Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Heads: 9 Brush Heads Reviewed

The sheer amount of replacement heads can be a bit confusing. There are toothbrush heads available for many types of problems. If you have bad breath, there’s a brush head for that. If you have plaque, there’s a brush head for that, too.

You will find a thorough explanation of what each brush head does. The right brush head is going to directly address your issues. We explain all of the brush heads’ functions to help you find what you need. Have you ever wondered about the colored rings on the brush heads? That’s explained in this guide, too.

Here you’ll find 9 of the different Oral-B brush heads that can be attached to any toothbrush handle from Oral-B.

Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads for Specific Needs

Oral-B Sensitive Gum Care – Extra Soft Bristles

The round brushes from Oral-B have specific uses. The features lean towards the exact need of the user. This one is specifically geared towards gum care for people who have sensitive teeth and gums.

Oral-B Sensitive Gum Care - Extra Soft Bristles

Inside this package, there are three replacement heads. Each replacement head has a round brush. It’s round because Oral-B made their brush heads round to surround each tooth. It focuses intently on each tooth to remove debris and plaque.

On the Sensitive Gum Care brush head, there are really soft bristles. The extra softness of the bristles will not aggravate inflamed, swollen gums. Sensitive teeth won’t hurt when using this sensitive toothbrush replacement head.

They’re specially designed to help people who are sensitive to hard bristles. You don’t have to have swollen gums to need sensitive gum care. Bleeding gums require the use of a special toothbrush head.

The brush head shows that it needs replacing when the blue has worn off the bristles. A new brush head is completely blue. A brush head that’s ready for replacement will be worn down on the top showing white instead of blue.

Oral-B Cross Action Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads – More Plaque Removal on the Gum Line

This is the toothbrush head that comes with the Oral-B toothbrushes. It’s a brush head that is compatible with many of the goals users have of having shiny, clean teeth. The Cross Action bristles have an angle of 16 degrees.

Oral-B Cross Action

There are 3 heads in the package. That gives you over 9 months of effective brushing when you change your brush heads regularly. It can also be a good choice for everyone in the family. You’ll all get your own brush head.

A Cross Action brush head features angled rows of bristles. The angled bristles alternate their leaning from right to left. The outside bristles go one way, the next row moves the opposite way. When it surrounds your teeth, you’re getting clean between the teeth and along the gum line.

The angled toothbrush head fits all of the sonic toothbrushes from Oral-B. It’s included as a general brush head with all devices because it removes plaque and debris from the teeth. It removes more plaque than what you’d get with a manual brush.

Oral-B Floss Action Toothbrush Head – MicroPulse Bristles for Flossing

The Floss Action head is designed to mimic flossing. The unique shape of the bristles are where the flossing comes from. There are 4 yellow shapes dedicated to removing food and bacteria from between the teeth.

Oral-B Floss Action

This is another round brush head. It’s going to surround each individual tooth to remove food, bacteria, and plaque. It’s important that the brush moves into spaces around the tooth, too.

The yellow “paddles” are called MicroPulse bristles. They’re tapered near the end to move into the space between your teeth. Mid-way down the paddle is a blue band. This band provides strength to the wiggling paddle.

It needs to move to do its job thoroughly. With the rest of the bristles, you’re getting solid cleaning. The rest of the bristles are clustered to pay attention to the surface of the tooth. Some are in a spot where they’ll remove bacteria from the gum line.

With oscillation, these bristles and the paddles will attack everywhere that you have food, bacteria, or plaque. It will definitely remove debris from places where flossing reaches. Flossing after will show little to no leftover food and bacteria.

Dual Clean Oral-B Replacement Heads – Complete Clean Using Two Brushing Areas

This replacement brush head is the dual clean. There are two separate areas on the end of the brush head. The round brush at the end spins like most of the other toothbrush heads.

Dual Clean Oral-B Replacement Heads

The circular rows of bristles are oscillating, pulsating, and spinning. It was modeled after the shape of the brush that a dentist uses in his or her office. If it’s good for a dentist, it’s fantastic for you at home.

The second set of bristles is under the round one. This area has bristles in a square-ish shape. There are high and low bristles that will move side to side. As you’re applying the circular head to a tooth, the second set are moving after it.

Each bristle set is delivering a different motion. The bristles are forming a long train of pulsating, cleaning motion. It’s hitting each tooth with a spinning head then an up and down motion. It gets between teeth and along the gum line.

It’s easy to see why it’s called the Dual Clean. It removes bacteria, food, and plaque. You’re getting a deep clean with this dual-headed brush in action.

3D White Oral-B Brush Head – Whiter Teeth in Two Weeks

As you might have guessed from the name, this is a brush head that will whiten teeth. It’s circular like many of the other brush heads. It’s going to surround each tooth and deliver a focused clean.

3D White Oral-B Brush Head

The box comes with three brush heads. They’re all for whitening. Everyone in the family can get a whitening brush head. It’s possible to keep these for yourself, too. You’ll end up with brush heads to last for months.

The outer ring of the brush head has bristles of differing lengths. These are going to rotate and deliver a deep clean. Like the rest of the brush heads, it’s surrounding the tooth and getting in the crevices.

It’s also cleaning the food and debris from the gum line. It’s how gums stay healthy. There is a rubber cup in the middle of the brush head. The cup is where the polishing comes into play for white teeth.

The polishing cup might look familiar. It’s what the dentists’ cleaning tool looks like. The cup will buff the tooth and remove stains. It removes stains over time with the use of a good toothpaste, too.

Oral-B Deep Sweep Replacement Head – Triple Zone Technology for Deep Cleaning

This replacement head might be far from what you’d expect in terms of shape. It doesn’t have the round circle like other Oral-B brushes. The head is shaped like a manual toothbrush. That’s where the similarities end, though.

Oral-B Deep Sweep Replacement Head

It’s definitely not like a manual brush in other ways. The deep sweep has a power tip. That’s what Oral-B calls a long grouping for bristles at the top of the toothbrush. It has a longer reach than the rest of the bristles. They get much deeper than the others.

There are white and blue bristles on the square under the power tip. The white bristles are longer, and they move side to side. When placed in your mouth, the side-to-side motion is an up-and-down motion.

The white bristles move with the power tip. The blue bristles are stationary. All of the movements get deep into the spaces between your teeth. It’s the sweeping motion that makes this a great toothbrush head.

Though the blue bristles don’t move, they are contributing with sonic vibrations. The vibrations are pushing bubbles between the teeth. The entire surface of the teeth are seeing incredible cleaning action.

Oral-B Precision Clean Brush Head – Five Times More Plaque Removal

With this Precision brush head, Oral-B is providing a precise clean with a unique brush head. Each brush head from Oral-B fits on their rechargeable handles. The circular brush head is surrounding each tooth, but the Precision Clean takes that a step further.

Oral-B Precision Clean Brush Head

The bristles are crafted in an arc. That arc doesn’t just surround the tooth, it cups the tooth. The middle is shorter than the outside bristles. That’s what gives the Precision a name for being a gum line deep cleaner.

It provides a thorough clean everywhere. It hits between the teeth for flossing action. The oscillating brush head will power away plaque and food debris. It cleans the gums 5Xs better than a manual toothbrush.

Plaque can be a serious problem for many people. It’s hard to get the film off your teeth in certain areas. That’s why Oral-B has created these brush heads. You won’t have any problems with plaque if you use this replacement head.

The bristles in this head are soft and flexible. They are softer than bristles on the CrossAction head. They’re a good alternative for someone with sensitive gums that wants a really deep clean. The bristles on the Precision head are not as soft as the Sensitive head. That’s something to bear in mind when choosing.

Ortho Replacement Brush Head – Safe and Specially Designed for Braces

People often ask whether it’s okay to use an electric toothbrush with braces. The Oral-B Ortho is the answer to that question. It’s important that the brush head isn’t going to cause damage to the brackets and wires.

Ortho Replacement Brush Head

The Ortho is compatible with all the handles from Oral-B. It allows you to switch heads as needed. For example, your teenager can have their own head while the rest of the family has brush heads to fit their needs.

Brace wearers have to be sure that they are brushing frequently. It can be a pain to brush after every meal. It’s even more of a pain when you have to clean around the brackets. The tooth has to be targeted around the braces.

That’s what you’re getting with this design. The bristles are arranged to hit the middle of the bracket. That’s where food can get stuck. There’s a space for the metal where bristles won’t touch. The outer edge has bristles. These are going to surround the bracket.

The outer bristles will also hit the edge of the tooth. You’re still brushing between teeth. It hits the gum line, too. Every area of the tooth is getting cleaned. Bacteria and food is being thoroughly removed.

Pro-Health Jr. Disney Frozen – Designed for Small Hands and Tiny Teeth

The children’s replacement head features characters that will make them want to brush. It’s vital that parents make brushing fun to help kids develop healthy habits. These brush heads are used with the Oral-B Frozen Kids Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush.

Pro-Health Jr. Disney Frozen Replacement Brush Heads

The package has 3 replacement heads, so you won’t run out of heads for a long time. It is important to change the heads every few months. It keeps bacteria from building up on the brush head and the device.

You don’t have to keep track. The bristles will let you know when it’s time to change. They are blue, but over time they fade. When they are half faded to white, you’re going to replace them. The bristles are also very soft for children’s mouths.

Children can pair their toothbrush with the Magic Timer app. It helps them brush twice as long as they normally would. Two minutes of brushing can feel like a very long time to bored kids. This is a good replacement head for the Pro-Health Toothbrush.

The handle and brush head are going to be scaled down to be suitable for tiny hands. It still gives a huge amount of cleaning. The bristles wrap around a child’s tooth to remove plaque and food. It’s going to make their teeth clean compared to a manual brush where they do all the work.

Common Questions

When should you change brush heads?

The blue bristles have fade technology. Over time, they’ll slowly start to turn from blue to white. This indicator will let you know when it’s time to change the brush head. Dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.

That’s how long it’ll take the blue to fade on your brush. It will also depend on how often and how vigorously you brush. With electric toothbrushes, you should be letting the brush do the work. Some people take a while to get the hang of it. That could result in the bristles fading sooner.

There are times when you might have to change more often, too. Aside from aggressive brushing, other instances mean a change of toothbrush head. It’s important if you’ve been sick to replace the head.

It’s easy to give yourself germs if you keep using the same toothbrush. While you won’t change it if you’ve had a simple cold, you will want to sanitize it. The times you want to change are with something serious like strep.

What does the brush identification color mean?

There are specific reasons you will want to have the identification rings on your brush head. In your original toothbrush box, you’ll have received various colored rings. The rings help you identify your brush from others.

If you are a single person living alone, you likely won’t need a colored ring. Every brush head in the house belongs to you. That’s not the case when you live with a partner or have a family.

Most of the time, the family will have one brush handle. Everyone will have their own brush head, though. You shouldn’t share a toothbrush with anyone else. That’s the beauty of the electric toothbrush.

The brush heads are removable and can be switched as needed. If you have a mom, dad, son, and daughter, each person will have a color. It could be blue for dad, red for mom, pink for daughter, and yellow for son.

Everyone can choose the color they want. That’s the only real purpose of the colored rings on the brush head. Your replacement brush head won’t come with a color. You’ll need to keep it from the original. The rings come off easily, so you can switch them between replacement heads.


Oral-B has many replacement heads for your specific needs. The brush head you received with your toothbrush can be switched out for any of the replacement brush heads. They’re all interchangeable. You can use any brush head with any designation on the handle.

Deep clean will work with the whitening mode. CrossAction is a common head for general brushing. It doesn’t require a specific mode. Precision, dual clean, and ortho don’t need a specific mode, either. They can be used on any mode you like. The toothbrush can be customized to work for all members of your family.

Pick any of these brush heads or all of them. It’s easy to switch them out every few months, too. The brushes all have indicator bristles to let you know when you need to change them. Over time, you can certainly use many of the brushes.

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