental association. Within the Nite white line of teeth whiteners the Zoom Nite White 22% Teeth Whitening Gel is indeed the pioneer of the next generation.

And to make the deal even better, each syringe mixing tip activates the ingredients by blending them together. This little feature helps to keep the gel fresh for almost 12 months. These are not just bells and whistles, but actual features that enhance your user experience of using a product such as this.

What I Like about this Kit
  • It’s a medium-strength gel to take care of the whitening job. It’s got the power minus the sensitivity problems.
  • 22% Carbamide doesn’t trigger gum irritations or any kind of lip swelling for the user.
  • Thanks to the multiple application tips, two or more members of your family can use this item.
  • Once you have the ideal whiteness that you desire, you can maintain it for a year at least.
  • I can tell people that this is a great product when considering price and other perks.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • Few people wore the gel on their teeth for longer periods of time. The prolonged exposure will have adverse effect on their enamels.

AsaVea Teeth Whitening Pen

As far as teeth whitening pens go, AsaVea and their 2 pack teeth whitening pen actually deliver a lot. I personally have been annoyed with nasty stains that have made me feel low for years but not after this wonderful product came along. This tooth whitening pen contains 35% carbamide pre-oxide.

This basically means that it is quite capable of quickly removing stains that are quite stubborn. So, you can say goodbye to stains that are generally caused by coffee, tea, soda, wine, and so on. And not to mention the minty flavor that is added to this product will make you feel ever fresh.

AsaVea Teeth Whitening Pen

If you are concerned with effectiveness, then this pen is just the thing for you. As it provides fast results with just 60 seconds of daily use. Teeth become 4-8 shades whiter with consecutive use and each pen can be used 20+ times. So, this is clearly a win-win deal.

As I have used this product personally, I guarantee that is most certainly 100% safe. Don’t be alarmed.

Visits to the dentist and getting treated with harsh chemical materials will become a thing of the past with this tooth whitening pen as it is an indoor solution with top notch quality. Not to mention it puts no impact on the sensitivity of your teeth. In fact, the sensitivity lessens over time after you use it.

And as far as portability is concerned, this 5-inch pen is very easy to carry and apply on your teeth while you are on the move. The thick gel won’t leak and put you at a bind when using the product.

The tube itself is transparent and it allows you to see how much gel remains for you to use. When handiness is concerned you will easily see that this pen does not fail to impress as it has a durable twist mechanism that makes it easy to unlock.

The soft brush tip helps you reach every crevice of your teeth and grant a total whitening experience. Don’t worry, the gel won’t harm your gums or the enamel. It’s ADA approved and is safe for use. And, this one comes to you below $30. So, you know, it won’t drill a transparent hole in your wallet.

What I Like about this Kit
  • This is an “All Natural” teeth whitening pen. You don’t need to worry about the side-effects.
  • Don’t worry about rinsing your mouth or teeth. With this, you don’t need to do that.
  • The transparent tube gives you a clear idea about how much gel is left in it and when its empty.
  • It comes with a flexible brush tip. This tip allows for smooth spreading of the gel all over.
  • This little thing is safe to use provided people do it by the books and don’t overdo the treatment.
What I Don’t Like about this Kit
  • This little pen works alright. But it’s slow in the process and people will have to have time and patience on their hands.

Types of Teeth Whitening Kits Available

I gave you the basic idea of what these things are. Here, I’ve spoken about the basic types which you find at your dentist’s and at home. Let’s discuss some of these kits that we frequently use. These things can be found in our houses and at dentist’s alike. Experts categorized these items on the basis of how people use them.

Strip Based Teeth Whitening Kit


You’ll find these in any medicine store. These are what people call “Over-the-Counter” products. You need to take one strip out and place it over your teeth. These things might take five minutes to an hour to get to work. How much time is necessary, depends on the brand and type of the strips in use.

Normally, I wouldn’t advise people to eat or drink or even talk wearing these things. But some of the advanced products with new technology have adhesives that lock the liquid and stays on the person’s teeth. The person can drink water, talk to people over the phone, and even smile during the treatment.

Gel Based Teeth Whitening Kit

Gel & tray

These kits require a bit of work to use. That’s why Gel-based kits are handled by professionals (AKA your dentists). They take a mold of our teeth and spread the gel into the mold. We have to bite on the mold to get the gel to start working. These things take several hours to work. Dentists suggest wearing these overnight as well.

The same rule applies here as well. People won’t be able to eat, drink or talk while wearing these accessories. Customized Tray systems are also ways one can whiten his/her teeth.

LED Light Based Kit

LED light kit

These kits are just as effective as the methods stated above. The difference is the fact that LED UV lights work alongside your teeth whitening agents. By whitening agents, I mean either Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide. You don’t have to worry about the LED light changing colors.

Instead, the light acts as a catalyst to speed the process up. Use Hydrogen Peroxide with it and it’ll remove deeper stains that people worry about so much. Don’t worry. These things are safe for home use and for the gums above the teeth as well. I call these products effective, convenient, and affordable.

Teeth Whitening Pens

Teeth whitening pen

I’m overstating the fact at this point but Teeth Whitening Pens are basically gels within a tube. These pens house gels within a small space. You push the pen and the gel comes out. Apply it on your teeth as you would under normal circumstances.

The reason I mentioned these pens here is Portability. One can carry these pens in a pocket. Need to smile brightly at a professional meeting? Apply gel through these pens and remove stains on your teeth immediately. These products are great traveling partners for anyone interested as well.

How to Choose the Best Teeth Whitening Kit Around?

I must admit that the term “Best” is vague. Everyone has his/her own preferences. Naturally, they’ll go for the product that suits their needs and budget. But there’s a collective consensus that people can get a “Near Perfect” kit if they adhere to a few rules of the thumb (AKA factors) when buying. Let’s have a look at them in this section.

You Need to Decide What Type of Whitener You Want

This will take the hassle away from the job. Once you’ve got a fix on what type of device you want, you can narrow down on price and other perks. Remember, each of the devices that I mentioned in the “Types” section has its own benefits and drawbacks.

For example, if you choose to have the “Strip” based system, you need to worry about putting it on for an hour or so. This requires concentration and restraint. One cannot eat, drink or talk when the treatment is ongoing. Also, be mindful of the fact that strips may come off. Choose ones with the best adhesives attached to them.

LED treatment kits are faster than the strips. But you have to deal with additional accessories. You need to put whitening gel on a mouth tray and make sure it spreads evenly. Then, bite on the mouth tray and turn the LED UV lights on. These lights act as accelerators but too much exposure can harm your teeth.

Then you have the teeth whitening pens. These pens are roughly 5 inches in length. So, people can travel with them in their pockets. Plus, the results come quicker than the other two alternatives. But there’s a catch. The chemical agents are provided in a higher percentage as well. Leave the gel on your teeth for too long and it may trigger sensitivity.

I’d advise people to go for strips if you have sensitive sets of teeth. For quick results, pens are your best bet. If you don’t mind the hassle and are meticulous, LED whitening kits are the things you should get.

Pay Attention to the Time it Takes to Complete the Treatment

Whatever type you choose, you should be able to use it with utmost convenience. In our busy lives, we seldom get any time to devote to ourselves to dental care or any other tasks for that matter. We want quick results. If you’re one of those wanting a quick outcome, get one of the whitening pens.

These objects do the job in quick time. You’ll have whiter teeth in just 10 minutes or so. If I had to rank the others, I’d put strip-based kits right after them. Strip kits require you to peel them, apply, and remove them when done. LED kits, on the other hand, require preparation and more time.

You need to spread the gel in the mouth tray. Be careful when applying the gel. Turn on the LED light and bite on the tray. Whether you’d get an appropriate tray for your mouth is also a concern. That’s why these kits take more time for the overall treatment. In all seriousness, pens are the quickest on the job.

The Kit Should Be Easy to Use as Well

This one is related to the earlier point I touched on. Many teeth whitening kit reviews will tell you that they are easy to use. But you need to check it up with the vendors or the company for an extra layer of assurance.

In my experience, whitening pens are quickest of the lot. You just need to apply them on bare teeth. These pens come with a thick gel. Also, you have the “Twist” mechanism at the bottom. One twists the bottom cap to expose gel-filled brush tip at the top. All you need to now is to coat your teeth with the gel.

Then, you have the strips. You need to peel them off and apply them. After an hour or so, remove them to reveal your smile. LED kits will take more hassle to get them ready. No, not for the actual treatment. You need to prep them for fifteen minutes or so (my own experience). One mistake and you’ll find yourselves redoing the process. So, be careful.

Care about the Taste? Choose Wisely!

I get that some people might not think too much about the taste of these products. To them, these things are necessary treatments. But I know people who are different. Some people have sensitive gags. They want the taste to be soothing. This is necessary when you’re applying something for an hour.

Personally, I prefer “Mint” like flavor. I’m sure you can already guess that seeing all my preferences. Mint refreshes your breath and gives you the feeling of using toothpaste as well. You won’t be feeling any stench coming from long use of the chemicals as well. It’s a win-win.

Check the Components of Your Whitening Kit

Just because I’m putting this after so many points, doesn’t mean that it’s not important. In fact, the ingredients of your whitening kit are vital. You need to constantly monitor the percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide in the formula.

35% Carbamide Peroxide brings results quickly. But if you have sensitive teeth, this can harm your enamel if you’re not careful. 22% Carbamide Peroxide is what I’d call a mid-range, “Safe” way to go. It will not tickle your teeth but the results will be somewhat slower in arriving.

There are products with lower percentages of Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide available too. But these will be slow in drawing results. On the bright side, you won't have to worry about sensitivity or gingivitis problems. The choice is yours!

Keep Your Tabs on the Brands

When buying a product, it helps to know which brand you're gunning for. It's even more important in the case of whitening kits. I can't just buy any product that comes to mind for my teeth now, can I? I must look at the brand and its legacy. The track record will tell me if it's any good or not.

Speaking of brands, Crest, AuraGlow, MySmile are a few which come to mind when I say “Top Dogs.” These brands develop all sorts of whitening treatments. But if I had to compartmentalize, I'd say, Crest, is better for Strip treatments. MySmile is good for LED kits. If you want whitening pens, go for AuraGlow.

Keep an Eye on the Price

Let’s face it: The whole reason we’re hunting for best at home teeth whitening kits is the fact that we don’t want to pay visits to dental clinics. Why? Because the visits will cost us a lot of money.

In other words, we want to save some bucks. Some of the best At Home Teeth Whitening Kits come cheap. But don’t worry. These things won’t pull you down as far as the performance is concerned.

In fact, brands like Crest, AuraGlow, and MySmile grant you top-notch whiteness within budget. These brands offer certain products at a price below $50. Keep an eye out for these items. Do market research and compare the performance of the kits you’ve shortlisted.

Few Tips for Using At Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Just because people are purchasing these kits for home use, doesn’t mean that they don’t have rules and regulations. In fact, users should be careful about how to go about handling the treatments. Let me offer you some tips of my own that I learned through experience.

  • These treatments do offer faster results than clinical procedures. But don’t go into treatment expecting overnight miracles. You’ll have to spend an hour or two per day treating your teeth with good products. Most of the brands require you to use them consecutively for a week or two to bring out their full potential.
  • Most of the products have instructions to be used once a day. And for good reasons too. Taking breaks between two uses is essential. Using these things too much or for too long can damage the enamel of your teeth. All of these products are safe but using them too much means hammering chemicals at your teeth. This is never good. Your teeth can turn blue-ish due to overusing these gels.
  • At-home kits are different than professional treatments in another way. Clinical treatments have higher Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide levels. At-home kits start from 22% or lower. For people with sensitive teeth, I advise you to start from a lower percentage and then gradually move up the ladder once you’ve grown some level of tolerance to the chemicals.
  • I’d strongly forbid you guys to eat, drink, and talk while you’re treating your smile. Any of these actions might lead to ingesting the whitening gel in these products. People might also cause the strips to loosen up and halt the process. DO NOT ingest anything during the treatment and up to an hour after you’re done just to be safe and sound.

Your Questions Regarding These Products and My Answers

I understand that many of us are still new to the idea of teeth whitening at home. Naturally, we have questions that bubble up in our minds. In this section, I’ll be answering some of the popular questions circling around the web regarding the process. Let’s jump into it.

Is there an ideal percentage of Hydrogen or Carbamide peroxide for teeth whitening kit?

As with every chemical out there, the usage of Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide is also regulated. When it comes to our teeth, the American Dental Association has set a bar for the makers to follow. For Hydrogen Peroxide, the safe percentage is 10% or lower in the case of the kits we use at home.

Carbamide Peroxide is less strong than its cousin. That’s why the ADA has deemed it safe to use up to 35% of the said chemical in the whitening formula. But still, this much can trigger teeth or gum sensitivity. Try and purchase products that have a lower percentage than the bar set just to be safe.

Can we use teeth whitening kit while wearing braces?

This is what I call the gray area. I’ve found some teeth whitening kit reviews telling people that It’s okay to use them while wearing caps or braces. I stand on the opposite side. Whitening kits won’t cover the areas of your teeth that are under braces. As a result, the gel or the strip won’t be able to remove plaque.

Does hydrogen peroxide damage crowns and filling?

The answer would be, “No.” These chemicals won’t damage the past dental work that you’ve done. You’re safe from potential melting of the braces and crowns. But as I said in the answer to the previous question, the Peroxides won’t cover every inch of your teeth if you have them covered with dental jobs.

That’s why I don’t recommend people using these things while braces or crowns are on. Use teeth whitening toothpaste instead. They are cheaper. The reputed brands can work wonders!

Does LED light really work for whitening?

If you’re planning to use blue LED lights or UV lights on your teeth alone, they won’t work. LED lights are there to provide a bit of heat when people use gels in tandem with them. This heat accelerates the whitening process and gives people desired whiteness in quick time.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide with LED lights and it’s a different story. These are like bleaches for your teeth. If you’re wondering whether LED lights damage the enamel of your teeth, they don’t. There’s no definitive proof that UV lights damage teeth from close range. They only work on your teeth’s surface and don’t penetrate the enamel at all.

Can the “At-home Whitening Kits” be as good as the ones dentists use?

What you have to realize is the whitening process depends on the ingredients. Our dentists remove plaque and yellow stains with certain ingredients. At times, you’ll find “Over-the-Counter” products having the same ingredients in different proportions. This is done to suit home use.

So, yes… these kits can work on par with the dentists’ preferred ways. In fact, some of the dentists prescribe and speak for these brands. Almost all the reputed brands have ADA approval as well.

Can I expect permanent results from these kits?

The best in the business DO reduce and even remove yellowish stains and plaque from our teeth. But none of these items will remove the stains permanently if that’s what you’re looking for. Instead, you’ll have 6 – 36 months’ period where the stains or plaques won’t resurface.

To keep them away for longer, simply avoid having too much tea or coffee. Alcohol and Cigarettes are a big “No-No” as well.

Let’s End It Right Here!

Before you say it to my face, yes… my guide on Best Teeth Whitening Kit turned out to be a BIG one. It’s a hefty read. But look at the bright side. I included everything I could find on this topic and dished it out as an article for my readers. Hopefully, after reading this, people won’t be in a confusion about which product to pick and why.

If you’re looking for recommendations, all the products and brands mentioned here are top class when you consider performance and price. Not feeling like buying one just yet? Read the buying guide and additional resources to familiarize yourselves with the concept of bleaching your teeth.

Either way, this article is a giant pool of resources that will surely benefit beginners and experienced users alike. Have a blast reading it. Do let me know if I’ve missed a thing or two that you want to be added to the mix. Tell me in the “Comment” section.

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