Oral-B Smart 1500 vs 360 : Which One Should Be Your Next Purchase?

Oral-B has a massive following and has an edge over most opponents due to the top-grade electronic toothbrushes they make. Two convenient options that Oral-B has are Oral-B Smart 1500 and Oral-B Smart 360.

The two brushes have extremely impressive features that make them both must-have purchases. However, if you’ve followed us for a while, you know very well that there can only be one winner in this scenario! Join us on our journey as we unveil to you the similarities, differences, and the dominator in my eyes amongst the electronic brushes: Oral-B Smart 1500 and Oral-B Smart 360.

Oral-B Smart 1500 vs Smart 360: A Summary

Before pitting them against one another and revealing my preferred pick, here’s a summary of all the specifications, differences, and features that the Smart 1500 and Smart 360 have.

If you happen to be wary of their traits and characteristics, you can very well move on to the next portion. However, if the knowledge you have of the models is rather minimal, skimming through the following table is absolutely compulsory!

ModelOral-B Smart 1500 Oral-B Smart 360
Cleaning Modes 3 (Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening) 3 (Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening)
2 Minute TimerAvailableAvailable
3-D Moving CleaningAvailableAvailable
Colors4 (Rose, Navy, Black, Jet White)2 (Jet White, Navy)
Brush Handle(s) 12
Charging Stand 12
Price Check Price Check Price

Oral-B Smart 1500 vs Smart 360: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Despite being the same in terms of performance, the Smart 1500 and Smart 360 are different in various ways, and although there’s very little that separates the two models, one of them is easily the better candidate at the end of the day. Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of my experience with and my two cents on Oral-B Smart: 1500 and 360.

Smart 1500 Smart 360 comparison

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Performance, Features, and Characteristics: Virtually Identical!

When assessing the performance of the Smart 1500 and 360, I wasn’t really able to tell the difference. Indeed, both of them contain 360-degree visible sensors, come with the same cleaning modes (Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening), and are capable of removing 400 times more plaque than an average manual toothbrush.

Both models also come with a quadrant timer of 2 minutes. This feature prevented me from going overboard with the brushing on multiple occasions. Both of them allowed me to brush each area of my mouth for 30 seconds at most, and changed pace when I was exceeding the limit. The LED light even turned red on certain occasions to keep my brushing form in check!

The models also come with a 3D cleaning system, which monitored every aspect of my mouth and came up with suggestions accordingly. This allowed me to figure out the areas that needed more time and attention than the rest and improve my oral health significantly.

Inside The Box: Why the Smart 360 Was Miles Ahead

Oral-B Smart 360

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Since carrying out research before making a purchase is a ritual that I follow, I was wary of how similar each model was to the other in terms of durability, features, appearance, and so on. However, when the items were delivered, I slowly started feeling less conflicted and more assertive.

In addition to comprising the smart 1500, the packaging of it contained 1 brush handle and a charging stand. It also came with a cross-action brush head; an item that I was rather excited to try out. An issue that I was particularly bothered by was the travel case that it didn’t come with, as it is typically essential for someone as adventurous as me.

As opposed to the Smart 1500, the Smart 360 had more on the table to offer! It had an extra brush handle, and an extra charging stand. Although it did lack the presence of a cross-action brush head, the navy Smart 360 that I purchased came with 2 precision clean brush heads and a floss action brush head to make up for it.

Despite containing more brush heads and extra accessories, I was still very much siding with the Smart 1500. However, that changed when I found 2 travel cases inside the box of the 360 that I had purchased!

Price: Rise Of The Underdog

While I was deeply moved by everything that the pro 360 had inside the box, the price tag that it came with really compromised my point of view for a while. This is because, despite having more accessories to offer, the pro 360 contains the same uses and benefits that its counterpart, the Smart 1500, consists of.

On top of giving me 2 more color options, the Smart 1500 was somewhat affordable. Yes, it did lack a travel case and lacked a few brush heads, but at least spending on it didn’t make me physically distressed!

Bottom Line: Go Big, Spend Big!

Picking a winner for this bout was the farthest thing from an easy task, but after finding a moment of clarity, taking my pick was a bit easier.

Since the Smart 360 has more to offer, paying a high price for it was definitely worthwhile for me. It has certain accessories that its opponent doesn’t have, and can last around a year if I’m able to make the most of the pieces of equipment that it offers. Therefore, if you’re looking to spend on a candidate that offers more and is long-lasting, invest your money in the Smart 360.

On the contrary, despite being a bit biased towards the 360, I believe the Smart 1500 could be very much worth its price. It’s extremely cheap, offers the same features, and comes in more colors, too! So, if you’re looking to save a bit, and aren’t as intimidated by the travel case and extra brush heads that it ceases to have, make the smarter move. Place your trust in a Smart 1500.

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