Best Oral Irrigator Reviews : Amazing Tool For Complete Dental Care

Looking for a professional, dental clean in the comfort of your own home? No need to go for expensive dental cleaning and painful dentist visits, anymore. Now you can get complete dental care at home using the wonderful features of oral irrigation!

Having healthy teeth and gums and owning pearly whites for that perfect smile is a priority for us all, I am sure. As such, investing in an effective oral irrigator that helps keep our teeth looking bright while improving gum health is all the more important. With so many choices and features to think about, this article will highlight which device could be the best for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the top quality oral irrigators we have come across with reviews to help you choose the one which is right for you!

Top 7 Oral Irrigator Comparison Chart

Top 7 Recommended Oral Irrigator Reviews

Waterpik Aquarius Professional WP-660

The Waterpik brand is the pioneer of oral irrigator as a consumer product. Over the years, it has become the leader in developing the most advanced dental care & hygiene products.

Waterpik Aquarius

It comes as no surprise that the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser is one of the most innovative products on the market. In addition to this, it is one of the consumer care products with the seal of approval from the American Dental Association (ADA).

Boasting 10 different pressure settings ranging from 10 to 1000 PSI, the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser allows powerful and easy cleaning especially on those tough to reach spots. It is also suitable if you wear braces or have crowns or dental implants. The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser has:

  • 7 flosser tips included, plus storage to keep them safe from dust
  • A 1-minute timer (with 30 seconds pacer)
  • A covered high-volume reservoir (giving 90 seconds water capacity)
  • A useful LED mode display

This device uses two modes. The jet water pressure (Floss Mode) which powers through removing plaque and harmful germs between teeth and even under your gums. The pulsations of water (Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode) that aids in better blood circulation to keep gums healthy.

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My Impression

As a brace-wearer I can really see the benefit of using the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser. It provides superior cleaning compared to regular brushing and manual flossing. Manual flossing is tricky enough, without the complication of braces. But with this oral irrigator, you will be satisfied that your teeth and gums are getting the thorough cleaning they need.

It is best for those with problematic, bleeding gums, periodontitis or with a family history of gum problems. This oral irrigator is perfect for enhanced cleaning and keeping gum disease away. A guaranteed result of healthier gums within 2 weeks use is a fantastic reason to give the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser a chance.

  • Trustworthy: American Dental Association approved as a healthcare recommended product.
  • Efficient: includes variety of flosser tips for a thorough clean.
  • Safe: with implants, periodontal pockets, crowns and braces.
  • Easy to use: 2 modes of use for effective plaque removal, all in just one minute.
  • The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser is a brilliant product, though it tends to be a little noisier while in use compared to other devices.

Nicefeel Oral Irrigator

The Nicefeel Professional IPX7 Waterproof oral irrigator is top of the range in providing excellent dental cleaning. This dentist recommended brand uses high water pressure (1800 times/min) to effectively clean those hard to reach areas. It brilliantly removes 99.99% of harmful plaque and those tricky bits of food that we otherwise would not grasp!

Nicefeel cordless oral irrigator

With a fully rotating nozzle, it allows cleaning coverage like no other. The Nicefeel Professional IPX7 water flosser uses pulse-technology giving whiter, clean teeth and it gently massages your gums for a heathier mouth. Its upgraded leakproof technology provides electrical safety, which is perfect in the shower. The battery is super powerful, lasting up to 14 days after only 4 hours to fully charge. It comes with:

  • an integrated high-tech lithium battery
  • a USB rechargeable water pick (USB cable and adapter included)
  • 4 jet nozzles that rotate 360˚
  • 3 modes of use (normal, soft and pulse)
  • a memory function to set your preferred mode

And best of all...its cordless! That’s right, a compact size for storage and travel, wherever you go it can be with you and easily recharged. The Nicefeel Professional IPX7 is easy to clean and refill, and also has an auto-timer of 2 minutes, so you’re not using it longer than you should.

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My Impression

The Nicefeel Professional IPX7 Waterproof oral irrigator has a lot to offer. It is packed with power and both impressive & useful features. One of which is the 360˚ rotating nozzles. I find this very helpful in getting the maximum performance for an overall better dental cleaning at home. The pressure control through different modes allows the user to save a mode and get the most suited pressure for each use. The high-pressure water flossing system with whitening power is very appealing!

I would be inclined to get the Nicefeel because of its fantastic cleaning features. Also, it can be carried around during travels and is easily rechargeable on the go!

  • Cordless: A portable and compact device great for those busy travelling.
  • Rechargeable: No concerns when the battery runs low.
  • Shower-safe: Waterproof features make for more convenient use.
  • Dentist recommended: a reliable investment.
  • With the Nicefeel IPX7 being a portable device, the water reservoir is small; which means it will need to be refilled more often for a thorough cleaning.

VAVA Professional Irrigator

The VAVA VA-EE005 oral irrigator is the way forward to achieve professional dental clean in-between your teeth and even under the gums. The VAVA’s cordless design makes it sleek and compact. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hands. No wires, no fuss, this waterproof oral irrigator will maximize your mobility. It gives you no restrictions for movement in the bathroom, so that you can use it even in the shower! This water flosser will last you even longer as it’s designed to prevent backflow of water. The battery power lasts for over a fortnight with just one charge.

VAVA Professional Irrigator

With a 360˚ rotating nozzle, the VAVA VA-EE005 Water Flosser generates a pulsating water stream that effortlessly removes 99.9% of plaque. It also removes food debris, and tartar which build up during our day-to-day meals. With regular use, this oral irrigator will make morning breath a thing of the past. More importantly, the VAVA will brighten your teeth and minimize the risk of gum disease related problems.

The VAVA VA-EE005 also includes:

  • A removable water reservoir that’s easy to re-fill and clean
  • 3 modes of flossing: Gentle, Standard and Massage
  • 2 replacement tips
  • USB adapter& travel pouch

Get VAVA Irrigator at Amazon

My Impression

The travel friendly design of the VAVA VA-EE005 truly is an excellent asset. This water flosser offers features appealing to travelers and campers, it comes ready with a trendy travel pouch. With the VAVA being a great compact size, I can definitely picture it stored nicely in the bathroom not taking up much room. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean, making it a wise choice for every member of the family.

What is more attractive is the longevity of the product. Its smart design prevents backflow of water. This can ensure that the VAVA VA-EE005 will see that our teeth and gums are taken good care of for a longer period of time. Perfect for beginners, you can trust that the VAVA VA-EE005 will easily be a good start for hassle free, complete dental care.

  • Easy to clean: offers a convenient removable water tank.
  • Efficient: 3 modes suitable for braces, implants or periodontitis.
  • Waterproof: safe to use in the shower.
  • Cordless: comes with a USB charger.
  • With its smaller water tank, the VAVA VA-EE005 may require refilling more often.
  • It should be held upright for best performance.

Habor 8 Jet Tips Irrigator

Are you worried about using products which are too loud and make bathrooms messy? The Habor Water Flosser is designed with Noise reduction for quiet performance. Also, its leak-proof design means that it will not make any water spills.

Habor 8 Jet Tips Irrigator

The Habor Water Flosser gives a powerful deep clean as water pulses up to 1700 times/minute, removing 99.99% of plaque. Using an oral irrigator such as the Habor compared to ordinary flossing gives 50% better results guaranteed.

What’s more, there’s no need to refill water. Get thorough dental flossing in one go with the Harbor’s high capacity reservoir. It is able to store 600ml of water for 90 seconds of non-stop use. Breeze through water flossing in-between teeth and beneath the gum line with the Habor Water Flosser, which has 10 water pressures. Simply, turn the knob and pick a pressure that suits you. With a 360˚ revolving nozzle, no place is too far to reach for achieving a superior clean.

The Habor Water Flosser includes:

  • 8 flossing tips
    • A toothbrush tip to brush and water floss
    • An orthodontic and periodontal tip best used for braces implants or periodontitis
  • Storage slots for Harbor tips
  • A 3-minute auto-timer ensuring optimal flossing time

My Impression

The Habor oral irrigator is surely a contender with its great features and clever design. It is less likely to make water spills and has room to safely store the nozzles. Being noisy can often be a complaint so the Noise Reduction feature is a real treat. Its appearance is very classy and attractive compared to other options. It offers a lot of power with its more practical size compared to larger models.

I think this would fit in perfectly at any home and quickly become a favorite. With its fully rotating nozzle and high pressure, the Habor Water Flosser will leave fresher breath, cleaner mouth and keep the risk of gum disease away.

  • Includes variety of specialized tips suitable for all (brace, implants, bleeding gums).
  • Fully twisting tip.
  • Spill-proof design.
  • Minimal noise while in use.
  • Generous water reservoir for consistent use.
  • What may be a concern for some about the Habor Water Flosser is that, it can be tricky to remove the lid of the water tank for refilling.

Panasonic Portable Irrigator

Are you someone who is always on-the-go? Are you looking for quick & efficient dental care?

The cordless Panasonic EW-DJ10 oral irrigator may be the answer to your prayers. This pocket-sized device can be a great travel companion whether at work or on holiday. The neat, collapsible design makes storage a piece of cake. The Panasonic has a high pressure water jet that pulsates in-between the teeth and massages the gums. Not only is it getting rid of food remnants and plaque, it is capable of providing a completely hygienic, oral clean.

Panasonic Portable Irrigator

The Panasonic is extremely versatile with its water pressure settings. It can be adjusted for those with sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, braces or implants. Some features of The Panasonic oral irrigator are as follows:

  • 3 water pressures Soft, Jet and Regular
  • Two water pulsating speeds (High or Low)
  • Removable AA batteries for power (not included)

Refilling the Panasonic oral irrigator is trouble free. So, use it for longer with its water tank capacity offering 40 seconds of nonstop flossing. Keeping the Panasonic water-flosser clean is just as simple as cleaning your teeth. Its waterproof design means you can simply rinse it under warm water, practical for outside use.

My Impression

The Panasonic EW-DJ10 oral irrigator is perfect for frequent travelers. It is compact, collapsible, and cordless, all brilliant features! This small but mighty oral irrigator is practical with all of its features and comes at a great value too. Its smaller size does not come at a compromise to power, having 3 modes of action and 2 speeds, the Panasonic provides an intense cleaning of teeth and gums.

Being able to use batteries with this device means that extra space is saved. There are no additional cords or rechargeable units to carry. The Panasonic EW-DJ10 can easily be a partner for every trip, at home, or even abroad.

  • Brilliantly portable: no cords or extra rechargeable batteries to carry.
  • Compact size: great space saving foldable mechanism.
  • Waterproof: makes it easier to clean.
  • 3 powerful water pressures and 2 pulsating speeds for brighter teeth and healthier gums.
  • Though this oral irrigator is appropriate for various sensitivities, the Panasonic EW-DJ10 doesn’t come with any extra specified flossing tips.

MOSPRO Professional Oral Irrigator

Which is the best oral irrigator for the whole family? Being spoilt for choice with all sorts of models, that maybe a tough question indeed. Let’s have a look at what the MOSPRO Oral Irrigator has to offer.

MOSPRO Professional Oral Irrigator

Firstly, the MOSPRO oral irrigator is cordless, so users can water-floss while at home or away. It is a practical, rechargeable device, offering longer lasting power of up to 10 days from only one full charge. The MOSPRO is designed to incorporate a USB interface, so users can charge conveniently. With the choice of 3 modes of action, get a superior dental clean that reaches all the difficult areas of the mouth. You can also reach in-between the teeth & gums easily and effectively. Bad breath, plaque, yellowing teeth, bleeding gums, and more will be brilliantly improved with regular use. An oral irrigator such as the MOSPRO takes quality care of your mouth.  The MOSPRO also includes:

  • A double IPX7 Waterproof design
  • A 360˚ rotational nozzle for an all-round clean and 4 compatible tips
  • A USB cord and adapter
  • A removable water reservoir
  • One Storage pouch & instruction manual

My Impression

The MOSPRO is an ideal choice for family. It has a powerful long-lasting battery life suitable for multiple family members. There are various water-flossing tips included which is perfect for the different dental sensitivities of each family member. It has the added value of being cordless and therefore easily portable. So, users can get the maximum benefit for healthier teeth and gums always. Even if they may be travelling for business or for pleasure.

I really am a fan of its inward and outward waterproof design. It is great to know that it is safe anywhere in the bathroom and even in the shower. The MOSPRO oral irrigator provides top class dental cleaning with its rotating tip. All the various pulsating high-pressure modes ensure cleaner teeth and healthier gums for everyone at home.

  • Being a space saver in the family washroom & compact for travel.
  • A long-lasting battery life that will be great for frequent use.
  • A detachable tank for easy cleaning.
  • Replacement tips included perfect for the whole family.
  • Waterproof design for preventing leaks, and making the MOSPRO shower friendly.
  • As great as the MOSPRO oral irrigator is, its more compact size for portability, may require its water tank to be refilled more frequently.

Waterpik Whitening Irrigator WF-05

The Waterpik Whitening Professional Water Flosser WF-05 is manufactured to use high-pressure water. It is powerful on plaque while gentle on teeth and gums. The Waterpik WF-05 guarantees clinical results of fresher breath, cleaner whiter teeth and healthier gums with consistent use. Get naturally brighter teeth in as little as 4 weeks without the use of harsh chemicals!

Waterpik Whitening Irrigator WF-05

That’s right, this oral irrigator has built-in infuser technology. It combines a single mild whitening tablet with the high-pressure water for stain removal. The excellent design of the Waterpik WF-05 gives far superior and precise cleaning when compared to manual brushing and flossing. It can remove 99.99% more plaque and is at least 50% more effective in maintaining healthy gums.

The Waterpik Whitening Professional Water Flosser WF-05 has a high capacity water reservoir. So users can achieve a full thorough dental clean without interruption. It has plenty to offer including:

  • 30 mint flavored whitening tablets (one daily)
  • 2 Whitening tips
  • 1 Orthodontic tip
  • 1 Plaque Seeker Whitening tip
  • Storage case for flosser tips

My Impression

The Waterpik Whitening Professional Water Flosser WF-05 has an attractive and professional design. It will fit comfortably on any bathroom counter. This device has many valuable features that make it one of the best available oral irrigators. Firstly, I am a fan of the whitening effect! As a tea drinker, stubborn tooth stains are a big concern. Knowing that I could get a fantastic dental clean, and get a natural whitening effect for my teeth is something quite amazing and a real value for money!

It comes with an orthodontic tip included with the package. This means that the oral irrigator is even more sensitive for brace wearers, or those with implants. The Waterpik WF-05 is a truly versatile device that could optimize dental hygiene needs for all.

  • Powerful jet stream that has adjustable settings which lets users select their ideal pressure.
  • Variety of tips are included to suit dental needs for all.
  • Generous water capacity allows thorough cleaning.
  • Whitening effect with regular use aids stain removal.
  • With lots of great features to offer, this Waterpik product however has no additional storage compartments for the included tips which may be a worry for some users.

What are Oral Irrigators?

Oral irrigation is a technologically enhanced method of our traditional morning routine - flossing!
The difference is that, these devices use high-pressure stream of water that pulsates in order to remove plaque and food remains in-between teeth and under the gumlines. The pulsating action of the water further helps to massage and improves blood circulation of the gums keeping them healthy and pink. This overall effect produces a fantastically thorough deep clean of the teeth and gums that is superior to flossing and manual brushing alone.

For anyone who may have gum related problems such as periodontitis, using an oral irrigator may be a key component in achieving healthier gums.

What to Consider When Buying an Oral Irrigator?

There are many types of water flossers with all sorts of designs and features in the market. But, what should we look for when choosing the right oral irrigator? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Corded or Cordless

Being a corded or cordless device has various positives & concerns that come with it. Without a doubt, a cordless device means the oral irrigator will be more portable. If you need something that you can easily pack away and take with you, then having a cordless appliance will be more hassle-free than bulkier corded devices. If you’re looking for an oral irrigator for the family home, then a corded one may be better suited for you.

  • Water capacity

Just as the designs and shapes of oral irrigators vary, so does the amount of water that they can hold. This is another important feature to think about. If an oral irrigator is just for you or your significant other, then having one with a smaller reservoir will be practical. But, if there will be many users, then a device that has a high capacity water reservoir will be much more efficient and saves you from having to refill again and again.

  • Power source

How an oral irrigator is powered also influences its size, portability, and practicality. Counter-top units are usually rechargeable, and once fully charged they are long lasting, this is an advantage for multiple and frequent users. However, having the option of being able to take batteries out and replace as and when needed is easier also. For example, if you are on the go, or even travelling abroad, then you don’t have to worry about packing extra cords and chargers.

  • Pressure settings

Be sure to look into what pressure settings are available in your device. Having an oral irrigator that offers a variety of easily adjustable pressure settings will be more helpful than one that has only one available pressure setting. This way those with for example, sensitive teeth or first-time users, can start at a low pressure and build their way up to a pressure that is comfortable for them, while being powerful enough for proper cleaning.

  • Flosser Tips

Another feature to consider is whether a variety of water-flosser tips or interchangeable tips are included. Having the option to select a more appropriate tip for your personal requirements ensures a more valuable dental clean. This can range from having an orthodontic tip that’s perfect for brace wearers, implants, crowns, or a periodontal tip that’s more suited for those with periodontitis. Having replacement tips is also great value, so you can get longer lasting benefit from regular use of your oral irrigator.

  • Modes of action

Most oral irrigators do offer settings users can select which control water flow. This usually can be for instance, something like “Soft” or “Massage” or “Pulse.” This is a good feature to look out for as users can select a suitable mode and get the most benefit out of their oral irrigator. For people with more sensitive gums and teeth, having the option for a softer pulsating action will be more helpful and kinder to their needs.

  • Value for money

And last but not least, how much should be spent? With lots of oral irrigators on the market ranging from a small to high investment, it may seem confusing. When caring for teeth and maintaining healthy gums, it’s equally important that the best oral irrigator meets expectations and provides the quality attention needed. By focusing on finding those key features, you can narrow down your choice and easily opt for the right oral irrigator for you without it affecting your bottom-line budget.

How to use oral irrigator – Step by step guideline

Don’t be put off from getting great dental care by using oral irrigators. They are not complex at all and are very user friendly. This guide gives a few key steps that will make using any water-flosser a piece of cake!

  • Fill the water reservoir with warm water, then replace securely on its base
  • Select your tip and place it firmly into the handle
  • With every first use, the water flosser will need priming
  • Set a high pressure (if possible, with your device)
  • Aim the tip into the sink
  • Turn on until flows fully through the tip
  • Turn off the oral irrigator
  • Now it has been primed, select lowest pressure setting first to start
  • Lean over the sink with the tip readily placed in the mouth
  • Turn the oral irrigator On
  • Keep mouth slightly closed to prevent splashing, but open enough for water to flow back out of mouth and into the sink
  • Start with the back teeth, aim the tip to the gumline
  • Move the tip along the front, back and in-between teeth
  • Continue water-flossing for no more than 1 minute before switching it Off

There you have it, by following the above basic steps you can be on the way to having cleaner, healthier teeth and gums in no time at all. Initially, the gums may bleed while water flossing but this is not to be of any worry. It is a sign of swollen gums and is all the more reason to continue to water-floss to reduce these symptoms.

Corded or cordless oral irrigator! Which one is better choice?

Now whether or not a counter-top unit or portable device is the way to go really depends on what you need from your oral irrigator. For someone that is travelling the world or away from home often, having a cordless oral irrigator may be more important for you. However, if you’re looking for something for the family that will be frequently used, then an equally effective corded unit may be more appealing for you. As corded irrigators will most likely have a larger water tank too.

There seems to be no right or wrong answer as to whether or not cordless is the best choice. But it is clear that the best choice for one is not necessarily the best for all. It’s a good idea to think about what your specific needs are and choose a device that can reflect those best.

History of oral irrigator

Who do we have to thank for the innovative technology of the oral irrigator which is giving great heathy teeth and gums to all?

It was the combined result of these two brilliant minds: Dr. Gerald Moyer (a dentist by profession) and Mr. John Mattingly (a qualified engineer).

In the year 1962, they cleverly manufactured the first ever oral irrigator in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ever since the first appearance, many scientists have challenged the usefulness of oral irrigation on dental health. Over 50 investigations tested oral irrigators and it became proven that they maintain good health. Especially for those with periodontitis, as well as being effective for users with bleeding gums, high blood sugar levels, implants, braces or crowns.


Finding the best oral irrigator is an individual quest! But one thing for sure is that the end goal, of achieving fantastically clean teeth and more important healthy gums, is one we can all share.

Depending on your personal preference and budget, it is perfectly easy to track down an oral irrigator that is right for you. With so may different devices, armed with a variety of great features, an oral irrigator that is powerful, effective and practical is within your grasp.

Take your time to think about the main aspects that the oral irrigator should have. Be sure of investing in a valuable product. I hope that all the oral irrigator reviews mentioned here are able to help you to make the right choice.

Keep smiling!

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