Best Cordless Water Flosser: Travel, Leisure and Effective Oral Hygiene

If you’re waffling between a corded flosser and a cordless option, let’s talk about the benefits of a cordless water flosser. It’ll travel anywhere you need it.

Instead of leaving food on your teeth after a hefty lunch, you can use your cordless flosser in the bathroom at work. Food should be removed immediately to keep your teeth perfect.

The best cordless water flosser will give you the power you need. Beginners might want a gentler approach as would people with sensitive teeth. Others might want a blast that will almost take the enamel off their teeth.

We’ve included cordless flosser on our list that have features you’ll really appreciate. It doesn’t matter what kind of power you need. You’ll find it on this list.

Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Water Flosser (Editor’s Choice)

Flossing tips4
Flossing Capacity45 seconds
Pressure controlYes (45-75 PSI)
Quick chargeYes
Tip rotationYes, 360 Degree
Pulses1250 per minute
Effective forPlaque Removal & Healthier Gums
ADA ApprovedYes
Warranty2 Years
LED indicatorYes (battery)
Dimensions: 11.6 x 2.8 x 4 inches
Universal Voltage Yes
Price Check price

Corded or Cordless: Which is Better?

Corded Version: 

In this version, you’re getting a large reservoir for holding all the water that will act as the floss. It’ll give you a longer flossing time. Dentists recommend that you floss for at least 90 seconds. That results in the need for a large water tank on your corded flosser.

The flosser can sit on the counter as a reminder to floss, too. With a corded version, the person flossing is able to have more control over the intensity and speed. Those with braces can use less intensity and still get a clean mouth.

Cordless Flosser:

The cordless flosser does have a smaller reservoir, but it’s easy to take it into the shower. In the shower, you can floss without all the mess of water spilling all over the sink. It’s a simple matter to fill the reservoir if needed, too. Simply open the reservoir and add water to begin the flossing process again.

The cordless flosser can be taken easily on vacation, too. If you travel often, there’s no reason you can’t floss every single day with your water flosser. Most cordless flossers have a charger and travel case included for the purpose of travel.

Both of these flosser types are meant for cleaning gums, removing plaque and healing sensitivities inside the mouth. However, cordless flossers are more essential when it comes to travel and portability.

When travelling, you would ideally look for a flosser that is portable yet powerful, rechargeable yet long lasting. This is where cordless flossers give you the freedom to choose.

Our Top 10 Recommended Cordless Flosser Reviews

Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

The best portable water flosser will have a generous water reservoir for uninterrupted cleaning. This one has 45 seconds of water flossing capacity. It’s easy to open and refill while in the shower or in front of the sink, too. It’s easy to hold in the hand without being too heavy, so it’s a good balance between water and portable use.

Waterpik WP-560

There are 4 flossing tips included with this flosser. There are 2 classic jet tips, an orthodontic tip, and a plaque seeker tip. The flosser comes with a storage case for the tips when they’re not in use. Along with storage, there’s a microfiber travel bag and a water plug for traveling.

While this flosser doesn’t have a USB charger, it does have one that can be used anywhere in the world. The charger connects magnetically to ensure that the waterproof design isn’t compromised. It only takes 4 hours to charge the device completely. That charge will last a long time. Simply plug it back in when you need a quick charge.

There are 3 settings for variable pressure control. All of those controls are available on the handle. It’s simply a matter of pushing the button. The handle also has an LED indicator that tracks battery life, so you’ll know when to recharge.

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Our Impression

This was the first ever water flosser to be awarded the ADA Seal of Acceptance. That’s a program that began in 1931. It helps dentists as well as patients to evaluate dental products. The company has been awarded the Seal for more than one of their products, too.

The LED indicator for battery life and the rest of the buttons on the handle are very handy. They give you information very quickly without having to move away from flossing. With a countertop version, you’ll have to pause the water to look at the base of the machine. That isn’t a problem with the portable flosser.

The reservoir is pretty large for a handheld flossing device. With 45 seconds of water, you’re close to the full minute that dentists recommend. It’s a simple matter of cracking open the reservoir to quickly add more water. You can even do this in the shower.


  • Quick charging, magnetic system.
  • LED battery indicator.
  • Pressure control for varied speeds.
  • 360-degree tip rotation.
  • Includes 4 tips with storage.
  • Travel bag and plug included.


  • The 3 settings aren’t as powerful as a corded model can be.

Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser

The reservoir tank on the Zerhunt flosser will hold 200 ml of water. That equates to about 50 seconds of flossing. The high-pressure pulse technology will make those 50 seconds feel like 120 seconds. It’s all you need to get cleaner, whiter teeth.

Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser

The tank opens fully to fill faster, too. This also allows an easy cleaning of the tank itself. You never want to leave the reservoir without cleaning over a long period. It can become very unsanitary.

As a portable flosser, this one can be used in the shower. The design is completely waterproof. It can be safely used in the water without getting inside the casing. While you can take it into the shower, it’s not recommended to submerge this for a long time. The powerful battery, which lasts 14 days on a full charge, will never touch water.

There are 3 flossing tips and modes of cleaning. Each tip will rotate 360 degrees for a full clean at the back of the mouth. The tips are color coded so every member of the family can have their own. There are three speeds for cleaning including a soft one for beginners.

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Our Impression

The reservoir holds 50 seconds of water, which is a generous amount of water. It also has a high water pressure. That will give you a more thorough clean in that 50 seconds. Most dentists recommend 90 seconds of water flossing. With a pulse of 1700 times per minute, it’s doubtful you need a full 90 seconds with this flosser.

The 360-degree rotating tips will help you get the fullest clean possible. Most people have a hard time getting to the back of the molars. In the farthest reaches of your mouth, there’s still bacteria and food debris. It can cause serious problems to leave those back molars untouched.

The full opening of the tank makes it much easier to fill quickly. You don’t have to worry about aiming the running water at a small opening. It makes the reservoir easy to clean, too. In some cases, you might want to add mouthwash to your flosser. This full opening makes that a simple task, too.


  • Full 50 seconds of reservoir capacity.
  • Battery will charge for 14 days of use.
  • Three flossing modes.
  • Three color-coded tips.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Universal voltage for travel.


  • Hose for water flow tends to move if the unit isn’t held upright.

Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser, WF-03, White

The Freedom water flosser has a medium-sized reservoir for cleaning. It’s a 30-second flosser that can easily be filled more than once. The compact size of the reservoir and handle itself means that you can travel with this flosser easily. It won’t take up a lot of space in your bags when flying, either.
Water flosser wf-03

It’s a waterproof design, so you can take this into the shower. That makes flossing easier in a few different ways. It’ll avoid splashing around the bathroom since you’re in the shower anyway. This makes it easier to refill the reservoir if you’re not quite done with your flossing.

There are two pressure modes for this flosser; soft and normal. The soft mode is for those who are new to water flossing. This mode is great for those with sensitive teeth or gums, too.

The cordless flosser doesn’t come with a charging cord. There’s no need to charge this at all. It comes with 3 AA batteries. Whenever you need more power, simply replace the batteries. They’ll probably have to be replaced every few months. It will depend on the quality of the chosen batteries.

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Our Impression

While the reservoir is only 30 seconds, this doesn’t seem to be a terrible thing. This flosser can be taken into the shower where it’ll be easy to fill. The sensitive mode for sensitive teeth can be used with warm water. You can get that water directly from the shower head as you’re under the spray.

The use of batteries is quite convenient. This is especially true when you’re traveling. A fresh pack of batteries will last through your entire trip. You won’t have to worry about voltage or extra cords cluttering your bags. It comes with a travel bag for convenience, too.

As a portable flosser, this sits right on the counter without taking a ton of space. When you have a small bathroom, space is at a premium. This can sit there without becoming a problem. You don’t want to tuck your flosser away when you’re using it every single day.


  • Portable, compact design.
  • Battery operated.
  • Waterproof for use in the shower.
  • Two pressure modes for versatility in flossing.
  • Three tips included.
  • Travel bag and plug.


  • The 30-second reservoir can seem a bit small to some people.

MOSPRO Cordless Water Flosser

The tank on this cordless flosser is improved from previous models. It’s 200 ml of water, which gives you around 50 seconds of cleaning. The improvement is the opening. It’s wider for faster filling. Plus, it’s open to give you access to clean the tank regularly. Limescale and bacteria can build up in the tank, so cleaning is important.

MOSPRO Cordless Water Flosser

As far as a waterproof design, that’s vital for cordless models. It’s why you want a cordless. This flosser has a dual waterproof capacity. It’s IPX7 waterproof both inside and out. It prevents water from leaking into the unit while showering. It prevents water from leaking out of the device, too.

There are 3 modes of pressure with this device. It has normal mode, gentle, and pulse. It will give you a water at a pressure of between 30 and 100 psi. At high volume, it’ll give 1800 times water frequency. Along with 3 pressure choices, you also get a nozzle that rotates to get the back teeth.

The Lithium battery can be charged using any USB cord. You don’t have to bring a cord for every device you won while traveling. This flosser can be charged with a universal charger that can be used for other devices. It does come with its own USB as well as an AC adapter. It takes 4 hours to fully charge. It’ll give you a week to 10 days of uses before it needs recharging.

Our Impression

The open tank of this cordless flosser is one of its major advantages. The tank detaches from the handle. This allows you to fill it quickly and easily. It makes the reservoir tank incredibly easy to clean, too. That’s vital for removing limescale and bacteria. Some other cordless models have a small inlet that doesn’t allow cleaning.

The handle of the flosser has all the buttons you’ll need to floss. This is a huge benefit for cordless devices. There’s a mode button as well as mode indicators to see what speed you’re currently using. The charging port is on the handle located under the other buttons, and it has a cover to ensure it’s waterproof.

This flosser has a dual waterproof design. It’ll keep water from getting inside the unit where it doesn’t belong. It’ll stop water from escaping the device while you’re flossing, too. A waterproof design that can be used in the shower is great for travel. It’s also a fantastic way to speed up your morning routine, so you can get to work on time.


  • Upgraded water tank with large opening.
  • 50-second reservoir tank for flossing.
  • Dual waterproof design IPX7.
  • USB charging – fits many chargers.
  • Comes with AC adapter.
  • 7-10 days of charge.


  • Can be a bit bulky in the hand for those with smaller hands.

VAVA Cordless Water Flosser

The reservoir on this flosser is easy to clean. That’s an important part of any cordless flosser. Limescale and bacteria can build in a water tank unless it’s cleaned regularly. With this large opening, filling and cleaning are equally easy to accomplish. It will hold 200 ml of water, which is around 50 seconds of flossing.

VAVA Cordless Water Flosser

There are 3 cleaning modes with this flosser. Before starting the flow of water, choose the intensity you’d like. There’s gentle, standard, and massage. Gentle will provide a lower flow of water for those who have sensitive teeth. Standard is the one that you’ll use on a daily basis when you don’t need the sensitive option. The massage mode is good for the gums.

The flosser’s tip is placed into your mouth before the water flows. There’s a simple, yet effective, design element with this flosser. It has backflow prevention technology. This will keep your unit clean and free of bacteria from your mouth. It’s waterproof as well.

This flosser can be charged with a USB charger. This eliminates the need for you to worry about international voltage. It’ll charge with the same kind of cord as your smartphone or tablet. The charge will last 24 days, which means you might not even have to charge it while traveling at all.

Our Impression

The large tank is a huge plus in this flosser. It holds 50 seconds of water capacity. With the huge opening, it’s a simple matter to keep the interior of the tank sparkling clean. It’ll keep you from putting bacteria back onto your teeth and gums, too.

If you need variety in your flossing speeds, this flosser has 3 modes. There’s normal for those who don’t have any special needs. It’ll keep your teeth clean by removing film or plaque after meals. The soft mode is good for those who have sensitive teeth or aren’t used to a flosser. Pulse mode will bring about healthy gums over time. This is perfect for those who are worried about gingivitis.

This flosser stands out in its battery. The USB charger can be used anywhere, so travel is easy. With a single charge, it will last 24 days. That’s almost an entire month of cleaning. On your next vacation, you don’t have to bring any extra cords for your flosser.


  • Waterproof IPX7 design.
  • Three cleaning modes; soft, normal, and pulse.
  • Large opening reservoir tank of 200 ml.
  • 360-degree rotating tip.
  • Long-lasting charge.


  • The on/off switch can be pushed accidentally due to placement.

Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jet WP-360W

The reservoir of the 360W provides over 30 seconds of water pulsing against your teeth and gums. It’s easy to fill and simple to clean, too. With a 30-second reservoir, you might have to refill the tank to get more time.
Waterpik-Waterflosser WP-360w

Filling the tank of a cordless flosser is easy when it’s waterproof like this one. All you have to do is open the tank and let the spray fill it. You’re flossing again within moments. The waterproof flosser can be used in the shower to cut your grooming time down. Still, you’ll be taking care of your oral hygiene needs.

There are two settings and two flosser tips included with this flosser. The pressure ranges from 45 to 75 psi. There’s a gentle mode and a normal mode. You and your spouse could share this flosser since it comes with two tips. The two of you will be able to pick the mode that works best for you personally.

This compact, portable design means it’s great for travel, and it’ll look equally good on your counter if you never take it out of the bathroom. The design uses the smallest footprint possible. If you have a small bathroom, this will be a good flosser for you.

Our Impression

This is a portable, compact flosser that has many advantages over larger units. It can sit on the counter without taking up much space. That’s important for people who have tiny bathrooms. You don’t want to have to store the flosser since you’ll be using it daily. It’s terrific for travel since it’s a small flosser, too.

The tips that come with this flosser actually match the mode of the flosser, too. For example, if you need to use a gentle mode, you’ll want to pair that with the tip that’s blue. The clear tip is for normal use with a higher water velocity.

It’s a good flosser without a ton of bells and whistles. It’ll give you a clean mouth and reduce plaque. The gentle mode of the flosser can be used for sensitive mouths, or can be used to clean the gums. Focusing on the gums can reduce the start of gingivitis. If that’s a concern you’ve heard from your dentist, this flosser will answer those concerns.


  • Removes 99.9% plaque.
  • Tips included for gentle or normal use.
  • Two modes for a variety of cleaning.
  • Over 30 seconds of water capacity.
  • 360-degree rotation for cleaning back teeth.
  • Portable and compact for travel.
  • Package includes a quick start guide.


  • Can only be used in North America due to voltage concerns.

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Dental Water Flosser

The portable flosser is collapsible, so it’ll take up less space in your bag or on your counter. It’s easy to take this to work since it’ll fit in a bag quite easily. The bottom of the flosser is pulled out for easy filling. It’ll give you approximately 40 seconds of flossing time.

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Dental Water Flosser

The flosser is waterproof to be used in the shower. It’s easy to clean when you can simply wash this flosser under running water. It can be filled quickly from the shower spray while you’re in there flossing. The waterproof design is definitely a benefit for this flosser.

There are two pressure settings in this portable oral irrigator. Overall, it gives 1400 pulses per minute at the normal setting. It’s lower for the gentle setting. The gentle one can be used by those who have sensitive teeth and gums. It can also be used by children.

It’s a unit that doesn’t need a charger or charging time. It takes 2 AA batteries that can be changed at any time. With quality batteries, the flosser can be used daily for a few months before needing new ones. It’ll depend on the maker of the battery.

Our Impression

This is a really interesting design for a flosser. It’s collapsible to easily fit in your luggage. It won’t take up much space at all when you’re traveling. You’ll never have to leave your oral hygiene behind. A fresh, clean mouth is possible while on vacation or traveling for work, too.

Another great part of the collapsible design is that the tank can be placed in the dishwasher for sterilizing and cleaning. This keeps bacteria from invading the tank. Limescale won’t build up on the interior of the tank, either.

The flosser is versatile since it can be used at home or on the road. It will fit in your bag or purse to take to work. You’ll be able to floss after lunch even when you’re away from home. It’s important for the overall health of your mouth to remove food particles immediately. This flosser helps you do that no matter where you are.


  • Collapsible design for travel and storage.
  • Two modes of cleaning; normal and gentle.
  • 100% waterproof for use in the shower.
  • Tank can be placed in the dishwasher.
  • Battery-operated flosser.


  • Only comes with one flosser head.

Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser and Nano Sonic Toothbrush, WP-440

The WP-440 has a medium-sized water tank. It will hold 45 seconds of water. That’s close to the amount that dentists recommend that their patients floss. It’s an easy matter to fill the reservoir again if you want more time. The personalized water pressure intensity button will alter the flow of water as you need it. That can prolong the time.
Waterpik Cordless WP-440

In this kit, you’ll also find a nano sonic toothbrush. Between the flosser and sonic toothbrush, plaque doesn’t stand a chance. The sonic toothbrush provides thousands of vibrations per minute to loosen and remove plaque as well as biofilm on teeth. It should be used before the flosser for best results.

The flosser comes with 4 flossing tips. There are two classic tips and an orthodontic tip. Lastly, there’s a tip that can be used for brushing around braces. The extra classic tip can be given to a family member or saved for use later.

It’s a rechargeable flosser that uses a two-prong charger. This is a flosser that’s meant to be used in North America. Charging it outside the country will void the warranty. This doesn’t mean you can’t travel with the flosser, though. It will hold a charge for 60 minutes. That’s a long time between charges depending on your daily use.

Our Impression

The reservoir of this flosser holds a good amount of water, but it can also be filled easily. That can be done in the shower, too. It makes the flosser versatile since it can be taken into the shower in the morning. You’ll be able to shave minutes of your morning routine by combining activities.

An added bonus is the sonic toothbrush. It will help you remove plaque to get an extra clean mouth. It’s a terrific way to remove plaque and food from your teeth before blasting them with the flosser. It’ll be like you’ve spent an hour at the dentist getting a professional clean.

The modes and intensity can be changed by sliding the button on the handle. It’s easy to do when you’re in the middle of flossing. That’s an advantage of the cordless models over the corded models.


  • Reservoir with 45 seconds of water capacity.
  • Four flossing tips included.
  • Sonic toothbrush included.
  • Dual pressure control.
  • Long-lasting charge.


  • When plugged in, there’s no light to let you know if it’s completely charged.

2NICE Dental Water Flosser Oral Irrigator

This water flosser is a bit different than the others. It’s collapsible with the water tank used as a cover for the unit. The water tank is 200 ml. This gives you plenty of time to floss with this unit. To use the flosser, all you have to do is pull off the tank and fill it.
2NICE Dental Water Flosser

It’s a waterproof design that can be used in the shower. It’s waterproof to IPX7. This designation means that the flosser can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It’s one of the higher waterproof designations available. You should never have a problem with water inside the device.

There are tips included with this flosser. There is a standard jet tip included as well as an ultra jet tip. The ultra jet tip has a thinner tip for easing it between braces and wires. There’s also a nasal irrigator tip for cleaning clogged sinuses.

The unit can be charged using the included USB charger. The charger means that you can truly use this flosser in any location. It’ll be charged through a power bank, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It can even be charged in your car if you’re on the road. Once fully charged, it’ll last for 40 minutes of use.

Our Impression

This is truly a great travel flosser. The tank is removed from the bottom to be used as a cover for the device. It makes the entire unit collapsible to a smaller size. It’ll slip into any carryon bag or even in your purse or gym bag. It can be taken to work or on the road.

The convenient USB charger gives you versatility. That’s something you don’t get with a charger that needs to be plugged into the wall. You can literally take this anywhere in the world without worrying about charging and international voltage. Many people travel with a USB charger for their phones or laptops. It’s easy to do the same for the flosser.

It has 40 minutes of charging time once completely charged. You can easily take this on the road for a few weeks with the one charge, too. That way you don’t have to worry about charging at all.


  • Convenient, collapsible travel flosser.
  • Includes 4 tips for variety.
  • 200 ml reservoir for flossing.
  • Long-lasting charge.
  • USB charging for travel.


  • Setup can be a bit confusing after it’s been collapsed.

SmarToiletries Professional Cordless 3-Mode Rechargeable Waterproof Oral Irrigator / Water Flosser

This water flosser has the approval of the FDA as well as being free of BPAs. That’s important to note for people who want to keep away from BPA products. The tank on this flosser will hold 45 seconds of water for flossing. It’s easy to refill the tank when you’re finished, too.

The unit is waterproof. If you decide to take it into the shower, you’ll be able to fill the flosser there. It takes only a moment to open the tank and let it fill from the shower head.

There are three intensity modes. The intensity modes are normal, soft, and pulse. The normal is for everyday use for those who don’t need special care. The soft is for people with sensitive teeth. They’ll need the gentler pressure. The pulse mode is to stimulate the gums.

Four tips are included with this flosser. The tips can be shared among members of the family. Everyone can enjoy a cleaner mouth, and the tips are color coded. Each member of the family can have their own flossing tip.

Our Impression

The LED indicator on the handle of the flosser lets you know exactly what mode is in play. You can easily switch modes as needed without removing the flosser. It’s easier to keep water from spraying everywhere when you keep the tip in your mouth.

The three modes give you versatility for those who have implants, braces, or sensitive teeth. You can stick with the gentle mode and still get a clean mouth. It’s great for beginners to flossing, too. You won’t be overwhelmed with a blast of water against your teeth and gums.

This flosser can take a solution of water and mouthwash if you want extra cleaning and a blast of minty freshness. Sometimes, your dentist might recommend a special mouthwash. That can be added to the water tank with the water, too.


  • Three modes and intensities for cleaning.
  • 45-second reservoir capacity.
  • Includes 4 color-coded tips.
  • Waterproof for use in the shower.
  • BPA free.
  • Automatic shut off.


  • Has to be charged 24 hours before it can be used.

Features That Make a Great Cordless Water Flosser

  • Control of the Pressure

On the handle of the flosser, you’ll have all the control you need for pressure and intensity. The buttons for pressure and intensity are located within reach of your fingers as you’re flossing.

It’s a feature that makes the cordless flosser much easier to manage. The water flosser won’t continue to force water into your mouth when you want to shut it down. The buttons you need to pause the water flow are on the handle, too. It all gives great control for your flossing.

  • Long Battery Life

The battery can easily be recharged on the cordless flosser. This can be done using the USB charger that’s included with some flossers. It’ll often be part of the travel case, too.

Other types of flossers use a battery. It’s easy to replace these when the power starts to run down on the flosser. With a battery or USB charger, you don’t have to worry about international voltage, either.

  • Large Reservoir

Most cordless flossers have a reservoir that will give around 30 to 60 seconds of flossing time. It’s pretty simple to fill the reservoir if you need more time.

In fact, you can take the cordless flosser into the shower for quicker oral hygiene. You will be able to open the cordless flosser and fill the reservoir with warm water. It won’t pause your flossing for very long.

  • Focus on the Gums

The gums can be really sensitive. If your dentist has asked you to use a water flosser, it could be because of the start of gum disease. This means that you’ll need to focus on the gums to remove more plaque.

Most cordless flossers have a lower setting for massaging the gums. There are some flossers with a sensitivity setting that will massage. It can be used instead of the extreme pressure that removes food.

  • Strong Against Plaque

A cordless flosser has a ton of power against plaque. It’ll remove food and debris from between teeth. That’s where cavities can cause serious issues.

Plaque can be found around the gum line, too. Along with massaging the gums, there are settings that will work against plaque in these areas, too.

  • Travel-Friendly

As mentioned previously, travel cases and USB chargers are found in the best cordless water flossers. They allow you to take your oral hygiene on the road.

There’s no reason you have to neglect your teeth when you’re away from home. With a travel case, you’re keeping the flosser clean. You’ll have a place for any attachments you might need, too. The USB charger means you won’t have to worry about voltage, either.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the best cordless water flosser, there are truly some stand out flossers. They have modes and intensities that will suit you even if you’re a beginner to the world of water flossing.

Water flossers are helpful for those who are new to flossing in general, too. They can be used with braces or dental work without any fear. Cordless flossers are fantastic for travel, or for that teenager with new braces to take to school.


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