Oral-B iO Series 9 vs. Genius X vs. Genius X Limited: Picking One From The Promising Trio

The iO Series is by far the most effective and successful electric toothbrush line that Oral-B has come up with. For a price that is slightly above mediocre, consumers can say goodbye to their dentists indefinitely and improve their oral health massively.

Although the iO Series 9 is obviously the leading electric toothbrush of the prominent American brand, it often has to compete against various challengers to retain the crown. While the model competes against contenders from other brands on most occasions, sometimes, the opponents are familiar faces, like the Genius X and Genius X Limited.

Oral-B Genius X and Genius X Limited are more or less the same when pitted against each other. However, when it gets into a triple threat bout with the iO Series 9, things definitely start heating up and become rather competitive before a winner is picked.

Picking between the iO series 9 and Genius X is a very common scenario, and if you too are stuck between a rock and a hard place when making a decision, make sure to join ,e on this journey as I unveil all the benefits, disadvantages, and the best option between the iO Series 9, Genius X, and Genius X Limited!

Oral-B iO Series 9 vs. Genius X vs Genius X Limited: Comparison Table

Before we kick things off, here’s a table that contains the specifications of the iO Series 9, Genius X, and Genius X Limited. Make sure to skim through at least most of the key features placed on the segment below, as it will come in handy during the second half of this article.

Furthermore, if you’re curious to learn about why I picked the iO Series 9 over the Genius X and Genius X Limited, move onto the next few segments to find your answer!

ModelOral-B iO Series 9Genius XGenius X Limited
LED SensorYesYesYes
Advanced Zone Tracking16 Zones6 Zones6 Zones
No. Of Brush Heads431
Charging StationMagneticStandardStandard
Battery Life2 Weeks2 Weeks2 Weeks
Charging Time3 Hours12 Hours12 Hours
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Inside The Box

I ordered all the electric toothbrushes together, and was taken aback when I finally got my hands on all the competitors in this bout!

Inside the box

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The iO Series 9 came with 4 brush heads, a magnetic charging stand with a power2go travel case that had a built-in charger.

The Genius X on the other hand, had 3 brush heads, a somewhat premium looking travel case, and a standard charging stand. It also came with a smartphone suction cup and a USB cable; two components that weren’t present in packaging of its opponent.

The Genius X Limited’s unboxing was rather underwhelming. It only came with 1 brush head, a travel case, and a standard charging stand. Although it is the cheapest option amongst the trio, I believe that an extra brush head and a USB cable should have come with the packaging.

Oral-B iO Series 9 Vs. Genius X Vs. Genius X Limited: A Detailed Comparison

On paper, all three of them look equally astonishing and exceptionally well-rounded. In reality, however, when the iO Series 9 goes head to head against the Genius X, and the Genius X Limited, the matchup feels rather one-sided due to the dominant nature of the iO Series 9.

Model iO Series 9Genius XGenius X Limited
Cleaning Mode3D Rotating and Micro Vibrations3D Rotating and Pulsating3D Rotating and Pulsating
Main Differences16 Zone Tracking/7 Cleaning Modes/ Colour Display/Power2Go Travel Case6 Zone Tracking/6 Cleaning Modes/ Brush Head Storage Space/ Smartphone Case6 Zone Tracking/6 Cleaning Modes/ Brush Head Storage Space
My Rating4.8/54.5/54.5/5
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


In terms of build, the iO Series 9, Genius X and Genius X Limited look extremely upto date. All three comprise a sleek finish, with a matte colour scheme. Although the handles of the Genius X and Limited are slightly bigger, all of them are equally packed when the relatively large brush head is added to the Series 9.

Despite looking rather similar in terms of appearance, I believe that the iO Series 9 is made of materials that look better and more appealing than its opponents.


Oral B iO 9 handle

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The handle of Series 9 is more technologically advanced than that of the Genius X and Genius X Limited. It contains 2 buttons and comes with an LED display that allows you to toggle through the cleaning modes, keep track of your brushing session, and the battery life of the device. It also comes with a power button.

As opposed to the handle of Series 9, the handle of Genius X has icons of the available brushing modes. It also has a bluetooth icon that flashes when the device is pairing, and a power button on top.


Oral B performance

When it comes to performance, all three of them are exceptional. Despite containing different motions, the trio is rather effective at their job, and clean every portion thoroughly.

A feature that gives the iO Series 9 the upper hand is the enhanced pressure sensor it comes with. While the Genius X and X Limited contain a pressure sensor that beeps only when a user is brushing too hard, the iO Series 9 flashes a green light when the form is perfect, and a white light when the user isn’t applying enough pressure.

Zone Tracking

The iO Series 9 is also very good at examining the health of my oral hygiene. In addition to tracking 6 zones like the Genius X, the iO Series 9 has the ability to track 10 more zones, which definitely makes the price rather worthwhile.

Cleaning Modes

The iO Series 9 has 7 cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Intense, Super Sensitive, Tongue Clean, and Whiten.

Despite containing different cleaning modes, the Genius X still falls short and offers 6 modes to users: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Whitening, Pro Clean, Tongue Clean.


A key difference between the iO Series 9 and Genius X is the charger that they come with.

The iO Series comes with a magnetic charger, which restores the brushes battery life to 100 in the span of 3 hours.

On the other hand, the Genius X comes with a standard charger, which is significantly slower than a magnetic stand and typically takes 12 hours to fully recharge the piece of equipment.

Travel Case

oral b genius x travel case

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A feature that gives the Genius X and Genius X Limited the edge over the Series is the storage capacity that their travel case offers.

Despite being slightly heavier than that of the iO Series 9, the travel case of the Genius X as well as the Genius X Limited look as if it’s made of superior quality.

The Genius X and Genius X Limited’s travel case also contains enough space to charge two devices together; a feature that is absent on the iO Series 9.

Genius X also contains a USB cable that is compatible with smartphones and devices with type-b charging ports, which gives it brownie points over both its competitors.

The Matching Features Of The iO Series 9, Genius X and Genius X Limited

Since every competitor is part of the same team at the end of the day, the Genius X, and Genius X Limited have loads of common ground with the iO Series 9.

All three of them have pressure sensors and come with a 2 minute timer that invigilates your brushing session. Once the timer is up, the brushes vibrate and slow down to give the user a subtle hint.

The iO Series 9, Genius X Limited and Genius X are miles better than a manual toothbrush. The curvy and mobile bristles each model contains are extremely useful for removing plaque build-up, improving gum health, and changing the complexion of one’s teeth.

Even though the real-time tracking of the iO Series 9 is definitely better, the real-time tracking of the Genius X and Genius X Limited are of the same calibre. Yes, they both fail to track 10 additional zones in contrast to their opponent, but are miles better than the models that other brands due to the service they offer for a surprisingly convenient sum!

What’s the Difference Between Genius X and Genius X Limited?

The Genius X and Genius X Limited are the same in terms of performance. However, the price of the Genius X is significantly higher than the Genius X Limited on most occasions.
This is because Oral-B released Genius X Limited for the visuals and gave it no performance boosts whatsoever.

Unlike the Genius X, the Genius X Limited comes in white alabaster. However, it’s not available in black, rose gold, pink and grey; all the colour options that its predecessor offers.

The reason that the Genius X Limited is inexpensive amongst the three and significantly more affordable than the Genius X is because of its packaging. It comes with 1 brush head, a charging stand, and a travel case, whereas the Genius X comes with a USB cable, 3 extra brush heads, a smartphone cylinder, a charging stand, and a travel case.

Why The iO Series 9 Is A Cut Above The Rest

The iO Series 9 often receives backlash due to how pricey it is as opposed to the Genius X and Genius X Limited, and truth be told, I struggled to fathom that initially as well. However, I was left speechless and humbled once I tried it out. In addition to improving my oral hygiene, the Series 9 also tracked every brushing session thoroughly. The 16 AI tracking zones allowed me to closely monitor every area of my mouth, and also enabled me to prioritise the portions of my teeth that required a tad bit more attention than the rest.

Overall, while the features of Genius X and Genius X Limited are no short of impressive and worthy, due to the brushing modes and the high number of tracking zones, the iO Series 9 is without a doubt the winner of this fixture.

Bottom Line

As stated earlier, the iO Series 9 is definitely the frontrunner against the Genius X and miles ahead of the Genius X Limited. However, although I sided with the iO Series 9 due to how proficient it is, the price tag could very well be an understandable concern to many.

That’s when the underdogs take over. In contrast to the iO Series 9, the Genius X models are rather affordable. While they do lack a few features and isn’t nearly as technologically advanced as the leader of the iO Series, both options could be promising prospects to invest in if your main priority is to improve your dental health in an easy and budget-friendly manner.

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